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Congratulations! Fanfic Authors Are Stupid After All

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A so-called friend of mine said that if you are a "true fan of MCR, then you would ignore the fan fictions." Let's have you say so in the matter. For ALL fanfic writers, not just those those of MCR.

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Well, that's it folks.

We, fan fiction writers, are officially stupid.

Stupid for writing fan fictions of the things we love. A so-called frind of mine said, "If you're truly obsessed with MCR, then you'll ignore the fanfics." The other person said, "That's mean."

"I know it's mean, but true."

So basically, we're all idiots for writing about the one thing we love. This goes out to MCR fanfic authors, Naruto and anime fanfic writers, tv show fanfic writers, ALL of us.

"If you're truly obsessed with [insert your favorite band/show/cartoon/book/person here], then you'll ignore the fanfics."

First of all, obsession is NEVER good. Obsession is when all your focus and energy go into one thing, and this thing dictates your life, all of your decisions revolve around this one thing. Obsession is consuming. I know for a fact that the boys of MCR don't want us to be obsessed with them.

I am NOT obsessed with My Chemical Romance. Most MCR fans aren't. I love their music, but neither Frank's, Gerard's, Bob's, Ray's, nor Mikey's lives are so interesting I have to drop my own! That's why I fucking hate reality tv with a passion. Why is Kim Kardashian's life so heart-stoppingly interesting to where I need to put down my writing and spend thirty minutes of watching her try on clothes? I'm not saying Kim is bad, (she's very sweet and I lik her as a person), but why does Kim feel she is so important as to ask to stop the world and melt with her?

I try not to start crap, but this was a serious low-blow to me, especially considering that this person claimed to be my friend, and this person grew up next to the Way brothers themselves, whom of which thy are still very good friends with today. This person says they are a 'true' MCR fan! I disagree!

That's right, I'm fanning the flames. Don't ya'll think it's time?!!! Fuck! I know I do! I like getting people excited about defending what they love to do! This person chose to attack the last group you should never attack: the MCRmy. Something this person should know well about, as this person grew up next to Gerard and Mikey Way! Attacking a group of writers is never a smart thing to do. It causes the most wound-inflicting war of all:

Writers' Riot. Pens for swords and words as missiles.

Know what the most hilarious thing is about that comment my 'friend' made? My 'friend' said it in passing and thought nothing of it. Never considered a child would pass it on to me, that I would cry and pass it on to my friends, never considered how many people it would hurt and piss off.

I cryed so hard this morning I couldn't even see my keyboard.

And my mama says that's the fucking problem with people today: too much thoughting and not enough thinking.

'Thoughting' is when you do something stupid or reckless, then say, "Oh, well, I thought..."
It means the 'think' occurs to you after the fact. You didn't stop to think about what could happen. You just go off and fucking do it, not thinking, fuck it up and cause problems for everybody, then say, "Well, I thought..."

Catch my drift? 'Thoughting' but not thinking?

Like I said, too much thoughting going on these days.

My mama is one of those stereotypical, Southern, black women: head-bobbing, loud, and blunt. And usually right. Now you all see where I get it from.

As you all know, I am NOT one to hold my tongue if something needs to be spoken for--I've come to the conclusion that I'm going to be a likely target for assasination and will die this way--and if I need to offer an apology.

Of course, I only offer apologies if I deem them necessary. I never give out an apology if I don't mean it.


My best friends, shehadtheworld12 and Yaoi415 (who's stories are on, do an author search by her name, Yaoi415 writes Naruto/Sasuke fanfics and they are AWESOME) know exactly how I am and know exactly how I can be when someone pushes the right--not wrong--buttons.

I speak through my videos and through I'm relatively peaceful, except when something like this happens. The only people who can hurt me are my friends and family, as they are the ones who knows things about me. Strangers can do no harm to me whatsoever.

That's why I'm pissed.

The person who claimed to be my friend stabbed me where it would make me bleed. This comment also stabbed a lot of my friends, as most of my close friends are authors themselves. And not neccessarily MCR fanfic authors, either. Yaoi415 isn't into MCR at all, but she'd never say something like that!

I just felt it neccessary to inform you all that there is a person who is a HUGE fan of My Chemical Romance, grew up next to the Way brothers, and are still extremely close friends of the Way family today, but says MCR fanfics are 'unworthy'.

To me, that makes no sense.

What about people that do fanart? Are they stupid too? What if they do both fanfic AND fanart? Are they twice as stupid? I do both, so I guess I'm a double-dummy.

My two favorite MCR fanfic authors are Harley Quinn and Sassy! I LOVE their work! Look at what MCR has done for our dear Harley! Harley's gone through so much and now she's helping us cope with out own problems, even as she's riddled with her own! So is Harley a dummy?

And Sassy. Sassy's was the first of her stories I'd ever read on FicWad. Is Sassy a dummy?

Gerard Way is the biggest dummy of us all. He writes, draws, AND is the leadsinger of My Chemical Romance.

Folks, please leave reviews here and view the video. Leave comments. I really want your honest opinion on this. I'm so pissed my blood pressure went up and my nose started bleeding. When I first got the message, I started crying. I couldn't believe one of my friends dissed me so horribly, and dissed MCR in general. Isn't Gerard the reason why a lot of us have awakened again? Because God was speaking to us through Gerard Way? "Remember, worship the music, never the singer." That's what Harley said.

J.K. Rowling was homeless until she wrote Harry Potter. And Daniel Radcliffe was just a plain, ordinary kid until he was cast to play Harry Potter in the movies. Look how J.K.'s work affected him.

And Diablo Cody. She was a stripper until she wrote "Juno".

Harley Quinn - Clean and sober for five years. Thanks to writing and the music of MCR. And God.

Gerard Way - Clean and sober four years, thanks to his writing songs and writing The Umbrella Academy.

William Faulkner - Twisted as fuck, but made his mark in history.

Judy Blume - A lot of her stories were banned back in the 70's and 80's. They're openly available today.

Edgar Allan Poe - 'nuff said.

Me - Recovering sex/food addict, thanks to God, the music of MCr, and writing/painting/drawing/knitting/sewing. I was beaten, abused, and neglected. When I had nothing else, I had pen and paper. This was LONG before MCR came into existence. While Gerard and Mikey were still in middle and high school, I was writing. I've been writing since age four. To escape my father's abuse. Food to numb the pain and sex to make it go away. Both were/are destroying me. Writing MCR fanfics, and writing in general because MCR is NOT the only thing I write about, heals me. I know my potential.

And the day my father tore up my KISS (rock band) fan fictions right in front of my face, that was the day I officially died.

I was 11 years old.

I remember that day. I didn't even KNOW I'd written fan fiction then! I'd never heard of the term 'fan fiction'. All I knew was that I loved KISS. I loved KISS enough to write two notebooks full about them. That all that mattered.

And my father ripped out my soul, ripping up those two notebooks. They were both light blue, and cost me a dollar each. I poured all of my sould into those stories and the son of a bitch ripped them up. Because he didn't 'agree' with them.

Like my 'friend'.

When this person said 'MCR fanfics should be ignored', I relived being 11 years old again, watching another trusted person tear my Art to shreds.

"MCRmy - Fanfic Authors Are Losers".

Guys, please, please, PLEASE watch this video! I put hard work into making it, and I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to comment on that video. I said some things in the video that I didn't say here. PLEASE view it. I value everything you guys have to say. Please see the video. It's very good, because there's pure, raw, emotion in it. My other videos are the same way, please subscribe, and send topics for me to cover. Plese check it out. it would so very much to me. Thanks so much. I wish I could meet all of my fans. You guys are the ones that make my stories worth reading.

This renders half the MCRmy dumb and stupid, as about 55 - 80 percent of the MCRmy soldiers are writers to begin with. I'm just trying to figure out how you grow up with the Way brothers, still know them today, love the music of MCR, but you imply MCR fanfic authors (which means authors in general), are rendered useless.

"If you're truly obsessed with MCR, then you'd ignore the fanfics. I know it's mean, but it's true."

GOD! This is bigger than My Chemical Romance!

I'm being told writing in general is a waste of time. And I was writing before MCR!!! FTW!!!

Puts hand to face Man. I am such a loser.

Smooshy? Harley? nadialexandra? I'm dying to hear from you guys. Especially nadialexandra.

There is nothing special about My Chemcial Romance or myself that isn't special about you. You are capable of just as much, even moreso. Remember, you are beautiful like everyone else. Remember also that you are a fool, just like eveyone else.

Nice to know I've wasted the last eighteen years of my life writing.

~mr gayestgoth.

P.S. Stay tuned for some more of my stories. I've been holding back. I'm going to start writing all the sick, twisted shit that's in me head. COMING SOON: The Birthday Party. Stay tuned for a preview! - -
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