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Death or Love

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Harry finally kills Voldemort... but is it a total victory?

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A/N: A couple of people asked about Cho. Yeah, she's coming up soon, don't worry.

IMPORTANT NOTE: While this fic was inspired by Neutral's fic "Persistence of Memory," I would just like to note that it will not be done in that style; I cannot and will not pretend to write like Neutral can, because she's so good. This is just to express my ideas and give them figurative life...

Also, as you can see, I'm returning to the style of HoG with fitting Latin quotes I've come across (as seen below)...

Chapter 5: Death or Love

Nec/ mortem effugere quisquam nec amorem potest./ No one can escape either death or love. -Publilius, Sententiae (N57)

By random, both Harry and Voldemort had been transported to a cave somewhere in a faraway mountain. However, in the scramble for their wands, Voldemort managed to get both his own wand and Harry's.

Now, for a week, Harry had been Voldemort's prisoner.

Voldemort, for some reason (although Harry had his theories), never seemed to need to eat or sleep or drink, or do other things which normal people seemed to need to do.

And now, the self-claimed Dark Lord was spending a good deal of his time torturing Harry in brutal ways. Now barely clothed, a lot of his scars were visible.

While chained and shackled to a cave wall, Harry had been punched, kicked, beaten, dragged along the ground, suffocated in water, gotten lacerations on his body... and then there was that horrible Cruciatus Curse being the worst of all. Combined with the little food Voldemort had supplied (as odd as that sounded), Harry was officially in the worst shape of his life, even worse than while he was at the Dursleys.

After returning once again, from who-knew-where, Voldemort entered the cave, that malicious sneer on his face.

"Ready for more, Potter?" he asked, anticipation written on his demonic face.

Harry only glared at the Dark wizard in response.

After a few Cruciatus Curses, Harry thought he heard something scurrying around... but was it really some real creature, or just his pain-ridden imagination?

Voldemort, it seemed, heard it too. "Wormtail," he hissed.

Out of a foggy corner of Harry's mind, he remembered when he and Macnair killed each other in the graveyard... so how could Wormtail still be alive?

Voldemort shot a spell out at Wormtail, forcing him to return to his normal form. Wormtail stood there, shaking and shuddering. Harry threw a nasty glare at the man, and was going to say something just as nasty when Voldemort cut him off.

"I see you were plotting your own death /again/, Wormtail," Voldemort said, in a tone as though scolding a naughty boy for stealing cookies. "You pretended to be cut down by Macnair, and you played dead, hoping to get away at the last moment. But when that strange occurrence happened, teleporting me and Potter /here/, you were taken with us."

Wormtail remained silent, confirming his master's suspicions.

"Well, we're just going to have to fix that, aren't we?"

The next moment, there was a blur as Wormtail went for Harry's wand on the side while Voldemort shot an evil-looking, blood-red curse at the Animagus.

Wormtail was hit in the chest, and he screamed then hissed in pain as he fell on his knees, then face forward.

Voldemort turned back to Harry when both of them heard some small movement from where Wormtail was.

Wormtail was shaking, clutching his bleeding chest as he pointed his wand at Voldemort... and then slowly moved, pointing it now at Harry instead...

'I always knew that rat would try to finish the job one day,' Harry thought, closing his eyes.

There was a flash of light, and a spell blasted into the rocks near where Harry was chained. Opening his eyes, he could see Wormtail smirk before finally dying.

"Forgive me, Harry," he quietly whispered with his last breath.

Smirking (he foolishly thought Wormtail was trying to kill or hurt Harry), Voldemort drawled, "He must have really hated you, Potter..."

As Voldemort turned to do something, Harry broke loose from his bonds (Wormtail cast a spell which weakened them and made them crumble easily!), and dashed for his own wand as quickly as he possibly could.

Voldemort whipped around in time to try to stop Harry, but he was too late.

"Expelliarmus!" Harry shouted, not missing a beat. Voldemort's wand was ripped from his long, boney hand, and flew across the cave.

Harry bombarded Voldemort with curses, jinxes and hexes, but after a minute or so, Voldemort was able to get close enough grab Harry by his wrist and wrench the wand loose; in the struggle, Harry's wand flew out of his hand and clattered against the far end of the cave wall.

Voldemort then began to strangle Harry, lifting him up by his throat. Harry wrenched to get loose, but Voldemort was too strong.

"Did you really think you could get the slip on me there?" Voldemort hissed angrily. Harry choked even more, feeling his lungs burn as he longed for air...

With superhuman strength, Harry was thrown against the stone wall, and as he got to his knees, Voldemort retrieved his own wand and pointed it malevolently at Harry.

"Any last words, Potter?" he sneered, anticipating his long-awaited moment of victory.

Under his breath, Harry started saying something...

"O Merline, da me vires quas requiro..."

Voldemort stopped, not sure exactly what was going on...

"Nam semper servo vires lucis; semper servavi servaboque eas..."

What was Potter saying? The self-proclaimed Dark Lord was sure he caught the name "Merlin" in there...

"Pugnabo igitur istos malos quos tractant artes magicas contra alteri..."

If Voldemort was translating all the Latin correctly, he knew this couldn't be good (for himself)...


Voldemort's eyes widened ever so slightly; this couldn't be any good...


A shining sword of a fiery light appeared in Harry's outstretched hands, and wielding it, the Gryffindor launched himself at Voldemort.

Voldemort was just beginning to utter a curse to stop Harry, pointing at the younger wizard's face, but he was too late.

Harry rammed the glowing, humming sword into Voldemort's chest, driving it in as far as he could, not caring whether he lived or died, so long as this monster finally went down...

But Harry felt something dark across his face, something he couldn't describe. However, it passed as the light began to seep out of Voldemort's dying body, accompanied by a high-pitched, icy-cold scream of terror coming from the Dark wizard...

A moment later, all the light stopped, and lying dead on the floor from the spell's impact was Tom Riddle (or at least how he looked before he turned into the monster known as Voldemort).

"It's done," Harry spat, coughing from all the pain and injuries he sustained.

Not thinking clearly, he stumbled out of the cave; it was now twilight, and the sun's last rays were stretching across the sky.

Harry stumbled down a path among the side of the mountain, his mind getting foggier and he continued, just desperate to get away...

Finally, as the sun set and he got to the edge of the forest (did those few lights in the distance belong to human civilization?), he fell to his knees...

'Someone, please help me find a way back home,' were his last thoughts.

Then he blacked out and he knew no more.


A/N: /Yes/, I know this a shorter chapter with a cliffhanger.

Note regarding Wormtail: As in my brainchild story "The Heir of Gryffindor," I portrayed Wormtail as a non-evil coward who made the incredibly stupid and foolish mistake of serving Voldemort. It's interesting to see him portrayed in other fanfics as an evil, conniving little bastard, but from what we see of him in canon, he doesn't look like that at all (or at least IMHO).

Note about the "Sword of Light" spell Harry used: This is another version of the "Sword of the Heart" spell I did in HoG. (By the way, did anyone like my Latin?)

I may also stop writing this for a while... I just have a bunch of ideas for this and no real clue where I want to go with it. I guess I'll just have to see what happens.

Well, either way, next chapter is where Sirius' name is cleared... but where's Harry? -Quillian

/IMPORTANT NOTICE!!!/ I am going to be really busy until Monday, so I'm going to have to put a halt on fanfiction until then! My grade in my Aesthetics class depends on this, so please understand!
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