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Hide and Seek

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Yukina and Hiei playing children's mind games.

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Author's Notes: Now that I read this over, I suppose it might be a teeny tiny bit incestuous to some people. It all depends on how you interpret it, though. It definitely wasn't intended to be that way, but if you're a Hiei/Yukina fan and want to look at it like that, be my guest. I'd imagine that pairing is hard to find, anyway.

It's basically about Yukina not knowing her brother, and Hiei not knowing who Yukina really is as a person. Or something. I don't know, it kinda lost me.

Hide and Seek


That is what she was. A maiden of frost. A beautiful girl with a soft shell and a hardened interior.

To everyone, she was the kind, polite, sickeningly sweet little thing, always there to greet you with a warm smile and a hot cup of tea.

No one saw beyond that. She didn't let them. She blocked them all out, like the most horrid memory.

Her name fit her all too well. Yukina. Snow plant. A flower that only thrived in the coldness of winter. Beautiful only to the eye.

But nothing is complete without its other half. That was him. Her brother. Her soul mate. The mirror of her own self.

What she didn't know was that reflections in a mirror are seen backwards. He was cold outside, but sometimes that ice would shatter. His very core was warm like fire, a part that no one must see. It was a weakness, a vulnerability that could betray.

And that was them. They circled around and around, trying to find each other. They knew, but didn't. They hid behind their demented masks like little children.

You'll never find me.

But a mask can be a permanent attachment of the wearer. Perhaps some part of her was that smiling, fragile creature. And certainly a part of him was bathed in darkness.

Fire and ice, caught in a dance of the elements.
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