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Then On That Last Day He Breaks

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One Shot/AU Bert see's a love he once knew.

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Watching her beauty from afar;
Most exhilarating.
She takes my breath away;
She really does.
She makes my thoughts incoherent.
She's gorgeous.
She's perfect, so perfect.

Today, as I watch her, she has a soft smile upon her face; an innocent smile. Her eyes are fixated on the plain black book she has placed on her knees, her hands working rapidly across the page. She always has that little black notebook with her; and just as often, I wonder why and what it contains. She is always so enthralled with it.
The way she sits against the tree, her knees curled up, the notebook resting on them, her head bent down, allowing her long bangs to cover parts of her face, hinders me from seeing her fully, though I continue to stare. I know what you must think of me, Old, perverted, stalker; that I am not. My name is Bert McCracken and I am only 23 to her 19.

I cant help that she intrigues me. Something draws me to her, a force that cant be described. If it be her long, dark brown locks of natural wavy hair, the way her piercing blue eyes gleam with pleasure each time she holds that black notebook, open, in her hands, thoughts pouring, from her brain, onto the plain white paper, the way her smile, so obviously, brightens up everyone she shows it to, the way she seems so peaceful sitting there, or all of those and maybe more, I do not know. All I know is that I love this woman and we haven't even talked to each other in years, though she still has the same affect on me.

Yes, that's right, I used to know her. Can you guess, under what circumstances? Let me give you a hint.

Her name: Cameo Howard.

That's right, Jepha's baby sister. How cliche, right? Guy Falls for Best Friends Little Sister. Its completely against the best friend laws. I mean, its even in the best friend hand book, but no matter how hard I try thoughts of her cant seem to escape my mind. Even on tour, anytime he would call his family, or mention his baby sister, my stomach would tie up in knots. I cant seem to shake her. She's in my heart and staying there always, even after death.

She'd never have me though, I'm sure of it.

In the midst of day-dreaming, I lost track of time, and of my beloved Cameo. I don't know where she's headed after this. I only know where she lives
As I enter the doors of the small apartment complex, I try to remember my way around. I haven't been here since I helped move Cameo in, with Jeph, 3 years ago.

I find her door and unlock it with the key I had stolen from the front office. As I walk in, I notice that she isn't home just yet.

Good. I have a chance to look around.

I shut the door behind me and begin to look through the apartment. Roaming around the nice-sized apartment, picking up different nik-naks, inspecting them, and putting them back in their places, I noticed that Cameo hasn't changed much.

As I enter her bathroom, I automatically smell her sent in the air. My eyes slide over to the sink counter and I see a bottle of lotion. Walking over to the counter, my eyes close. I pick up the bottle and bring it to my nose. It smells of her. As I smell the lotion, a small smile of satisfaction makes its way onto my face.

Caught up in her sent, I lose track of time until I hear a familiar soft voice calling the name Jack. I'm assuming it is some sort of animal. My assumptions are soon confirmed as a large, fat, orange and creme striped cat rubs itself along my legs and prances out of the bathroom door.

I cant believe that I didn't hear the door unlock or the door opening. I was worried and with obvious reason. I was about to get caught, red handed, stalking my best friends little sister. Not good.

I look around quickly and see a door on my right. I open it. It leads into a medium sized bedroom. Hurrying, I rush and hide in the nearest closet. I hear footsteps itching closer, my breath beings to come heavier and my heart pulses faster. She walks through the door on the left of the room and heads directly towards the dresser. She begins to undress, I watch with my mouth hanging open. Finally, as she is pulling pajamas out of the draws, I slip out of the closet, slowly.

I am close to the door, about a foot away, when the floor board creaks loudly. Her head snaps opened, her confused eyes look straight into my guilty ones.

Bert? she asks as I take a daring step closer to her.

Bert? What are you doing here? another step.

What's going on Bert? Why are you in my house? Two more steps.

As I close in on her, I look to the mirror and notice the evil smirk I had plastered on my face. No wonder her eyes held fear.

I'm so close now; I can feel her body heat radiating off onto my skin.

Continuing to look into her eyes I whisper, I love you. I notice her shocked expression as I lean down to kiss her, firmly, on the lips. Though I feel a small amount of pressure from her part, I continue as planned and bring my fist, containing a sharp knife, aiming it at her heart. Plunging the knife into her chest, I let one tear escape my eyes. I pulled the knife out, but plunge it in yet again.

She's definitely dead now.

The shocked expression is still on her face. I look around the room. My eyes fall on the black notebook. Its on her bed. Walking over to it, I shake slightly. I pick it up and open it. The first few pages were covered in flowers, perfectly shaded. There were all sorts of things drawn in that book. I flip through it, but stop when I see a familiar face. Mine. I flip to the next page. There I am again. I continue flipping until the end, my face on every page after those. I open up to the last picture, a picture of me again, but the words next to it say,

I love him with all my heart, but he doesn't know.
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