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An Old Friend I've Betrayed

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Chapter Two;;
An Old Friend I’ve Betrayed

Pete’s POV

“And you multiply 4x by 19y and what do you get? Pete?”

I looked away from the clock but stayed silent. Three… Two… One…


“All right, have a nice day everyone.”

I gathered my books and headed down the hall to the cafeteria. Lunch for me, like any other teenager, was the best part of the school day.

Taking my usual seat, I surveyed the scene. Tabby and Patrick were seated across from me, staring deeply into each others eyes, whispering something I guess was private. Next to me was Andy, who was talking to his girlfriend Kate about comics. On my other side, was my girlfriend Skye.

“Hey you,” I pecked her on the cheek.

“Hey, ba-” the rest of her comment went unheard, drowned out by a loud groan. Joe dropped his lunch on the table next to Tabby and sat down.

I must say, he looked like hell. His eyes were bloodshot, hair untamed, and clothes were ragged and dirty. I knew he had a crush on Tabby, but it’s been a week and a half. Shouldn’t he be over it by now?

“Joe, are you okay, man?” Andy looked up at his disheveled friend.

“Ungh…” was the only reply he received.

“Dude, are you smoking again? You reek…” he crinkled up his nose to emphasize his point. How had none of them noticed the turmoil in their friend’s life?

“Maybe I am, maybe I’m not. What the fuck does it mean to you?” Joe snapped. He glanced over at Tabby and Patrick and shook his head. They still didn’t even notice his arrival.

“Hey guys!” Tabby shouted suddenly, brushing her blue bangs out of her face. “We should all go ice skating this weekend! What do you think? We can do a quadruple type thing. Joe,” she turned to face him. So she did notice his arrival, “you can bring whoever you want.”

“Pfft, not really,” he mumbled.

“I’m in!” Andy and Kate said in unison, and soon all eyes were on Skye and I.

“Peter Panda, you gonna come?” Tabby looked ecstatic.

“Yeah, sure,” I said, slightly distracted by Joe’s mournful expression. Tabby turned to the sullen boy with wide green eyes.

“FroFro, will you come?” he looked into her eyes for a moment and sighed.

“Who not…” I felt horrible when he turned back to his lunch, looking even more depressed then before. Now he was going to have to pretend to be interested enough in another girl to ask her on a date. I wonder who…


We were in the lobby of the ice rink putting on our skates when Joe waltzed in with a blond on his arm. Leah was a pretty young girl, but her reputation around school was less then admirable. She was known for being easy and her access to drugs. No wonder Joe brought her.

“Heeeeeeey, guys!” Joe slurred and giggled madly.

“Hey, Joe, who’s that,” most of us were taken aback that he didn’t know, but I guess he didn’t have time to think about what’s going within the school since he spends most of his time drumming, reading comics, or hanging out with Kate.

“Thiiis is Leah! She’s my fan-tab-u-lus date!” Leah blushed and smacked him weakly on the chest. It was painfully obvious how high they were. I turned to mention something to Tabby, but she was a little busy sucking face with Patrick.

“Yeah! Isn’t she soooo hott?” Joe asked a little to loud, trying not to look over at his best friend.

“He’s trying to make her jealous with a slut?” Skye quietly questioned.

“Yeah, I wonder how this will go.”


On the ice, Joe and Leah were falling all over themselves. They couldn’t stay up for more then half around the rink.

“Joe, are you okay?” Patrick’s face was shadowed with concern.

“I’m fiiiiiiiine! Neeever been better,” he giggled in reply.

“Dude, are you sure? You look like hell,”

“I said I’m fine. What the fuck do you care?” Joe frowned and his cheeks turned red. Patrick put his hands up and took a step back.

“Hey man, I’m just worried about you. You don’t look to good.”

“Who the hell do you think you are?!” his face contorted in rage, “You hang out with us for one fucking week and you think you fucking know me? Guess what, you fucking don’t! Don’t even pretend you care! You just want to get on Tabby’s good side so she’ll put out.”

Joe’s face was inches from Patrick’s, the hat-clad boy backed against the wall. A flash of blue mixed with purple came between them before things got physical.

“Joe, what’s wrong with you?” she placed a hand on his shoulder in concern.

“What do you care? What do any of you care?! Ever since he” he shoved his index finger in Patrick’s direction, “came around, I’m nothing! No one even looks at me anymore so you know what? I’m gone. I’m fucking gone.”

At that, he stormed off the ice leaving all of us, including Leah, dumbfounded.


Tabby’s POV

We pulled into the dark driveway around 11:30 that night.

“You okay, Tabs? You seem a little distant.”

“I feel terrible, Patrick. What Joe said today made me realize that I’ve been ignoring him lately. I didn’t even notice he was smoking again!” I felt my eyes get moist. “He quit two years ago because I begged him to. It was destroying him. I just don’t know why he turned to it again.

Hot tears rolled down my cheeks and Patrick reached his hand up to wipe them away. He kissed my forehead and pulled me into a hug.

“We should go inside,” I sniffed, “it’s late.”

I went to open the car door, but I felt him grab my hand, “Wait, I’ll get it.”

Jumping out, he circled the front of the car and opened my door. Smiling, he kissed my forehead again and slipped his hand under my legs, picking me up bridal style.

I smiled to myself as we made our way into the dark house. We walked to the kitchen and I noticed a note on the fridge;


Your father and I went away for the week. Sorry for such short notice, but we really needed it. See you in seven days!


I put down the letter and sighed.

“A week?” Patrick’s ears seemed to perk up. “Alone?”

“Yeah, I guess,” I grabbed some apple juice from the fridge and started up the stairs.

“You want some company?” he seemed a little hesitant as he climbed the stairs behind me.

“That would be great,” I smiled, entering my bedroom. I sat on my computer chair and jabbed the button to turn on my PC. Patrick knelt next to be and captured my lips wit his. His tongue across my bottom lip, looking for entrance. I obliged, and his tongue began exploring my mouth.

Giggling, I broke the kiss. “I know this is a bad time, but I have to check my e-mail real quick.”

“Okay,” he winked and made himself comfortably on my bed.

Turning back to the computer, I logged onto Aim and almost immediately another screen popped up.

xFroMan: Tabs?

I hesitated, my fingers hovering over the keys.

TabbyxCore: hey…
xFroMan: I’m sorry for today
TabbyxCore: I’m sorry too. I got so caught up in having a boyfriend…
TabbyxCore: I was a complete bitch. I’m a horrible friend.
xFroMan: Don’t blame yourself. I’m the one who never spoke up for himself here.
TabbyxCore: You shouldn’t have to. I can’t believe I didn’t notice before.
xFroMan: So you realize now?
TabbyxCore: Yeah
xFroMan: So what are you going to do now?
TabbyxCore: First, get you off drugs because I can’t stand the face of you destroying yourself
TabbyxCore: Second, we need to hang out more.
TabbyxCore: Third, my parents are out all week so you’re sleeping over at least once
xFroMan: :D
xFroMan: So What about Patrick?
TabbyxCore: What about him?
xFroMan: IDK how are you going to tell him?
TabbyxCore: Flat out. He shouldn’t care I have a guy best friend.
xFroMan: Wait…
xFroMan: What are you talking about…?
TabbyxCore: Us being friends again. Me learning to balance my best friend and boyfriend.
xFroMan: Oh…
xFroMan: Fuck
xFroMan: I’m that much of an idiot.
TabbyxCore: What?
xFroMan: Nothing
TabbyxCore: No, come on. Tell me.
xFroMan: Nothing. Forget it. Forget all of it.
TabbyxCore: What are you talking about?
xFroMan: Just fucking forget about it! You’re the same as before. Your so fucking blind to everything.
TabbyxCore: What? Joe, I’m so confused. Please tell me what your talking about.
xFroMan: Fuck off. Just fuck off. Don’t talk to me anymore. I’m done with this shit. I don’t have to deal with you playing me like this.
TabbyxCore: Playing you…?
xFroMan has signed off


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