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Secret Dreams

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Hyper Quantum: When those dreams came, he never thought they were more than dreams, he never thought of them as memories. GojaruxYuki

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Secret Dreams

"It's time to wake up love..." A sweet female voice called.

"Hmm... Five more minutes Yuki..." Gojaru, captain of the Starlight Falcon was sleeping on his bed, face buried on a pillow, arms wrapped around said pillow.

"Yuki is working; it's just you and me, sweetheart."

Gojaru opened his eyes and found that there was no one else in the room, no other living being at least. The ship's AI was everywhere on the ship, that was the voice calling him. "Good morning love!" He didn't know if it was actually morning in any of the near by planets, but the greeting was something often said after waking up.

"Good morning to you too darling, I take it you had a nice dream?" The ship's video sensors could perceive, in high definition detail, Gojaru's happy grin; and her sensors also caught his vital stats detecting the presence of the natural chemicals associated with happiness, pleasure perhaps.

"Yeah, about Yuki, keep it a secret." The dream was very realistic, so realistic it felt almost like he was recovering a missing memory. But before he could dwell on the thought of it being too real to be a mere dream, Gojaru's mind was taking a trip to happy pervert gutter land wondering how the dream would compare to a real life experience if he ever got to that point with Yuki.


Gojaru and Starlight Falcon are my characters from the Hyper Quantum RP. Disclaimer, Yuki belongs to Snow.
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