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Sands of a Forgotten Era: It was her first day on her new job as a cook at the palace, and she dropped the pharaoh's meal right in front of him... (Dakof+Kinya)

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My name is Kinya, I'm an elf and I'm also a cook. Today is my first day at the royal kitchen. I knew the kitchen at the palace must be big but I never thought it was this big. I feel like I could get a lost in a kitchen this large and I have no idea where I'm supposed to be.

"Hey, new girl!" I jump at the sudden voice. The kitchen is busy and noisy but none of those other sounds were directed at me.

"Yes, sir?" It's obvious I'm nervous in my first day. I want to be able to keep this job, but only the best cooks work in the palace. I wonder if I'm good enough, I don't know that many recipes.

"What was your name again?" The main chef looks like he's trying to remember but can't. It's okay, he has twenty nine other cooks to think about.

"My name is Kinya, sir." My voice is high pitched and shaky because I'm so nervous.

"Ah, yes Kinya, no need to add sir though. Just Lerion will do. Here in the kitchen there is no need for formalities. Now then about your test..." This is the moment I've been both dreading and looking forward to. I need to pass a cooking test to prove I have the skills to cook for royalty.

"What meal should I prepare, sir?" I mentally kick myself as I notice his disapproval. "I mean Lerion."

He laughs. "Take deep breaths and relax; no need to be so nervous. You may cook whatever you wish. There is a smaller kitchen next to this one; you'll have it to yourself. There are many ingredients there. Make something good to impress the pharaoh; if he likes it you can keep the job."

I gasp as I feel my heart rise to my throat. I can't take deep breaths like this. "I have to cook for the pharaoh on my first day?" I swallow and feel my heart sink to my feet with such force I'm not even sure if it's a metaphor anymore.

"It is what everyone has done and you must too. If you need any extra ingredients or can't find something, you can ask me or the other cooks, but you can't have any help actually cooking things."

Against all odds I'll try my best. I give Lerion a determined look and nod. "Alright, I'll cook something delicious!"

"That's the spirit!" I wish I knew what to cook...

xoxox xox xoxox

After a lot of hard work in the kitchen and playing with all the fancy ingredients I've never even seen, I settled for something relatively simple. It may be fancy for me but for the pharaoh this must be nothing. The pharaoh, he's actually pretty young but somehow I'm a little intimidated even if I've heard he's nice. He's tall, strong and a good leader but... oh, I shouldn't be thinking about this, I'm just nervous.

"Kinya!" I hear Lerion's voice calling, good thing I'm done with the food.

"Coming!" I place the dishes on a tray and carry them into the main kitchen. The small kitchen is at least five times the size of the kitchen back home and the main kitchen is fifty times as big. "I finished!"

"Good, good! That smells wonderful and it looks delicious. Pharaoh Dakof is quite hungry, so I heard. Take the meal to him now; I think I hear his stomach growling."

My face pales and I fear I'm going to drop the tray so I grip it as tightly as I can. I didn't know I had to serve the pharaoh personally. "I don't know how to behave in front of royalty!"

"No worries, I'm sure you'll do just fine go now! You wouldn't want to be blamed for the starvation of our leader, right?" Lerion laughs in good humor and I start walking automatically and realize that I have no idea where to go.

"Which way?" The palace is huge.

"I will lead you there so you don't take a wrong turn and the food gets cold, but you must serve it by yourself." I nod, knowing that it must be done. I intend to earn this job.

xoxox xox xoxox

Lerion led me to a set of large double doors adorned with gold and jewels. The palace is more elegant than I had imagined. Granny told me that the pharaoh sometimes goes out around town but I'm new here so I haven't really seen him up close, I only saw him a few times from afar. I'm not sure what happened before Granny found me wandering around the desert lost, my memories are gone... even so, I want to try my best and just accomplish something.

Lerion opened the doors for me and closed them after I was inside the dinning hall. He left just as he said. The pharaoh was sitting at a large table that looked very empty with just one person there; he's more handsome than I thought. I stared at the food, where I would normally stare at my feet, and walked towards him. The problem was that the tray covered the view and I couldn't see my feet so I tripped on the carpet. The food and myself landed painfully on the floor. I looked at the mess then at the pharaoh who was busy removing a plate from his head. I'm so fired, scratch that, I'm so dead. I felt my eyes start to water and I sob.

"Did you get hurt?" I was surprised to find the pharaoh offering to help me get up.

"I'm sorry!"

"It's alright, you're a good cook though." He licked the bits of food that landed on his face and I thought I saw fangs. But that's impossible, everyone knows that the pharaoh is a human and he has a strong dislike for vampires.

Then again nothing appears to make sense. Why in the world is he smiling at me instead of getting mad? Furthermore how could I ever be intimidated or nervous around such a nice man? "I'm truly sorry, your majesty..."

"Call me Dakof and I told you it's okay, today has been really boring, this is the most interesting thing that has happened, but try not to do it again."

"I'll try my best!" I never knew all that would happen after I got officially got a job at the palace. I never knew how close Dakof and I would become. He's so different leading a battle than he is in the safety of the palace.

I saw several battles but the army managed to drive the vampires away. I still feel like there's some unknown connection between Dakof and the vampires. Years ago his parents were killed by vampires, that's what he thinks but I can't help it but to think there so much more to it, it just feels like there's a misunderstanding somewhere. He loves to watch the full moon and has fangs but no one says anything because they know he'll be offended.

Then again, maybe I should not question the past of someone who actually has memories and has earned my trust in so many ways. My memories are still missing, it makes me wonder if I even had a childhood, I must have, but I don't remember. It's okay though, I'm happy here and Dakof and I are engaged, just like fairy tale.

TBC: Sands of a Forgotten Era

This story is based on the RPG "Sands of a Forgotten Era". It is about the past of two of my OCs Dakif and Kinya. Takes place years before the RP starts.
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