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I don't do relenting...

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Set before Crisis Core when Genesis and Sephiroth were friends to the utmost. Genesis finds out a little something about Sephi... he just has to be the boss once... Edited cos someone got confused ...

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“So in effect you are telling me you've never let someone claim that ass of yours?” Genesis slid down the stool in Goblin's, drunk and winding up Sephiroth seemed to go well together.

“I...” The General's jaw tightened. “Not so loud we're in public.”

“It's...” He managed to get himself back on the stool. “It's not like anyone,” hic, “cares. It's how late?”

Sephiroth groaned, they worked hard and played hard but sometimes, he wondered if Genesis or Angeal realised his only concern was to work for the company. He stood up and finished his drink, he wasn't sober but he was a far cry off the fire-whisky-chasers his friend had been on for the last hour. He lifted Genesis and carried him down the road back to his place.

“If I promish not to tell will you let me... fuck you.” Genesis snorted and fell onto the sofa.

“No.” Sephiroth put him on the bed, stripped them both off and got a glass of orange juice, sorted himself out, tied his hair back half-up and half-down and then stripped off and crashed out beside him, like they did most nights when they had leave. Sephiroth fell asleep listening to the half-snores of the drunken friend beside him.

Genesis opened his eyes early that morning, he'd slept so damned well and could hardly remember getting home. Sephiroth was asleep beside him, the rhythmic breathing of the Soldier was quite intoxicating, he slid up and headed to the bathroom, cleaned up and brushed whisky furred teeth. Sephiroth mumbled and turned over, followed him, cleaned up too and then realised that they were still on leave.

“I'm not getting up this damned early.” He declared and headed back to the bedroom.

Genesis chuckled and then followed him, he got on the bed and landed on top of Sephiroth, his hair covered his face as he leant forwards. Sephiroth looked at him, had he gone mad? Genesis leant over and kissed him softly. They slept together quite often but Sephiroth always decided when and Genesis always wondered what would happen if he made the first move. Well now he was going to find out.

“Remember you said last night that you'd not...”

“I was drunk and it's none of your business.” Sephiroth cut him short.

“I'm going to give you surprise butt sex.” Genesis snickered.

“Idiot.” His partner mumbled and went to throw him off but Genesis had anticipated it and his legs were locked under Sephiroth, it resulted in Genesis leaning forward, the kiss that came to his lips was fairly forceful and the white haired Soldier let out a moan, he had to admit he'd got him caught but he wasn't sure he liked the lack of control.

Genesis' tongue invaded parted lips, his body brushing against the taught muscles of Sephiroth's arms and legs as he pulled him down. The white haired man's arousal stirred, he didn't plan to give over to his friend he was used to being the one sinking a hard firm cock into the tight ass of his red leather wearing friend. Genesis kissed him deeper, one hand running to a nipple and his fingers deftly tugged on it.

Sephiroth's body jerked in response, the sensitive flesh responding and Genesis leant over, nibbling on his ear and nuzzling against the long white hair. He had a divine smell about him even after the long night out and Sephiroth's hands finally ran down his ass. Genesis pushed closer to him, a hard erection forming and pressing to Sephiroth's belly.

“You're not having my ass.” His deep voice rumbled low and husky. Genesis looked at him and chuckled. “What?”

“I never figured you would be scared of sex.” He teased him.

“I am not.” Sephiroth looked down at the already hardened shaft, Genesis' eyes followed his and he smirked. Genesis' cock twitched willed by it's owner and he snorted. “What is so funny?”

“You... so serious.” He kissed him again and slid back on Sephiroth's thigh, his hand taking the General's hard impressive shaft into his hands. His fingers curled around the shaft, skin stretched and relaxed as he brought his hand up and down, the fingers ran along over the head, down a little to the main muscle and back again causing Sephiroth to moan out. “But you love it.”

“Just stop fucking talking.” His white haired partner mumbled as he caught Genesis' cock into his hand and stroked up and down the impressive hot rod and yanked him closer by it. Genesis fell forwards, kissing him again and stroking faster, for a moment or two the tell-tale rise and fall of Sephiroth's chest showing he was fighting to arch up and get more from him.

Then the administration from the darker haired man's hand ceased, Sephiroth let out a slight gasp and fell back against the bed. The bastard seemed intent on teasing him. Genesis smirked, slid his fingers around his in his own mouth, saliva wetting the long digits more accustomed to holding a sword than a penis. His body was betraying him as he tried to stop what was about to happen, Sephiroth did not want him invading his hole, he just didn't trust anyone to fuck him without it meaning a sore ass and distraction from a fight later on that day.

Genesis' fingers came from his mouth wet, shining and without much resistance from Sephiroth he pushed up against his partner's thighs, the legs he pushed between Sephiroth meant he had to spread his own. It meant a vulnerable feeling when he knew that Genesis had got him in a perfect position to take him. The general's breathing deepened, his body warm and flushed.

Sephiroth's ass was tight, hugging the finger Genesis pushed into the puckered hole, the white haired Soldier growled and gritted his teeth. Genesis was relentless with his desire and pre-cum dripped against the bare flesh of his partner, he pushed in and out slowly, as Sephiroth's grunt of pain turned to a gasp of pleasure when a good spot inside his walls was found. He tried to relax for Genesis but it felt alien and almost like he was going to be opened up from the inside out, gods when he had fucked the guy hard, pounding him deeply, how had he taken him?

“Fuck you're tight, relax it feels better.” Genesis mumbled against his neck as he leant and kissed along it. His second finger elicited a slight yelp as Genesis stretched him and Sephiroth growled, grabbing his partner's hair, as he arched up the sweet spot was hit again and Genesis pushed deeper into his ass. He wanted him, fuck he wanted him.

“Ah...” the feeling was so strangely good and despite the twinge of initial pain as his muscles relaxed the pleasure came with it. His erection bobbed on his belly as he shifted to get a better feeling, Genesis's other hand picked up the stroking movements again and watched as his friend forgot his reservations.

“Sephi...” Genesis moaned, his cock hard and a shuddering pleasure rippled through him when the muscles clamped around his digits, fuck he would be tight.

“Oh fuck more...” Sephiroth moaned, the push against his prostate sending a jolt of pre-cum from his cock that dribbled down the top of his thigh and over his balls.

“You keep that up I won't need lube.” His fingers dug in response, into the crushing hot walls, his excitement building. He pushed again and more pre-cum dribbled down, the dirty wild turn from the normally well composed white-haired hero was enough to make him forget stroking that cock and attend to his own.

The hand curled around the hot flesh, a soft slapping sound from the tugging caused another panting shift from Sephiroth so that he could watch him. They had fucked enough times not to be shy about the things they did enjoy. Sephiroth had to admit that laying there with an assful with Genesis' fingers and his cock streaming fluid he didn't much care to worry about anything else. Genesis stroked over his own penis and deftly moved his fingers, in the end Sephiroth couldn't face the idea of being toyed with all morning. He wanted one way or another to reach a climax.

He grabbed Genesis' hand from his administration's to his own length and licked and sucked at the fingers. Genesis watched him through his already damp and matting hair, this was turning out to be far better than he had expected. Sephiroth shifted his legs a little more and pushing against the fingers already inside him he ran Genesis' damps digits around to his own ass.

“Do it, make yourself so horny you would rather kill me than let me out of here.” He demanded with the same deep voice. “Then... then you can take me.”

Genesis didn't care what it took by that stage, shifting to his knees he pushed a finger deep into himself, groaning as his cock ached already and Sephiroth's hand went to it, curling tightly around the head and tip, making him so damned close to climax he was sure he'd be spent before he got to the prize he desired.

Trying to finger-fuck himself and Sephiroth was hard work, he couldn't concentrate on Sephiroth's pleasure without sacrificing his own and then the white-haired partner would stop moving up and down his firm flesh. After what seemed like forever Sephiroth let go all together and lay back on the bed, he could hardly keep from spending over them both as he pulled his fingers free from his own ass, his cock was dripping freely on to his partner and Genesis grabbed the lube from the bedside.

Genesis slicked up his hard, nearly fit-to-burst, erection and moved Sephiroth's legs apart again, Sephiroth went quiet. He had never let someone take control of anything and even though he was placing demands on his partner, he was still the one being violated. Genesis stroked over his long hard erection and pressed to his ass.

Sephiroth took a deep breath, closed his eyes and tried to relax. Genesis pushed to his tight and unused hole, the head of cock slid in with only a slight resistance but Sephiroth's eyes opened, it hurt, it was a strange sort of hurt because once he was inside it felt fucking brilliant. The hard foreign object nestled into him and Sephiroth's ass hugged around it, Genesis groaned and started to thrust his hips slowly.

At first Sephiroth felt like he was about to ripped in two by the hard rod inside and then slowly his muscles relaxed and the wet slurp of Genesis' shaft running in and out of him became a pleasure. Genesis was covered in a fine layer of sweat as he ground into the tight ass of his partner. His cock was so tightly hugged and his balls pushed against the firm flesh, Sephiroth muttered obscenities, willing him harder, faster...

“Holy!” Genesis yelled as Sephiroth's tight walls closed around him. His partner was close, liquid dripped freely from his unattended erection. “Touch it... fuck Sephi, come...”

“You first.” He argued as Genesis pounded deeper into him. He was sore, it was good, too good and he arched up against his partner, wanting him to fuck him, splash every part of his internal walls and claim him while he had the chance. “Oh Holy!” Sephiroth couldn't hold back any longer, his balls ached and his cock was throbbing.

Genesis moved his hand and tugged on his partners fine looking penis once more. It elicited a moan and the tight muscles of his partner's ass hugged around him sending a shiver down his spine. Genesis growled out his climax spending deep into his Soldier friend, it sparked his partner to spend too. Sephiroth's white seed spurted over Genesis, down his chest and covered him. Genesis moved his hand from Sephiroth's spent penis and licked along his palm before sliding back away from him and slipping free from his soaking hole.

“Okay... I will never pester you again now.” Genesis flopped beside him on the bed a sweating mess.

“Oh good...” He muttered in response. “But I don't suppose I'll complain if you do.”

“How come I don't have a hangover?”

“Must be whatever Hojo did with those cells.” Sephiroth mumbled, to be honest he wasn't thinking about it at that moment. He was too spent to care.

“Well if that's the only side effect I shan't be complaining.” He nodded and grabbed his copy of Loveless from his pocket.

“Read that aloud I will castrate you.” Sephiroth warned him as he closed his eyes.
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