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Don't Judge a Man By His Hot-Pink Underwear

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Gerard hooks up with a store clerk. Couldn't produce an ending though...

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"Did you find everything you needed?" I asked politely, yet with much distaste.

Usually this question was involuntary and mechanical, seeing as us employees just had to kiss the customers ass for any given reason. It was the few customers on occasion that would send off the sincere friendly vibe that you couldn’t help but duplicate. This guy seemed mysterious and very flirtatious. I couldn't help but to counter attack.

He grinned, and I swear my heart stopped for a moment. His whole face light up, almost making him look cherubic and adorable, but somehow working the sexy yet subtle angle. As if he didn't know he was so good looking. I guess modesty is a great trait to have.

"I think so," his eyes scanned me up and down. He was smirking now. I think I may have even blushed. He smiled even more.

So, he's that type.

"Do you need any help?" I looked up from my eyelashes, smiling playfully.

"Well," he cleared his throat "your phone number would be just great." he set his basket down and leaned over the counter, waiting for my answer with an amused expression.

He seemed straight forward and didn't like to fuck around the bush. I think I liked him already.

"Hmmm..." I placed a finger on my chin contemplating this proposal.

"So when do you want the date?" I asked casually, wrapping my hair in a towel, my neck and shoulder clutching the phone to my ear.

"Tonight is good with me. You?"


By some god or hamster given miracle, my roommate wasn't home. We had special signals we made up incase we had a 'guest' so the other person wouldn't disturb. So I placed an empty milk glass right in the middle of the living room floor while Gerard took his sweet ass time looking through my DVDs and CDs on the rack, his back hunched over, looking over the titles. I tackled him to the ground before he could notice anything.

I'll admit, as much as I claim to be 'independent' and the 'don't need a man to run my life' mantra every woman wanted to believe, but I fucking loved to be dominated.

Gerard was stronger than he looked. My initial thought was he would be the gentle lover, wanting him and his partner to come together and all that sentimental bullshit. I do enjoy it on occasion, but where's the fun in that? I wanted it rough and without abandon, hard enough so I was sore in the morning. Perhaps it was his eyes that fooled me, or the adorable boyish smile he wore all night. I wanted to wipe that smile right off his face.

He slammed me against the wall before we even reached my bed, grinding his crotch into mine. I felt his hand run on the underside of my thigh as he lifted it up a bit, so his hips were snug between my legs. He rubbed against me harder, and I felt the wetness in my underwear. I could also feel other intimate things. Fuck, I bet he's huge.

I didn't have to ponder too long. After moments of rough hair pulling and attacking each others mouths till our lips were numb, he threw me on the bed.

I mean literally picking me up and throwing me from about two fucking feet from the bed. As I was in the air mid-bounce, he jumped on me, sending me to crash down on my poor matress.
I quickly took charge, sitting up and unzipping his hoodie.

He has got to be joking.

"Oh, come the fuck on! How many layers of clothing are you wearing?" I complained, pulling off another sweater over his head, seeing another damn t-shirt, oh! And my, what a surprise! A goddamn wife beater, too!

He laughed at my frustration, grabbing my face for a quick kiss, "More foreplay, babe."

Seeing him sitting on his knees half naked with his long shaggy hair over his lust filled eyes filled me with an instant heat.
I fingered his belt buckle for a while, a simple sliver square buckle, letting my finger trail down slowly down his fly. He exhaled sharply, watching my hand play over his lap. I knew he was trying his best to sit still, and rewarded him by unbuckling, unbuttoning and unzipping with speed that even caught him off guard.

I threw my head back laughing loudly when I saw his pink boxers. Hot-pink boxers.

He grabbed for me then, pulling the sleeves of my dress down my shoulders and slowly down my body, the smooth fabric moving faintly over my sensitive skin.
Once the dress was off my feet, his hands ran up from my legs, resting on my hips as he leaned down, causing me to lie back, and sucked lightly on the delicate skin under my earlobe.
I started getting dizzy, our previous wanton actions and the adrenaline rush of anticipation had my heart racing faster by the second.

I giggled at the thought of this seemingly strong man about to ravish me, wearing those hot pink boxers I can see on the floor. Gerard grunt and lift his head to level with mine. His raised eyebrow asked the obvious question. "Something funny, hun?" I felt his hands sliding up my sides and stopping just under my breasts. My nipples went hard just waiting for his touch. I shook my head, taking his large rough hands and placing them finally on my breasts. The contact felt so good I had to close my eyes and bit my lip to keep from moaning.
"You want this?" his whispered, kneading his hands and pinching my peaked nipple hard between his fingers.
"Want me to fuck you baby?" he panted as he rubbed my clit so slowly I felt my body tremble.
"Yes, please," I whimpered, raising my hips higher. He slid two fingers into me, I had to grip the sheets to control myself. He lowered his head to mine before capturing my lips with his and his tongue slid into my mouth, thrusting in and out in rhythm to his fingers. His other hand had a hold on my hair on the back of my head.

I knew I was close, my walls constricting around his slender fingers. I could barely breathe, I just wanted release. He broke the kiss, watching my face as his fingers thrust in even harder, brushing my gspot.

Suddenly, he sat up, his wonderful fingers abandoning me. My pussy was pulsating and throbbing for him.
I guess my face revealed my thoughts, which I'm sure screamed "WHAT THE FUCK!" mingled with disappointment, confusion, and frustration.
Gerard sat between my legs, his hands on my thighs. We were both panting, just staring at each other.

"I wanna watch you touch yourself," he breathed, his eyes falling down to my wet flesh. I gladly reached down trying to relieve myself. It wasn't fair, my hand didn't feel as good as his. He was kneeling over me, watching my fingers work. I almost lost it when I saw his hand slowly reach down to grasp his rigid member. He growled, pumping himself while watching me rub myself.
"That's it, just like that," he panted. "Keep going, baby" his animalistic grunts fueling my needs.

My eyes drifted close at that point, my only concern was solely reaching a self-induced orgasm. I rubbed harder knowing how close I was, moaning softly.
I suddenly felt the bed shift and Gerard grabbing my wrists in both of his hands pinned them over my head.

I screamed in frustration. If I was throbbing before, I was borderline exploding now.
"Noooo! Stop doing that!" I whined, trying to lift my hips up higher to his, anything to have contact.

Holy fuck was this guy driving my insane. I have never felt this type of lust, arousal and carnal need before. It was fascinating how much pleasure the human body could receive.
I looked up at him, his clouded intense eyes started intently into mine. I knew exactly what he wanted, and damn if I wasn't going to comply.
I mustered up my sweetest voice and gave in. "Gerard," I sighed, arching my body and completely giving myself into him. "I want you to fuck me. Fuck me harder than I can take. Make it hurt. I want you so bad. Please."
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