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She's A Little Runaway

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Gerard comes to the rescue.

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I ran through the woods, clawing and swatting at the underbrush, as I ran as far as my legs would carry me from that mansion. I ignored the pang in my chest and burning sensation in the back of my calfs as I continued to run. Sweat covered my forehead, clinging strands of my hair to my skin. My breathing was eratic as my lungs struggled to produce oxygen, burning me.

"Damn it," I mumbled. I craddled my arm to chest as I dabbed at the blood smear with my dress. I managed to get the thorn out with my nails as I dug at the wound. I held my arms in close to my body as I took off again.

The high, full moon illuminated the woods to where I could see just enough of my way, but not well enough for me to see ten feet out in front of me. Trees surrounded every inch of the forest. Thorn bushes covered most of the floor. Darkness, everywhere. I scanned the woods, searching for any sign of an exit, as I came to a clearing in the trees.
There was nowhere to go as I eyed the forest, dreadful. It was almost cynical, in a way, as it appeared that the trees were closing in on me; making sure that I couldn't get away. From behind me, but not far away enough, a loud, bone chilling, ear-splitting sound echoed through the night.


I ran further into the clearing, inspecting the way once more. "This can't be happening," All of the trees and the shrubs were too close together to get through. Only one word sprang into my mind -- Trapped. "Please, God. No. There can't be nothing,"

The thumping noise of paws hitting the ground grew louder in my ears than the frantic beating of my heart. My heart felt like it would crawl out of my throat any second now. I searched the grounds again, praying for some sort of escape, and found nothing. I was trapped. My happy ending quickly becoming an unfinished chapter in my book.
I could hear the howling and low growling of the monsters as they approached; enclosing me in my little cubicle. The hairs stood up on the back of my neck as my breathing hitched. There was nowhere to go.
I quickly slid into the small area between two trees, crouching down slightly, and hiding my face against the bark. I scanned the ground for any sort of weapon I could defend myself with; only finding a breakable discarded tree limb. It would have to do. At least it would hold them off for a little while... I hope.

"Please, God." I mumbled, tensing my shoulders. "Not now. Please,"

I heard them coming nearer; their quick, rasping breaths more in tune with my own now. It wasn't more than a moment later that heard a twig snap, loudly, behind me. I froze again, holding my breath. I slowly rose my head, biting back my scream when I saw them.


It wasn't just one -- there were four. Their skin stretched tight over the muscles on their backs as large patches of fur barely covered up how big they really were; making them larger, if possible.


Four wolves.

Four wolves circled around me, blocking my way to freedom. They blocked my path to survival. I rose my makeshift club over my head in an attempt to frighten them off. They faltered for a second as their eyes roamed over my weapon but regained their composure shortly after; the fierce roars ripping through their chests again.
The one in front made its way over to me as they others flanked behind. I couldn't concentrate on it, I was shaking too badly. My vision became blurry as I felt the cold air hit my ankle, making its way up my calf. I shifted my leg away from it, screaming. I could feel the sticky droplets travel down my skin and into the crevices between my toes. I glanced, frantically, at the wound on my leg. I flinched when I saw how deep it was; the damned wolf had bitten me.

"Uhn," Quickly, I smacked it over the head, swinging violently at the air, desperate to hit something. "Somebody! Please!"

I felt stupid for crying out. This would never have happened if I just stayed there with them. I could be safe now; wrapped up in my blankets with Frankie, telling me a story, or having dinner with Gerard. But that was another issue.

My safety.

How could I know I was really safe there, with them? They were going to kill my father -- how could I trust them? I couldn't. But I needed to. I needed to trust him.

The wolves narrowed the gap, closing in on me, as I cleared my mind. Thoughts raced through my mind; pictures, images. Poeple. My breathing stopped as one of the wolves leapt towards me, snarling viciously. I closed my eyes, shrinking away from it as I readied myself.

I wasn't ready to say goodbye, yet.

I waited, almost patiently, for the pain but it never came. Slowly, I opened one eye, peeking out from under my lashes, and nearly choked on the hot air that went down my throat.

"Gerard?" I gasped, never taking my eyes off of the demons.

He groaned, struggling on keeping them away. "Are you alright, Rose?"

I nodded, knowing he couldn't see, and stepped out from behind the trees. He cautioned me back. "No, Rose. Just stay there."

One of the wolves jumped and sank its teeth into his arm, tearing away at the flesh. I could almost hear it tearing.

"Fuck!" Gerard tensed, grabbing the wolf by the head, and tore it away from him. He brought his knee up and smashed it into the wolf's back, leaving it helpless. It whimpered as he tossed it to the side.

Another one of the wolves advanced on him, nipping at his feet. Gerard kcked at it, missing a few times, and ended up smacking it in the chin, cracking its jaw bone.
The wolf growled at him before taking off into the darkness. Gerard glanced at me over his shoulder and opened his mouth as the other two wolves jumped him. He flinched and fell to his knees, struggling against their sharp teeth. I scanned the floor for my lost club. I couldn't just stand there, I had to do something. I found it over by a shrub and raced back over to Gerard.

"Rose, no," he growled. "Stay away."

"I can't, Gerard! They'll kill you!"

"Please," He fell down onto his back, grabbing one of the wolves by the neck and twisted it in the opposite direction. A sickly crunch emitted into the frosty air.

The other wolf whimpered as it retreated into the woods, away from us. I gasped, staring at Gerard, and ran over to him. "Let me see."

He shook his head, craddling his arm. "'Spose to be that way. Are you alright?"

"Gerard," I ordered. "Let me see."

He lowered his head and held out his arm, flinching when I touched it. His wound was worse than mine. I coud see his bone and the meat of his arm. His face was covered in scratches and there were rips in his clothes.

"This looks terrible, Gerard."

He coughed. "Are you okay, Rose? They didn't hurt you, did they?"

"No," I shook my head. "We need to clean you up."

He nodded, letting me pull him up. "We can go home, if you want."


I nodded and began pulling him along with me. He stopped short after he caught sight of my leg. "Rose?"


"Come here," He grabbed my shoulder and pulled me into him, crushing me against his chest. "I'm so sorry, Rose."

I nodded. He frowned as he led the way back towards the castle. I could see the lights from the forest. He looked at me again, a sad look in his eyes.

He sighed. "Rose? I have to talk to you about something."

A/N - I am so sorry! I didn't forget, I just got really busy, but it'll be smooth sailing for updates after this weekend. Graduation is tomorrow so I'll be free until August and can update for you whenever I please. Which will probably be every two to three days instead of every six or seven. I know, I know. This chapter was a little sloppy but I had already written this chapter up last weekend but my stupid computer screwed up and erased all of my work! This is just a crappier version of what I orginally had. Sorry. Still, I hope you like it. Gerard has a secret to get off his chest in the next chapter. What is it? I know... but you don't! Okay, anyway, thank you all SO much for the lovely reviews last chapter. They made me smile. I hope you plan on sticking with me through the rest of this crazy ride. Until next update! Goodbye, my faithful readers. xoxo - Esther Rose.
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