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Star Poems

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A collection of poetry with varied themes.

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Star Poems

Poem 01: Greener

Greener, is it even a word?
I was thinking when I heard,
The cheerful chirps of a bird.

A different shade,
Where children played,
Where flowers laid,
Green, emerald, jade.

Soft or dry, green, brown, none,
But greener? It depends on the sun.
Greener could be darker, or lighter,
Intense or soft, can be seen as brighter.

It's all in the perspective,
Of what's not objective.
It is what it can be,
The way you say it is.

Poem 02: Green Carpet

"It's green," an obvious statement,
For that grass, held no resentment.
It grew and flourished, content,
Where flowers spread scent.

Oblivious to troubles, willing,
Hopeful, a loving feeling,
Their heart's wishes fulfilling.

In that soft green carpet of grass,
Their free time they came to pass.
Hand in hand, smiling, laughing, singing,
In the calm, the green grass was bringing.

Poem 03: The Way You Love Me

You love me with such care,
Since we started this affair,
Love will always be there.

You love me like the truth,
It won't hurt,
As long as it's from you.

You love me like eternity,
With you want I to live,
Our life in its entirety.

Our love is ablaze,
With a passion attack,
And in all those ways,
I love you back.

Poem 04: Penguins

Cute, cuddly,
Adorable and sweet.
As peaceful and gentle,
As you'll ever meet.

Graceful, beautiful, small,
At their feet,
The world will fall.

Penguins, our future leaders,
I warn you my dear readers,
Penguins will rule supreme,
And sing the Penguina theme.


Poems 01 and 02 were written for Snow's "Grass Poem" challenge. Poem 03 was written for Snow's "The Way You Love Me" challenge. Poem 04 was written for Snow's "Penguina" challenge.
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