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I don't love you like I said I did yesterday

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Just a note... I know that isn't the EXACT name of the song, it's not just an error on my behalf, you'll find out soon enough

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Can I just say a HUGE thank you to all my reviews out there =D You guys are fantastically special, without you I probably would have ditched this story by now and started (and ditched) another one, so thank you ALL so much for you support and interest. I LOVE YOU GUYS xox

“YOU DID WHAT?” Gerard screamed at Mikey, when they had returned home. Everyone was OK, the man had come back into consciousness 5 minutes later, and Frank, Gerard and Mikey escaped pretty much all in one piece,
“Gerard, you met a random online… who you thought was Ryan, you thought Frankie was Ryan, you knocked someone out. YOU KILLED A GUY! I know it was an accident but mom and I are in agreement that this peer counseling scheme will work” Mikey frowned at Gerard’s ‘I couldn’t give a crap’ expression,
“You know what, Mikey. You may think it’s a good idea but guess what, I’m not going” Gerard smirked,
“Yes you will, otherwise I’ll just tell mom and you’ll be grounded” he crossed his arms,
“Fine, but next time you get kidnapped, don’t expect any help from me” Gerard growled, slamming his bedroom door in Mikey’s face, hasn’t he suffered enough, his little brother was almost killed, he killed a guy that had faith in him and loved him, and dragged another guy along, and now his brother and mom were against him and wanted him to go and see some random loser from his school for regular counseling. Fuck this!


“Gerard!” his mother, Donna, yelled from the kitchen, “Get your lazy arse up before you are late to school!”
He opened his eyes and yawned. He lay in bed for a few minutes, the only thing that made him finally get up and ready was seeing Frank and being able to talk to him properly, but how could he tell him the truth, it would break his heart.
“I am such a God-awful person” Gerard whispered into the familiar darkness in his room. When he finally made his way to the kitchen he poured a bowl of Franken-berry and thought about what he could say to Frank,
Frank, I was a mess at the time, I feel awful for saying something that I didn’t mean, I felt even worse seeing your eyes light up because of my lie. I swear I didn’t do it to hurt you; I did it for the opposite reason, to make you happy. I’ve realized now that what I said will only hurt you more in the long run, I’m so sorry Frank, please forgive me? no matter what Gerard said, Frank would still be crushed.
“Come on Gee, we’ll be late for the bus” Mikey pulled his brother by his back-pack straps and dragged him to the bus stop.
“Mikey get the hell off of me” Gerard snapped, hitting Mikey’s hands away from him.
“Gerard, please don’t be pissed at me, I did it for your own good” Mikey whined,
“Yeah well, I don’t need your help, Mikey… I’ve made a huge mistake” Gerard finally admitted.
“Look Gee, Ryan is in the past now…” Mikey started but was cut off,
“IT’S NOT ABOUT FUCKING RYAN! LISTEN TO ME MIKEY!” He shouted and one Mikey imitated zipping his mouth closed Gerard carried on, “You know when I told Frank I loved him, the other day, well I don’t think I do, what am I going to do Mikey, he’s going to hate me” Gerard lowered his head, avoiding eye contact with his brother.
“I thought this was going to happen, why did you have to tell him you loved him in the first place?” Mikey asked, you could clearly hear the resentment in his voice, Mikey loved Frank like a little brother and hated it that Gerard was going to hurt him again,
“I just, I wanted someone to love me like Ryan did” Gerard sniffed, a sure sign that he was holding back tears,
“Frank DOES love you” Mikey said through gritted teeth.
“But sooner or later he’ll find someone else, someone that does actually love him back, someone that he can be with and he’ll move on from me” Gerard whined,
“Wouldn’t you rather him be happy and with someone he loves than be sad and chase after someone that is just using him to feel loved?” Mikey suggested,
“Well, it sounds bad when you put it like that” Gerard looked up at his brother who was standing on the bus-shelter bench, frowning down at him,
“Erm… I want to be loved so much I’m willing to use and hurt Frank!” Gerard sung in an over-exaggerated happy voice.
“You, my friend, are a fucking jerk-off” Mikey growled jumping down from the bench and fumbling in his bag for his bus-card, Gerard thought for a second of a good comeback, but simply curtsied instead,
“Why thank you” He said in a posh voice, whilst curtsying.
“Gee, stop being such a douche and get on the fricking bus!” Mikey hissed, Gerard and Mikey boarded the bus, Mikey sat next to Frank and glared as Gerard walked past, Gee purposefully didn’t make eye contact with Frank and went to sit with a few guys from his year at the back.
When the bus got to school, Gerard ran off and went to homeroom before Frank could find him; he was defiantly going to tell him, today… just not now.

“Gerard!” Shit. “Gerard, baby, there you are” SHIT! “I love you Gee!” MORE SHIT!!!
“Erm… hey Frankster” He stuttered,
“Gerard!” Frank sighed, throwing his arms around Gerard’s neck.
“Ouch, Frank, trouble breathing… losing… air” Gerard choked out,
“Oh sorry baby. What’s wrong, you look all sad” Frankie pouted,
“I need to talk to you Frank” Gerard sighed, he may as well get it over and done with, “You know, yesterday… I said I loved… you?” Gerard paused and Frank beamed, nodding rapidly. “Well, I wasn’t really at the peak of… mental health at the time Frankie, and I…”
“You don’t love me, like you said you did… yesterday?” Frank whispered,
“Frank, please don’t hate me”
“I don’t hate you, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to hate you” Frank smiled sadly. Gerard sniffed and pulled him into a hug,
“Whether I love you in a romantic way or in a brotherly way, I will always love you too. Just not in a romantic way… yet” He breathed onto Frank’s neck,
“So there is a chance you might? In the future?” Frank asked,
“Maybe, hopefully. But until that day do you still want to just… fool around together?”
“Fuck yeah!” Frank giggled,
“Just don’t tell Mikey, he’ll throttle me” Gerard said, in all seriousness.
“Wow, you really just killed the mood” Frank laughed.

I tried to end this chapter on a lighter note. With some good old FRANK AND GEE giggles!
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