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hmm tight pants...:D

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Ryan stop looking!

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Ryans POV
I wake up in place unfamilar to me. This isnt my bed. I look over theres Brendon. Oh I remember. He looks too cute and I find myself snapping in and out of daydreams. He whimpers. He mumbles something I do not understand. Wow. I brush the hair out of his face. I feel him pull me closer and sigh. If only he was gay, or bi at least. I struggle to breath. His hold on me is too tight but I dont mind. "Ry?" I look down his eyes are fluttering open. He looks at me with his dreamy eyes. I froze and so did he. He pulled away, leaving me cold and rejected.
"Ry guy?" He whispers
"Yea" Im blushing. I love when he calls me that.
"Was I hurting you before? When I was..uh..holding you in my sleep?"
I sigh. Yes but I liked it, Bden I thought.
"A little"
"Well we better get up and ready!" He said with a goofy smile.
I get up pick up my clothes and slowly get dressed. I watch Brendon, but I dont want him to knowm looking. He puts on his tight girly pants, and I nearly yelp like a fan girl from excitement.
I look at his firm butt. Ah, this is nice. I look up noticing Brendon has been looking at me for a while. I look down at the floor. Im embarrassed. "Ryan Ross, You horny little boy" He jokes with me. I laugh, trying to seem comfortable. Im not. We head to the kitchen where Spencer and Jon are enjoying their coffee and FrootLoop cereal. Brendon sits down with a bowl and taps the3 space next to him urging me to sit down. Yes I love you Brendon Urie. I sit I dont want to eat I want to watch Brendon. Im not a stalker, just a boy with a crush. "Ryan, your too skinny If you dont eat I will have to touture you!" Brendon jokes.
Oh how I would love you to I thought. Im a prevert. I would let him do anything to my virgin self. I need to stop this before I get hurt. When he leads me on like that I cant help but want him even more. I sigh. "I dont want to eat" I pout. Brendon starts the tickle touture. I giggle so much and try to push him away. Its moments like this that I live for. "Eat Ry Guy or I'll keep going" He says. Why does that line sound so dirty? Im preverted thats why. I want him to keep going cause once he stops I'll feel alone again.I live for you
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