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TS and NL

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Nikki and Tommy swtich bodies and fight despretly to get back home.

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TS and NL

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Chapter 1

Tommy stood at the full lenght mirror, making sure that everything was right for his big night. He'd be opening for Sixx am. Doing songs from "Tommyland" then Nikki would do stuff fom "The Heroin Diaries". It was a kick ass night.
"Tommy, what the fuck are you doing in there?!" Vince yelled as he banged on the bathroom door. Tommy sighed and put his hat on over his hair, which he though was messy.
"Can I have five minutes, please?" Tommy asked as he did one final check the mirror. He really did have to go.
"I can give you two. Nikki wants Prince Charming delievered to the arena a few minutes early." Vince said as he gave the door one finale hit and then fianlly walked away. Tommy sighed and quickly finished up. He knew Nikki would throw a fit if he was late.
HE left the bathroom to find Mick and Vince sitting in the living room, staring at him.
"What?" He asked as he snatched up his car keys, which Vince immidently took from him.
"Don't what us." Vince said. "We thought you had gone the way of Bon Scott."
"Nice." Tommy said. "Can I drive?"
"Nope." Mick said. "You're not allowed to drive anywhere for a long time."
"Sonofabitch!" Tommy yelled and stomped his foot on the ground.
"Whine all you want baby." Vince said. "You'll thank us when you and Nikki live another day."
"I highly doubt it." Tommy said under his breath. Mick and Vince smiled at each other as they watched him cross his arms and pout.
"Are we just gonna stand here or are we going to get someone to a concert?" Mick asked. Vince smiled and pulled on Tommy's arm, making him walk towards the door. He'd been in one accident, that wasn't even his fault, and they were treating him like some kind of doll that no one wanted to touch unless they were fucking it. But at least it was just Nikki.


Nikki paced, waiting for Tommy. It seemed to take foever. How long was he going to be? He told him to get there at a certain time, and was he there? NO. He was probably somewhere, drinking some beers, not realizing what time it was until it was too late and he had to call the cops to get him there. That was all they needed.
"I'm here!" Tommy called out as he busted into Nikki's dressing room. Nikki turned and glared angirly at him.
"Do you know how worried I was?" Nikki asked.
"Vince drives as slow as Mick." Tommy said, pointing at the two who stood in the doorway.
"It's no excuse." Nikki said. "You don't know what I go through when I'm not with you." He added.
"Cut me a break Nikki. People won't let me do anything anymore."
"That's becasue we don't want to lose you!" Nikki yelled.
"Mr. Sixx, Mr. Lee, it's time for the show to start." A young woman with dark hair said.
"Let's go." Vince said. The four headed out, leaving the woman in the dressing room alone. She smiled at Tommy and Nikki.
"Once Tommy Lee and Nikki Sixx, switch their souls without a glitch. LEt them walk a mile in the others shoes, and see what exactly the other may do." A dim light appeared and so did two tattos, one on Nikki, one on Tommy. But they didn't seem to notice at all. Then the woman just disappeared.
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