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Casper (Pt. 2)

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Part two.

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“/She’s what?/” the hippie asked. Tom smiled and nodded at her.
“/She’s completely nuts!/” he admitted boldly. Casper giggled at that one.
“/Psychotic basket case!/” her date asked.
“/And she’s a…/” Casper replied.
“/Yeah!/” Tom said snickering. “/Child psychiatrist./” Casper laughed again. She managed to calm down some to talk again.
“/It’s nice,/” she said at last.
“/What?/” Tom asked.
“/Having someone to talk to,/” Casper confessed. She sighed in sorrow. “/My last boyfriend never really spoke to me,/” she went on. Tom looked at her slightly confused.
“/How is that?/” he asked. Casper shook her head.
“/Hard to explain,/” she replied. “/Everything Simon says you can’t work or whether it’s a joke, or an insult, or… I don’t know./” Tom listened in sympathy.
“/Sounds like he wore you out,/” he said at last. Casper nodded.
“/Yeah,/” she said. “/You really know how to get me talking, don’t you?/” Tom smiled at her some again.
“/Well, I am the son of a psychiatrist,/” he admitted humbly. “/Get it every sodding[13] day./” Casper looked at him surprised again.
“/And the rest!/” Tom replied. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a bottle of pull. He set them on the table in front of his date. Casper looked at the object slightly disturbed.
“/I… I’m stable with neurotic obsessive tendencies,/” he admitted boldly. “/I take them keeps them happy and keeps me happy too./” Casper watched on.
“/God,/” she mumbled a bit. “/You’re very up front!/”
“/What other way is it to be?/” Tom asked. Casper smiled a bit.
“/Tom,/” she said. “/Do you want to get out of here?/”
“/Where to?/” he asked.
“/A few drinks. I don’t know,/” Casper offered sweetly. Tom smiled at that offer.
“/Let’s go!/” he called. They both let the cafe. Then, Casper changed her mind.
“/F**k the drinks! Let’s go back to my place!/” she said. They headed off quicker. Unbeknownst to them, Simon was spying on them behind an open newspaper. Another man had made off with his girl. He could not have that! He couldn’t have that at all! Something had to be done. In the yard at Tokyo Cram College, Simon looked across the street at the private school. He had his plan for payback all figured out in his mind. He smiled as he watched Gabby walking home with her friends. She looked up and saw him. He waved at her. His mistress waved to her friends and walked over to him. She sat down next to him on the bench.
“/Hi Simon!/” she called. “/You’re looking so, so fit! Fit as f**k, yeah!/” She giggled at him like a brainless moron. “/Yeah?/” she asked.
“/Gabby,/” Simon said to her.
“/I heard you dumped that hippie cow,/” she went on. “/That’s so safe! Slut!/”
“/We just weren’t on the same level intellectually,/” he lied. “/Not like you and me, eh Gabby?/”
“/I am rather brainy!/” Gabby bragged.
“/Yeah,/” Simon lied again. “/Which was why I was thinking, you might be just the right person to help me with my photographic photos./” Gabby became overjoyed at that offer. She squealed in joy. Simon had her sold almost there. He had to keep going.
“/It’s a study of the human form,/” Simon added. “/It’s an in-depth focus study./” Gabby became even more flattered.
“/Well, that sounds jolly interesting, Simon,/” she replied. “/When were you thinking of starting? Because I’m absolutely and completely free right now./” Simon smiled at that one. She took the bait. The plan had just started.
“/Cool,/” Simon replied. “/My place?/” He got up to leave.
“/Safe!/” Gabby called excited. Then, she got up and followed behind him. At Casper’s house, Tom and Casper shared another kiss in her bed. They had just finished shagging. Casper found herself in heaven. Tom was great in bed as well as honest. At last, the hippie had found her true prince. Casper lied in his arms after the kiss.
“/You’re lovely,/” Tom whispered to her. Casper giggled a bit.
“/Am I?/” she asked.
“/Yeah,/” he said. He cuddled closer to his new girl. “/You’re clever,/” the boy went on. “/Funny and very, very pretty./” The hippie smiled at him happily. Tom kissed her on the forehead. Casper cuddled close to him again.
“/You think my tits are plastic?/” she asked as she looked at her chest under the sheets. Tom looked at her oddly.
“/What?/” he asked. Casper shook her head a bit.
“/He said that…/” she began. The hippie sighed again in stress. There it was again. Simon still had a strong effect on her even after break-up. What was she thinking? Her and Simon are over. Time to let that go. Casper shook her head again.
“/Never mind,/” she mumbled to herself. “/Never mind./” Tom leaned over and picked up his pills to take them once again. Casper watched him do so.
“/You really have to take those things?/” she asked. Tom looked up at her over as he starting opening the bottle.
“/Yeah, afraid so,/” he answered. “/Did it for so long mother used to set them up for breakfast./” Tom managed to get one of the pills out of the bottle and set the bottle aside. “/I get a bit wobbly otherwise./” He popped the med into his mouth. Then, the boy took a sip of water to help him swallow. Casper frowned a bit at him.
“/I can’t believe that!/” she called. “/You should go without,/” Tom looked up at him surprised.
“/No,/” he said. “/You wouldn’t like me so much./” Tom closed up the bottle. Casper gave him a little smile.
“/I bet I would,/” she said. Tom gave her a little smile. Suddenly, there came a thud downstairs. The couple looked up right away.
“/Who’s that?/” Tom asked. Casper became annoyed.
“/I thought everyone was out!/” she said to him. The hippie climbed out of bed, put on a shirt, and quickly left the room to investigate. She made it all the way down the stairs. She looked on confused. Evan was downstairs giving his luggage to a man at the door.
“/Cheers mater,/” Evan said to the man. Casper slowly came down the stairs to the man.
“/Evan?/” she asked. The man stood up in shame.
“/I thought you was at college today,/” he said. Casper sighed to him annoyed again.
“/You know,/” she began. “/Of all of Lynne’s marriages, I think this is the shortest!/” Evan looked down at the floor in shame.
“/I don’t have to explain this to you,/” he mumbled.
“/No,/” Casper spoke up. “You don’t!/” Evan glared at her. He sighed aloud in distress.
“/Tell her I’m sorry,/” he said to her. “/I just couldn’t hack it, you know?/”
“/Yeah, I know,/” Casper replied. Evan nodded at her some. He sighed again. He reached into his bag and pulled out Happy Slappy Dog.
“/Something to remember me by,/” Evan spoke again. He gave her a goofy little grin. Casper took the dog and dropped it right on the bamboo floor. Evan frowned at her in misery.
“/Careless,/” Casper said without a heart. “/Goodbye Evan./” The man’s spirit had been shot down by her. The young hippie rolled her eyes and headed up the stairs. Evan watched after her in sorrow. He took one last look around before heading out the door. He tried to fight back his tears the whole time.
Meanwhile, Simon began his malicious work. He smirked at the sexy pictures he took of Gabby earlier today. All according to plan. Gabby was so dumb and infatuation by Simon that she would do anything for him. Perfect to for his sick little guys. The charming bastard began copying the photos to his mobile. His phone lit up when the work had been completed. Simon disconnected the phone and his camera from his laptop and shut everything off. Take to carry out the deed.
Casper and Tom were walking the streets in lovey-dovey bliss. Simon watched them from a distance. Just a matter of time… a kid bumped into Tom.
“Sorry pal,” he said.
“/Take it easy mate,/” Tom said to him as the kid went away. Once the couple had gone away, the kid hurried away to Simon.
“Here,” he said as he handed Simon Tom’s mobile.
“/Cheers mate,/” the English boy said as he paid the boy off.
“Yeah,” the boy replied. “Late Si!” Then, the boy went off on his own. Simon opened up Tom’s phone and looked at the screen. He looked over at the lovey-dovey couple once more. The boy flipped the phone close and headed off.
At a local cafe nearby, Simon took his plan even further. He sent the racy photos of Gabby to Tom’s phone. Meanwhile, Tom was handing Casper some flowers as she was getting into the taxi to go home.
“/You’re such a gentleman!/” she called happily to him. Tom looked at her smiling.
“/I’ll ring[14] you,/” he said. Casper looked overjoyed, but kept her manner down to be proper.
“/Maybe just whistle,/” she said. Tom looked at her innocently.
“/What?/” he asked.
“/You do know how to whistle, don’t you?/” his bird asked. “/You put your lips together and…/” Right then, her bloke rushed forward and kissed her right on the lips. Casper kissed back pleasantly surprised.
Meanwhile, Simon had come to the best part of his work. He picked out the hottest pictures of Gabby and added them to the message. Then, he hit send all. Casper and Tom were still kissing at the cab while this took place. The couple slowly parted.
“/I’ll whistle,/” Tom told her. Simon waited for the photos to be sent. Casper got into the taxi cab. Tom shut the door behind her.
“/Here’s a thousand yen, get her home safe, yeah?/” he said to the driver. Then, he walked away as the cab drove off.
In the cab, Casper looked out the window while hanging out on cloud nine. She finally found her true prince charming. But then came the nightmare. Her mobile beeped in her 60’s style purse. She reached inside and pulled out her phone. She opened her phone. Phone from “Tom” were waiting for her. Casper had a grin up to her ears. She opened the message for the shock of her life! A sexy photo of Gabby appeared. Casper came crashing down. She broke down into tears. But there came more. Each photo became worse than the last. The poor hippie felt like throwing up everywhere.
Simon smiled at his sickening work. “/Stay not be gone,/” he recited to himself. “/Live and hereafter say mad man’s mercy made you run away./” He shut his phone smirking. Mission accomplished.
In the taxi, Casper wept at such a horror. How could he have done such a thing? She called up Fujisaki for support.
“What?!?” he yelled out in shock. “Who?”
“/Tom!/” Casper wailed out. “He sent me pictures of Gabby! She’s… She’s got her tits out for him! Sobs Why did he do that?!?/” Fujisaki got lost there for a moment.
“Who’s Tom?” he asked. “Bailey-chan!”
“/Oh god!/” Casper cried. “/He warned me! He’s f**g crazy! Sobs* I feel so weird!/” Fujisaki felt really bad for her. Out of all of their friends, Lucas, Hiro, and Casper seemed relatively sane and normal. (Lexie had her moments of course. But that was just it. Fleeting moments so far and few in between.)
“I’m so sorry,” Fujisaki told her. “You’ll be okay?” Casper sobbed on the phone again. The keyboardist wished that there could be more that he could do for her.
That evening, Casper made it home. Darkness greeted her as she shut the door behind her. She sighed in disappointment. “Life on Mars?” by David Bowie played in her head at the moment. But then, she heard sobbing down the hall. Casper sighed and went to go investigate. She found Lynne sitting in the living room crying her eyes of in a sexy bathrobe. She held one of Evan’s wooden cats in her hand. The woman held up her other hand to her daughter.
“/I’m fine!/” she whimpered out. “/I f**d it all up again!/” Hot ashes from her fag flicked onto the carpet. Casper sighed at her in pity. She came in, sat down her things, and sat down next to her mum on the couch.
“/I’m too loud, too wild, too clever, too laid back, too free-spirited,/” Lynne whimpered. “/You know, I always forget because I’m happy, you know, because I’m just being me! I can’t help it if I’m a funny old cow with a loud mouth and big bum!/” Lynne took another puff on her cigarette. Casper sighed aloud again.
“/You’re bum’s not that big!/” she said. Lynne put down her cig in the ashtray on the coffee table. Casper hugged her mum. Lynne cried even more.
“/You know,/” she began again. “/I never felt tired around him! I felt good, really good! Now he’s gone, the f***g twat! And I know he loves me, he’s just a whimpy coward!/” Lynne sobbed again.
“/I’m sorry, Lynne,/” Casper murmured to her.
“/You know,/” her mum went on. “/I really, really loved having sex him!/” The younger hippie rolled her eyes some. Usually, Casper would run away screaming at the mention of her mother shagging someone. But tonight didn’t call for such. Lynne just needed a shoulder to cry on.
At the bar, Evan spun a yen coin on the counter. He stopped it flat on the surface. Once again, he had failed. If only there could be some way to…
Meanwhile, Fujisaki talked with one of the guys that worked for Tohma. He kept talking until Casper showed up. Fujisaki frowned some.
“Hi,” he said uneasily.
“/Hi,/” Casper said back. She took in a deep breath.
“I’m so sorry, Cas,” Fujisaki told her. They bowed at that one.
“Come on,” the keyboardist said. “How bad is it?” They both sat down on the nearest couch in the bar. Casper reached into her purse and pulled out her phone. Fujisaki opened the phone and looked at the pics. Shock met his face right away.
“Damn!” he called. “I didn’t know English girls were that flexible!”
“/He warned me,/” Casper repeated. “/He told me his family was screwy. He told me he was too./”
“Well,” Fujisaki spoke again. “That’s pretty screwy! Taking pictures of your own sister like that!” Casper nodded some. Fujisaki handed back her phone.
“Delete them!” he said quickly.
“/Yeah,/” she agreed.
“Has he tried to call you?” the keyboardist asked. Casper sighed.
“/About a thousand times!/” she called.
“Don’t!” Suguru told her wisely.
“/Don’t worry,/” Casper said shaking her head. She turned back to her friend.
“/Drink?/” she said. Fujisaki gave her a little smile.
“Yes, please,” he said.
“/Okay,/” the hippie replied softly. She got up and headed over to the bar. When she made it over there, who to her wandering eyes should be there? Evan himself! A little surprise came onto her face.
“/Evan?/” Casper asked. The man looked up at her. He looked away and sighed. Casper looked down at the bar.
“/How are you doing?/” she asked. The hippie looked over at him again.
“/Not so clever as it goes,/” he said. Casper sighed and snorted at that one.
“/And why is that then, wanker?/” she hissed at him. Evan didn’t look up at all.
“/I just…/” he began. “/I just miss the big mouth and the big bum./”
“/She’s my mum, Evan!/” she snapped. “/Watch your lip!/” Evan looked down like a sad little puppy. Casper threw back her hair some. “Pathetic!” she thought. “And to think Lynne married him!”
“/I always blow it, alright!/” Evan blurted out. “/I get jumpy! I just… I wish I could just light a fire… if I could just…/” He shook his head again. “/I don’t know!/” the man said at last. “/I’m just a stupid wanker!/” Casper rolled her eyes at such nonsense.
“/Wanker,/” Evan mumbled to himself. He spun the yen on the counter again. He looked over at Casper.
“/Does she miss me?/” Evan asked in desperation. She looked over at him and snorted bitterly.
“/No!/” she snapped. She looked over at Evan again. He looked like he would fall to pieces and cry like a little girl. Casper sighed and rolled her eyes. So pathetic!
“/Fine!/” she said. “/She f***g misses you!/” Evan looked up at her on that one.
“/But you let her down, Evan!/” the young hippie snapped. “/You can’t let that happen again!/” Evan looked down at the bar again. Casper turned all the way around to face him.
“/So decide,/” she said. “/Stay here or get your coat!/” Evan looked up at her on that option.
“/Don’t you f***g dare go back on it!/” Casper snapped. Right then, the made up his mind.
“/Let’s go!/” he said in a rush. Then, the pair left the bar.
“/I’ll be out here,/” Casper told him outside of her house. She took a good look at her step-dad. “/Spruce up man!/” the girl said. Evan cleaned himself up some. The young hippie helped him do so. Evan took in a deep breath.
“/Okay?/” he asked.
“/Okay,/” Casper said after she fixed up him.
“/Okay,/” Evan said back to her. He nodded and kissed her on the cheek. “/You’re a proper girl, yeah?/” the man said. Then, he headed into the house.
“/Yeah,/” Casper said softly. She smiled at the good deed she did tonight.
As she took in another deep breath, she heard someone say, “/Hello Tree Hugger./” Casper whipped around to see Simon coming towards her. Seeing him again just tore her up inside. Simon kept his naught smile at her.
“/Heard about pervy[15] boy!/” he called. “/He really needs to learn how to use a phone. Send to all, got to be careful with that./” Casper looked down a bit.
“/Yeah, you’re probably, Si,/” she said. Silence passed between them for a brief moment.
“/So,/” the charming bastard said as he shuffled around some.
“/So?/” Casper asked him back.
“/Can we stop this now?/” he ex asked.
“/And?/” the hippie asked.
“/Get back to normal!/” Simon said hoping that his plan worked to the fullest. Casper shook her head.
“/Stuff happens. You get over it,/” she said unimpressed. Simon smiled a bit.
“/Yeah, but,/” he said.
“/Yeah but,/” she snapped. “/Yeah but!/” Her ex laughed a bit.
“/Cas, you got nasty!/” he called.
“/Yeah,/” she replied. “/What are you doing here?/” Simon realized he almost lost her now. He had to do something quickly.
“/I came because, it turns out as if goes…/” her ex began again. “/I think I might love you./” Oh, wrong thing to say. Old boy just blew it there. Casper shook her head at him again.
“/That’s an awfully long sentence, Simon,/” she said.
“/Well yeah but,/” her ex replied. She looked at him crushed and unimpressed.
“/Yeah,/” Simon said at last. Casper sighed and walked back up to her house.
“/Casper!/” the charming bastard called out to her. The hippie turned back around to him.
“/I said it okay!/” Simon called out to her. “/I’m sorry!/” Both stared at each other in silence.
“/I’m sorry,/” Simon repeated. Casper still didn’t believe him. Not anymore, anyway.
“/Beg!/” she called. Her ex stared at her for a long moment.
“/Sorry?/” he asked as if he didn’t hear her correctly.
“/You heard me Si!/” she snapped. Simon stared at her blankly again. He wasn’t expecting this at all. He had no choice now.
“/Okay,/” he said in defeat. “/Uh… look… Please can we get back? I won’t do any of it again. The cheating, lying…/”
“/Undermining, sneering, taunting, manipulating,/” Casper added desperately. Simon looked at her blankly again.
“/Okay,/” he said. “/Yeah, all of those things!/” Casper still didn’t believe him. Another moment of silence passed between them.
“/I promise!/” Simon pleaded. Sadly, it didn’t work. Casper looked at her feet and sighed. Her ex waited for an answer.
“/So?/” he asked. Another pause came. Casper slowly walked over to him. Simon became a little hopeful. Maybe the ship could be saved after all. Casper lightly touched him on the cheek and looked into his eyes.
“/So, I’ll see you around,/” she said with nothing in her voice. She quietly walked back into the house. Simon watched after her confused. Did he win or lose just now? Either way, he found like he lost out in the end.

[1] Moshi-moshi= Hello in Japanese on the phone
[2] Tosser=Jerk to the English
[3] Tart= Slut or whore
[4] Slag= See tart
[5] Knackering= Tiring
[6] Bugger= Damn or darn to the Brits
[7] Fancy= Like to the Brits
[8] Rung= Call
[9] Wanker= Jerk to Brits
[10] Tosser= Jerk to the Brits
[11] Cow= Bitch to the Brits
[12] Slapper= See Tart
[13] Sodding= F**g to the Brits
[14] Ring= Means call to the Brits
[15] Pervy= Pervert to the Brits
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