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Vampire Peterick One Shot.

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Just a one-shot. (:

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Just a little vampire one-shot Aaron suggested.
Thankyou for the idea Aaron! x
Here goes..

Pete's POV
I sat on the table, there was another family meeting. My father sat at the top of the table, grinning to himself, his teeth sparkled in the moonlight that came in through the huge, musky chapel window. My older brother and sister sat either side of him. He always liked them best. I sat next to my mother who sat opposite my father on the other side of the long, anceint table. Igor, our servant, limped in and walked to my fathers side.
"Will you be needing refreshments, master?" He asked bowing his head respectfully.
"No. Go make yourself usefull and stop hanging about." he hissed in reply. I wished he would talk to Igor with atleast some friendlyness, Igor was a nice guy really.
"As you wish master." He whispered, then limped back out of the hall. I began to wandor what this meeting was about. It wasn't about where the next hunt was going to be, because I don't hunt, and I was called to this meeting.
"We all know why we're here." He called loudly. Fixating his eyes on me, staring meaningfully. It creeped me out when he locked his derranged gaze on me.
"Yes." My whole family, except me, hissed in unison. I kept my eyes locked to my fathers, trying to look like I wasn't scared.
"I don't." I said, loud enough for him to hear me.
"You're about to find out. You're objection to hunt the humans is holding us all back. Also, even after I ordered you to stop, you continued to talk to Igor, and worse, outsiders." he growled the last word. What did he have against Patrick? He was my only real friend, and he was always polite to my family. I growled protectivly.
"So what if I spend a lot of time with Patrick?" I hissed, tensing.
"Pssh. You name your food." My older sister hissed, I glared at my father, ignoring her.
"Peter. Please, settle." My mother whispered, I bared my teeth at my dad angrily.
"You are bringing us only shame!" My dad growled, "Look at you, trying to protect, this food." My older brother snickered. But I kept my glare on my father still.
"And so what?" I hissed.
"It's best, if we banish you." He said loudly, 'ouch' I thought. "Or, if you start acting like a REAL vampire, you can stay." I searched my family's faces for help. I didn't want to leave. But they all met my gaze sternly. They wanted me to go. I felt tears begin to form, and my vision went blury. I stood up quickly, throwing my chair back.
"Fuck you all then!" I yelled, "Monsters!!" I added, then walked out of the room, without looking back. I ran out of the house, and ran through the forest. I headed towards the village. I needed to see Patrick. It was dark, but his bedroom light was still on. I climbed up the tree outside his window, and threw an acorn at his window lightly. He came to the window with his hat and glasses on, so I couldn't of woken him up. He smiled and waved, then opened his window. I jumped in and landed on my feet, and Patrick closed the window behind me. Then we sat on his bed next to eachother. I caught site of myself in a mirror, my hair was still straight-ish, but was a bit scruffy. And my guyliner had run, because as I had ran, I had cried.
"Pete, Dude! What has happened?" Patrick asked. He sounded really concerned.
"They banished me." I shrugged.
"Oh My God!" Patrick whispered, then pulled me into a hug. I smiled. "You can stay here!" He whispered into my ear.
"Thanks a lot Patrick." I smiled, he ment the world to me, and he was pretty much all I had. And not only that, he was also everything I ever wanted. I hugged him tighter. "I love you." I whispered.
"I love you." He sighed, "And I always did," I grinned, then took off his hat, and kissed his forehead. He blushed bright red. Then I kissed his lips. And nothing mattered anymore, infact I was pleased I had been banished. Now Patrick and I could be together.
"What if I hurt you?" I whispered, holding his head gently.
"Make me a campire." He whispered back, my eyes widened in shock, he'de go through that for me?
"Sure?" I asked,
"Yeah." He smiled, "Right now." Then I smiled, and he put his neck out for me. I brought my lips to his throught. I kissed him gently, then I sunk my teeth in. He groaned. Then I let my vemon spread and held his hand and he moaned in pain. Not long left, I kept telling myself.

Shite? I know right lolz.
Anyway, thankyou again for the idea Aaron! x
I wrote this for you. (: x
Anyone else who might of read this, review? (:
thankyou, Christie, xo
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