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It's Not What It Look's Like.

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when Axl, Izzy and Steven walk in on Duff and Slash in a awkward position.

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I thought I'd make another chapter type thing, relating to my first one Vodka shot's, Cigarette's and Confession's. :) enjoy.
oh, and please review and let me know if there is anything I can do to improve or change. :) Thank's.


I mumbled quietly as I felt something brush along my leg, with alcohol still flowing through my system my body was in no postion to move so I decided to kick whatever it was, aussming it was nothing more than crumb's or something I had left on the bed I used more force.

'What the hell!' I chocked out as I basscially fell out of bed and onto the hard floor, my body was going to hate me later. I slowly crawled back toward's the bed, whatever was under the blanket sure as hell wasn't just a crumb. Hesitant I gently pulled up the blanket to reveal a thin shapped face starring back at me.

'SLASH!' I screamed, dropping the blanket and storming down the hall. My head felt like it was about to expload and my knee's where about to give in at any second.

Pushing Slash's door open, I found him spread out across his bed, blanket had half fallen off and his face was completely covered by his pillow.'How does this man sleep.' I wondered to myself, walking in and stepping beside him.

'Slash, wake up!' I nudged him, nothing. 'Slash!, for fuck's sake!' Shaking him. Still nothing, was this man dead?

Ripping off his blanket's, holding my chest I was thankful to see he was clothed. His body shaking he simply turned over and hundle into a ball.

'SLASH!' I yelled, finally catching the sleepy guitarist attention.

Mumbling he rubbed his hair out of his face sitting up slightly. 'Where's my blanket?' He asked, eye's barely open he searched the room.

'It's on the floor.' I replied, pointing to the place where his blanket laid. Reaching over and looking on the floor he made attempt's to grap it.

'No, you don't!' I glared, placing my foot on it.

'Hmm?' Slash mumbled, looking up clearly he was still half asleep.

'Your disgusting thing is in my bed, get it out!' I demanded.

'Have you taken something?' Slash asked, laying back on his bed.

'Does everything have to invole drug's with you?' I sighed.

'Meh.' He simply replied. seeing how this wasn't working, I thought to try something different. Getting on my knee's I placed my head on Slash's arm next to the bed, he slowly turned to look at me his hair following covering his face.

'Slash..' I started pulling my puppy dog eye's. 'Your snake is in my bed, and I can't sleep i'm to scared.' I pouted.

I heard Slash sigh before reaching for a cigarette placing it between his lip's he lit it up. Looking at me he reached out his hand, taking it I smiled as I pulled him up.

'Where is it?' He asked adjusting his boxes.

'In my bed.' I replied following Slash out his room and into mine. I watched as Slash carelessly lifted up the blanket as the strippy snake made it's way to Slash, watching it slide up his arm and wrap it's self around him.

Slash turned around and smiled.

'Thankyou.' I smiled back, waving bye to Slash as he left.

I glanced at the clock on my wall 9:30, I sighed. I rolled around the bed for a while before deciding I couldn't sleep, thinking a coffee would help I made my way into the kicthen. I looked around for my mug when I found it buried underneath a pile of dishe's in the sink, I looked over and saw Axl's instead. 'I'll use this..' I smiled to myself pouring the hot liquid into the mug.

'So baby, what's the story, did you find another man? Is it easy to sleep in the bed that we made?' I sung quietly to myself, reaching over and grapping a spoon. 'I used to feel your fire, but now it's cold inside.' I continued, picking up the warm mug and taking a seat at the table.

'Tell me what it take's to let you go, tell me how the pain's supposed to go?' I continued to sing, flipping through some mag Izzy had left on the table.

'Who's broken your heart?' I heard a voice ask.

Suprised I turned around the find Slash leaning agasint the kicthen door frame, still in his boxes and his hair covering his face.

'How long have you been standing there?' I glared, embarrassed that he might have heard me sing.

'About the time you took Axl's cup.' I gasped, I could feel my cheek's turning red. 'Which by the way he's going to kill you for.' He laughed, taking a seat by me.

'Why didn't you say something!?' I replied, feeling embarrassed and a little annoyed.

'Your a good singer.' He smirked, under the curl's of hair.

'Shut up!' I shot back. 'Beside's what are you doing up? It's 9:30.'

'I couldn't go back to sleep.' He explained, raising his hand to his mouth bitting his nail's.

'Not at the table!' I shouted, smacking his hand away. 'It's disgusting, we have to eat here.' I added, glaring at him.

'Fine.' He mumbled crossing his arm's. I laughed to myself from Slash's expression, I saw him get up.

'Where are you going?' I asked.

'Tell me that your body doesn't miss my touch, tell me that my loving didn't mean that much, tell me you ain't dying when you're crying for me.' He sang mocking me.

'That isn't funny!' I glared, watching him grap a coke out the fridge.

He turned and laughed. 'I thought it was.' He added.

I tilited my head a little a blank expression across my face.

'Don't you even think about it!' Slash chocked out, swollowing his coke.

I smirked, before jumping up and running down the hall and into Slash's room, closing and locking the door behind me.

'Duff!, open the door!' I heard Slash yell through the wooden door. He hated people in his room, alway's afraid they'd touch his guitar.

'Oh, what is this...' I yelled, picking up a magazine that was covered by a naked blonde girl her leg's spread open but was covered by a guitar.

'Don't touch it!' Slash yelled, banging on the door.

Flicking through the mag, I decided to taunt Slash a little more, walking over to one of his old guitar's on the floor I started to pluck some string's.

'I am going to fucking kill you, Duff!' Slash screamed now viously banging on the door.

Reading some joke's that had been written in the book, I flicked a string and to my luck it was a loose one. It snapped and came back slicing a thin line of red along my hand.

'Shit.' I mumbled.

Everything was silent for a minute, luckly Izzy, Axl and Steven had gone to an Interview because the way Slash was tearing at the door, Axl wouldn't be in the best of mood's.

'YOU ARE FUCKING DEAD!' Slash screamed, now kicking the door. I assumed he'd heard the string snap, I decided the fun was over and placed the mag on the floor and opened the door.

'YOU FUCKER!' Slash yelled, tackling me to the floor. He sat on my lap his leg's on either side of my hip's, his hand's pinned mine down above my head, I couldn't move.

'I didn't break it!' I confessed, face to face was a mop of hair and angry eye's starring straight at me.

'I heard it, fuck stain.' He replied through gritted teeth, his hand's gripping tighter around my wrist's.

'Slash, Ow your hurting me.' I cried, trying to break free, his grip loosened and I felt his finger's rub along my red stained wrist's.

'I'm sorry.' He replied, not moving.

'Look.' I said glancing up toward's his untouched guitar in the corner. 'I didn't touch it.'

He looked up and released his grip from my wrist's and sat up, still placed on my lap.

'Tho..' I started, he turned and looked at me, brushing his hair to one side. 'I did break that one.' I gulped.

Looking to his right, he smiled.

'Am I going to die?' I asked, laughing a little.

'I'm sorry.' He repeated, looking at me with his brown eye's filled with hurt.

'It's okay.' I laughed, sitting up and leaning on my elbow's. 'I did lock myself in your room and pretended to break your most prized possession.'

He shrugged.

'Now... let me up!' I laughed, pushing him as he fell back, I got to my feet and brushed myself off.

I turned to look back at Slash, who was at this point running toward's me.. next thing I knew he had tackled me onto his bed.

'That wasn't fair!' I pouted, as Slash laughed.

I looked around trying to find something I could use agasint him, seeing a piece of paper laying slightly under his pillow I pulled it out.

'HEY!' Slash shreaked, jumping from across the room and landing next to me. I reached my hand above my head laughing as I tried to keep it out of Slash's reach.

'Give it!' Slash yelled, reaching forward his leg wrapped around mine.

'Say please.' I laughed, looking at the door to see Izzy, Axl and Steven standing there. Izzy had a blank stare, Axl had a ' what the fuck ' expression and Steven just seemed to look like he'd seen a ghost.

Notcing I had gone quiet Slash sat up and looked behind him to see the expression's on our friend's face's.

'Um..' Slash said blankly.

'Is there something we should know?' Izzy asked, quietly.

'What? No.' I replied, looking at Slash.

'We were just..' Slash continued, I was guessing he was trying to put our situation into word's.

'Fucking!' Axl cried.

'Were clothed!' I shook my head at Axl's response.

'You could have been dry humping! and beside's Slash is in his boxes and your in pant's!' Steven glared.

'Omg.' I heard Slash sigh.

'I took this piece of paper.' I started holding up the paper, that was quickly snatched out of my hand's and tucked in Slash's boxes. I looked at him weird..

'And I wanted it back.' Slash glared at me.

'Oh.' Izzy replied.

'I'm not gay!' Slash glared at the still shocked face's.

Slowly one by one they disappeared out of sight.

'Look what you did!' Slash laughed, pushing me.

'Me!' I replied shocked. 'Never..' I laughed pulling a Innocent face.
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