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Chapter 36

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Ellie's P.O.V

All three of us were smiling when we climbed out of the van back at the car park. I helped Kat open the door . The doctor had told her the bleeding had been caused by stress and by overworking. By carrying her bags she'd ripped away part of the womb and it had caused the baby to go into distress. The fact that Gerard had been with Kat hadn't helped either and the doctor had told her this had probably caused the baby distress as-well.
They'd given her a ton of pills and told Bob and I that she couldn't work at all and her maximum lifting load was going to be a feather pillow. Kat hated being fussed so having everything done for her was her worst nightmare. “Thanks Ell,” she took my hand and we skipped over to the side of the bus.

The guys were gathered in the lounge apart from Gee who was M.I.A. “How was it?” Ray asked tentatively from the couch. “Every thing's okay, Baby just got really stressed and thought it was about time to pop out. It's okay.” Kat squealed happily. They all gathered around her and started congratulating her happily. Bob closed the door on the bus. “They want us for sound check in 5 guys.”
“Cool, I'll go get Gee,” Mikey said releasing Kat from a tight embrace.
“Actually Worm said Gee's was going to be tested later when they test the others. Ellie why don't you come with us. You know, come an see what it's like?” Bob hinted, I looked at him with a frown, then with sudden realization, “Oh yeah, course.”
“I'm just going to get a different jumper and then I'll follow on.” Kat went to walk behind the curtain but Bob caught her wrist, “Actually I thought you should catch some sleep. We'll be back soon. Bye.” Bob ushered us quickly off the bus leaving Gee and Kat alone.

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