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Where's Mikey?

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OOH! I'm an evil bitch! Enjoy the suspense...

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Gerard was driving at 70MPH. He turned to face Frank,
“I don’t know what to do, what if they kill him” Gerard sniffed, holding back tears,
“They wont kill an innocent kid, Gee”
“Are you sure, there are some pretty fucked up people in New Jersey” He frowned, “They have found like 5 dead bodies in that river near my house” he sighed,
“Look, Gee, please don’t worry” Frank hugged him, closing his eyes and smelling the warm smell of Tobacco and coffee that graced him, Gerard swerved around a parked car, “keep your eyes on the road Gerard!” he warned, panicking for a second.
“Frankie?” Gerard turned to face him again,
“Did you see where that van went?” Gerard asked, now panicking again.
“Round that corner, pay a-fucking-tention” Frank smirked,
“Alright short-arse, it’s a wonder you can see over the dash board” Gerard sneered, pushing Frank’s face into the window.
“OUCH, GERARD, MY HEAD” (A/N: Does anyone get this reference either?)
“Shut up, you knob” Gerard giggled as Frank stuck his tongue out at him. Gerard saw the van reverse and park in a driveway of an old, worn down drycleaners.
“This hasn’t been open for about 2 years” Gerard informed Frank, as if he didn’t already know. They watched the van for a few minutes, no movement,
“What if Mikey is hurt Frankie? I couldn’t live with myself if he is hurt” Gerard whispered, Frank had never seen Gerard so scared, not when he failed his English mock, not when he had to have an injection (he was very scared then, Gerard hates needles) not even when he was held up at gun-point last year.
“We are going to find him, he is going to be OK” Frank stroked the back of Gerard’s hand with is thumb,
“I god-damn hope you are right” he gulped air down, making him cough,
“Shh, they’ll hear you!” Frank hissed,
“I cannot help choking hun” he spluttered,
Frank and Gerard got out of the random car and tip-toed around the back of the building, where they saw two young men (early 20’s) drag Mikey out of the back of the van,
“Frank, he’s not conscious!” Gerard breathed, sending chills down Frank’s back,
“Shh, he’s fine, he’s resisting” Frank soothed, once they had dragged a sleepy Mikey into the building, Gerard and Frank ran to another door,
“Fuck, locked” Frankie whined, shaking the padlock viciously.
“Frank, you are short” Gerard said, Frank glared at Gerard,
“And?” He asked,
“Here, I’ll give you a leg up, crawl through the window” He pointed to a small window that Frank could probably just about squeeze through,
“Get through, and find away to open this door and we’ll find my brother” he demanded, Frank climbed onto Gee and pulled himself through the window. It was dark and Frank couldn’t see much, but he heard footsteps and saw a door open, producing enough light for Frank to see where he was. The two men came through the door, one holding Mikey and the other holding a gun, shit. Frank looked around desperately for a hiding place but one of the men saw him before he could escape,
“STOP!” the man yelled, aiming the hand gun at Frank,
“I… Mikey!” Frank yelled, Mikey looked up and struggled to get free, the man holding the gun hit Mikey across the face, leaving a giant scratch over his eye,
“Don’t you dare treat him like that” Frank growled,
“Or what kid? You’ll phone your mom?” He laughed,
“Frank” Frank heard Gerard call from outside the building,
“Who was that?” One man hissed,
“No-one, why do you want Mikey” Frank asked through gritted teeth,
“Why not?” The man holding onto Mikey laughed,
“Let him go, he’s done nothing wrong to you” Frank yelled,
“He hasn’t you are right, but I’m perfectly sure that killing him, will kill someone else, so it’s worth it”
“KILL? You can’t kill Mikey!” Frank cried, tears trickling down his pale cheeks.
“I can… care to watch” The man raised the gun to Mikey’s temple,
“Five, Four, Three…”

And that is the end of this chapter… sorry, I did that on purpose, I’m an evil bitch aren’t I? Well you’ll have to be good little elves and R&R before you can find out what happens to our dear beloved Mikester >=] He may die…
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