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High School Antics and the 'Emo' thing

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Another My Chem one shot, with Frerard of course. They are teens at school. =) XO Nannonz

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Here you go, don't question it. just read it. You know you want to.

XO Nannonz

It's lunchtime at school, and Frank, Mikey, Gerard, Ray, and Bob are sitting in the Tutor

Room. Gerard and Mikey are playing their music through the loudspeakers against the class'

will, Ray is playing his bass (yes bass) quietly in the corner, and Frank and Bob were

sitting watching Ray play, with fascination.

Stupid Whore: "Turn your stupid emo music down!!"

Mikey looks offended, and Gerard simply swears under his breath.

Mikey: Green Day is NOT emo. Tell them Gerard.

Gerard looks up from his battle with the ipod, which was apparently giving him shit and turned

to the whore who had dissed one of his favorite bands. He looked VERY angry, and just as he

went to open his mouth, Mr. Moyer saw a fight about to start and intervened. (with help from his

AWESOME Canadian accent i might add.)

Moyer: Come on Girls!! Oh um and boys. Gerard and Mikey, i will not have you verbally

abusing my students again.

A very angry Gerard and a frantic Mikey both started firing off their side of the story at

the same time, getting increasingly louder as the stupid whore started yelling at Moyer about

how emo their music was and how it was depressing, ect.

Moyer: Eden!! Mikey and Gerard!! go out into the hall right now!!


Moyer: Are you mocking me?

Gerard: HELL YES!!

Gerard slams the tutor room door behind him, after letting Mikey through and leaving the

stupid whore in the class.

Stupid Whore: Do i really have to sit all alone out there with Them?

Moyer: Yes!! Now go!!

The stupid whore leaves the room grumbling and fiddling with her hair, and sits down on

the other side of the hallway to the Way brothers, who were glaring at her evilly.

Gerard: Wow Mikey, I didn't know such STUPID WHORES were even allowed at this school.

Gerard was talking very loudly, and in a mocking tone of voice.

Mikey: Yeah, well NEITHER DID I.

Stupid whore gives them a dirty look, and continues fiddling with her hair as Moyer comes

out into the hall. He looks at them Way brothers and sighs.

Moyer: I just don't know what i'm going to do with you boys.

Mikey: Us!? What about her!?

Mikey points accusingly at stupid whore aka Eden.

Moyer: This isn't about her, its about you boys - namely Gerard - and your temper.


Gerard jumps up and Mikey grabs him, as he tries to lunge at Moyer.

Stupid Whore: See!! They're psychos, the whole lot of them!!

Gerard breaks free of his brothers grip and instead lunges at the Stupid whore, and Moyer

quickly grabs Gerard around the waist, pulling him off her roughly

At this point, Frank bursts through the door, Bob and Ray on his tail trying to hold him



Moyer, shocked, lets go of Gerard who instantly calms and looks at Frank a bit dazed,

before flashing him an adoring grin, which Mikey found a tad scarifying. Mikey looked from

Gerard to Frank, who both seemed suddenly unaware anyone else was in the room.

Mikey: Frank??? Gerard?? Wha-

Mikey was cut off by Eden screaming as Frank jumped at Gerard, knocking him to the floor

as they started making out.



Frank and Gerard instantly break apart, and Frank grins down at Gerard. At this point, the

year 12 dean walked down the hall towards them.

Dean: Whats going on here!! Wha. . .

She stops, looking upon the scene. Frank straddling Gerard on the floor, Moyer red and

angry, Ray and Bob standing shocked in the doorway, Eden crying in the corner, and Mikey gaping

at his older brother, and then at the dean. All heads turned towards her but Franks and Gerard's

as the deans presence was realized.

Gerard: Come on Frankie lets get out of here.

Frank: Sounds good, sugar.

The two boys get up and start off down the hall past the dean, and before anyone could

realize what happened, they were disappearing through the large double doors.

Mikey: I- wha- Fra-


But they were gone.

Dean: Moyer!! Would you care to explain whats going on here!?

Moyer: I- I- I dont know!! They were. . and then. . they-


Mikey runs away yelling his head off, and Bob and Ray run after him.

Moyer and Dean: Boys!!

But they to, were gone.


Frank: Hey look Gee, its Mikey. And hes gone crazy!!

Gerard looks up at Franks statement, to see Mikey fleeing the school grounds with Ray and

Bob in hot pursuit. And yes, Mikey was yelling and waving his arms around rather crazily.

Gerard: Oh god. . better go see him.

Frank: Okay. HEY MIKEY!!!!

Mikey amazingly hears Frank over his own yelling, and looks up to see his brother and

Frank sitting outside the Cafe by their school.

Ray: Look dude, its Gerard and Frank!! Come on, calm down, come on. .

Ray leads the way and Bob takes a very on-the-edge Mikey by the arm over to the Cafe.

Gerard: Dude, what's wrong with my little brother!!

Bob: Were not sure, but-


He points an accusing finger at Franks face, and Gerard attempts to cover Mikey's mouth,

but Mikey bites his hand.

Gerard: Eww Mikes, don't do that. And shut the hell up!! People are looking!!

And indeed many people were looking at Mikey, because of his rather loud comment.


Bob bitch-slapped Mikey in the face, and took him by the collar.

Bob: Mikey, listen to me. GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF. Give your brother a chance to explain

himself at least.

His voice was so calm, yet so stern, that Mikey slowly nodded his head and calmed down.

Bob: Okay then Gerard, shoot.

Gerard: I. . what do you mean?

Ray rolls his eyes.

Ray: What do YOU think Gerard? Hes talking about what happened in the hall!! You two were

totally allover each

other!!And I mean Boyfriend!? Boyfriend!?

Frank: Hey that was ME. I said that, Okay!?

Mikey: So!? Is It true!?

Gerard: Wel-

Frank: Whats it to you!?

Mikey stands up quickly, as does Frank, although not quite as threateningly as Mikey as he

was by far shorter.

Mikey: Hes. My. BROTHER.

Frank: Hes. My. BOYFRIEND.

Mikey gasps, Rays jaw drops and Bob looks over at Gerard, who had tears in his eyes.

Gerard: Stop!! Stop arguing, just stop it!!

Mikey and frank both look over at him, before slowly sitting back down, glaring at each

other. Bob sighs.

Bob: Okay. . lets get this settled out.


Later that day, at the park. Ray, Mikey, Bob, Frank, and Gerard are sitting/lying on the grass.

Mikey: Okay, okay. I'm sorry i freaked out Frank. Sorry Gee.

Frank and Gerard: Its okay Mikes.

Bob, Ray and Mikey look at them, and Gerard and frank look at each other, and they all laugh.

Bob: Well that was kinda weird.

Ray: You can say that again.

Mikey sits up and leans against the tree they were under, pulls his knees to his chest and wraps his arms around himself, looking at Frank and Gerard, who were lying together apparently looking at the clouds.

Mikey: I really am sorry though guys, okay?

Gerard sits up, and Frank copies him.

Gerard: We know Mikey, its okay. You just reacted a little badly, thats all.

Frank: A little?

Gerard: Now Frankie, leave Mikey alone. Hes my bro, so that makes him like your bro.

Frank and Mikey look at each other in fake disgust, then crack up laughing.

Frank: Okay, come here little bro.

Mikey scoots over to sit in between Frank and Gerard, and Frank gives him a big hug. Gerard 'Awwws' and hugs them as well, slightly crushing Mikey.

Mikey: Can't. . Breath!!

Frank laughs and they let go, Mikey pulling out his inhaler and taking a puff.

Mikey: Stop laughing at me!! And for the record, i'm not that much younger than you,

Frank. So there.

Frank pulls the tounge at Mikey, and Gerard laughs.

Ray: Awww look at the cutesy-wutsey brothers.

Bob smiles and looks at his watch. Then does the dramatic slapping hand to cheek thing as if if he is late for something.

Bob: Guys, its kinda late, our parents are expecting us home from school now.

Ray: The school probably called them, we are gonna have some angry parents on our hands.

Gerard: I don't care.

Mikey: I do!! Come on Gerard!!

Mikey pulls Gerard up, begging him to take him home.

Gerard: Okay, Okay!! Jeez.

Frank smiles at him and with that, they all walked home. Into the sunset. And cheesy shit like that.

Haha yeah, pretty crap I know. But im tired, and i wanted this POSTED god damn it. So here it is, and yeah. XD
I love you all!!! - In a non-bumming way of course. ^^

XO Nannonz
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