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Good Intentions

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Her only way out. She was going to take it. Finally she was going to be free from this ugly world. But why did he stop her? Please read and review. I wont continue if you don't :(

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama,Romance - Characters: Gerard Way - Published: 2009-05-22 - Updated: 2009-05-23 - 602 words

All these years and finally I was going to do it. All those promises and threats, it ends here and now. I grasped the railing tightly watching as my knuckles turned white. The rain was coming down hard now, like cold bullets splashing against my skin. The wind was blowing wildly around me, almost throwing me off balance. I glanced down at the streets below watching the unaware cars drive past. I was finally doing this. No more pain and no more suffering. I wasn’t going to be the cause of trouble for anyone anymore. I blinked back my angry tears and roughly wiped any trace of them from my face with my sleeve. Don’t show weakness now. Don’t let them win. I placed my foot on top of the railing, making sure it was steady. My heart was beating wildly. An unusual sense of happiness began to creep over me. Soon enough I was on a natural high. I pulled my self up onto the railing gripping the wall tightly for support.
I felt light headed and free, as if all my worries and troubles were dropped from my shoulders. I savoured this feeling for a few more moments. This was it. Taking deep breaths I slowly stuck my foot out. No more. I thought I heard something from behind me, but I didn’t take any notice of. Nothing was going to ruin this for me. I steadied myself once more and prepared myself. I pushed against the wall and lunged forward in one quick movement. This was….

I violently pulled back towards the building from an unknown source. I fell to the floor landing roughly. I blinked rapidly sitting up. What the hell happened? I glanced over to see someone crouched on the floor. Their breathing was laboured as if they were just after running somewhere. Their head was down, their black hair covering their face. I was furious at this person. Who the fuck did they think they were? I stood up and walked over to where they were crouched. Anger was rushing through my veins.
“What the fuck is your problem?” I shouted. “You had to take this away from me, God just can’t stand to see me happy can he?”
The person didn’t move or flinch.
“I was ready!” I screamed. “It was going to be over for me”
“Don’t expect me to thank you for what you did” I hissed. “I feel nothing but pure hatred towards you.”
I squeezed my eyes shut. Don’t cry. Don’t fucking cry. Clenching my fists I stared down at my “hero” per say. They sat there doing nothing. The room fell silent nothing was heard except for their breathing. I walked over to the wall clenching my fists tightly. I violently forced my fist at the wall. I hissed in pain as my knuckles cracked loudly. My knuckles were after turning an angry red colour as blood oozed out from the fresh wounds. I looked behind me. They were still there.
“Get Out!” I screamed at them.
Their head jerked up. I was temporarily paralysed. His wounded eyes staring up at me and were full of sorrow and worry. They were beautiful. A strange shade of hazel, they were neither green nor brown. I mentally slapped myself for getting distracted. But God he was beautiful…

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