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Baseball: America's favorite pass-time

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In love with a ball player

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This is a new story that I wrote while I have some writer's block on my other ones. You can read it or not read it but I think it's going to be really good.
Besides its a change from the norm.

P.S. I know you guys love me so much and tomorrow is my birthday!! Yay me. So leave me a review and tell me what you think so far.

I know you guys are going to love it!!!


The hotel room was empty and smelled, well, like a hotel room. She was all alone. No boyfriend, no parents, no family, no friends just her. She looked in the full length mirror. She wore a dark gray and red plaid fishtail skirt and a short sleeved white button down with a collar matched with a pair of plain paten leather black pumps. She still had a line across her throat from where he had chocked her. She had a bruise on her cheek and stitches on her forehead and chin from where her head hit the table. She had stitches in her back and leg from where the blade stabbed her. Under her shirt, her ribs were wrapped in a tight ace bandage to help her broken ribs heel, and she wore a white cast on her forearm to mend the broken bones. Still, she held her chin up high and her confidence was intact as she got ready to testify against the man who had battered and beaten her, the man who had broken her down in more ways than one, the man she hoped she would never have to see again.

‘Are you ready to go?’ Ayden asked. Ayden had been the only person Olivia had to rely on. Ayden was the man that was sent to protect her, almost like her body guard. Ayden was a terribly sexy body guard. He had spiky blonde hair and the perfect California tan. He stood at about six feet, two inches tall and was very much in shape. His arms were rock hard as well as his six pack abs. Although his body was intimidating his face was quite the opposite. When she looked into Ayden’s emerald green eyes, she felt safe and knew he’d never let anything happen to her.

After everything that had happened, she was reluctant to be anywhere near a man but Ayden was an officer. She was no afraid of him.

‘I think so.’ Ayden nodded as she picked up her purse. She was nervous and worried all at the same time.

Ayden opened the door of the town car that had arrived to take them to the court house. ‘When we get to the court house, don’t say a word to any media who is there. Victoria and Justin will meet us inside. All we have to do is get you in there.’ This case was huge for the town of Ocean Shores. No one believed that Travis Andrews could do something like this, not even Olivia’s parents.

Travis Andrews was your typically twenty five year old. He had just graduated from business school at the University of Washington. He had dark brown hair that stood up in spikes, a pretty face, and the most chiseled body anyone had every seen. He was strong, so strong in fact that Olivia’s one hundred and twenty pound body was nothing for him but a play toy. Travis had a tattoo on his left arm of a tiger with flowers surrounding it, on his left arm that was as big around as Olivia’s leg.

‘Livy, I promise that everything is going to be okay after this. You’re safe now; you have nothing to worry about.’ Olivia nodded as the car pulled away from the hotel.

The ride to the court house was boring but Olivia had hardly noticed. She was preoccupied with the fact that she was now going to be testifying along with appearing before the entire state on the steps of the courthouse.

‘Olivia, we’re here.’ Ayden said bringing Olivia out of her trance. She looked out the window to see all kinds of photographers, news reporters, and legal analysts. She took a deep breath before Ayden opened the car door.

The trip up the steps was harder than she had ever imagined. She felt as if Ayden had to push people out of the way in order for her to get into the courthouse. Once she was in the silence over took her and she could relax and take a deep breath.

‘Olivia, there you are.’ Victoria Adams, one of the state’s and Olivia’s attorneys said as she walked down the long marble hallway towards her. ‘Are you ready for this?’

‘As ready as I’ll ever be.’ Olivia said. She tried to smile but it just came out as a grimace.

‘You’ll do fine sweetheart. Let’s go in and get situated.’ Olivia nodded as she followed the two lawyers into the courtroom. Ayden walked closely behind her. The courtroom was full but there was a seat on the first row for Olivia and Ayden. ‘Now Olivia, the defense is going to try to break you down but you’re the strongest witness we have. The pictures that the arresting officer’s show should be enough to put him behind bars for a long time, Ayden you are up to testify as well.’

‘When does it start?’

‘We have about ten minutes before the judge comes in. Anything that we need to go over or you need to tell me before we start?’

‘I threw a plastic cup at him one time. He was making fun of the hole I had in pair of jeans and I threw the cup at him. I missed but it hit his arm.’

Victoria laughed but wrote it down anyway…just in case.

Olivia sat against the back of the bench and watched as Travis and his two lawyers walked into the courtroom. He winked at her as he walked past her. ‘Everything is going to be fine.’ Ayden said to her as the judge walked in and everyone stood up. It was the second day of the trial so the trail jumped right into testifying.

Olivia nodded as she took a deep breath, waiting for everything to begin for the day.
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