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Chapter 8.. (: xo

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This is the re-write. Frankie's dad is hurt.. and a day at school begins.. (:

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Thanks to Michelle for the review.
It seriously means a LOT!
I still haven't gotten a new laptop,
So tbh, this is a re-write.
So I will try and make it fit into the story..
I have 10-13 on paper..
So once I've re-written 8&9 I'll get typing the rest up.
It was bugging me that 8&9 were still missing..
So here's the next update.. (:

Gerard's POV
Frankie was so careing and understanding, I loved him so so much. We sat listening to the sound of eachother's breathing. The silence was broken by Frankie's front door slamming open, then slamming shut and a bag falling to the floor noisely.
"That's mum." Frankie sighed. I squeezed his hand lightly. We listened as she put the tv onto the news channel, then listened as she rummaged loudly through the cuboards for food. Frankie flinched as we heard something crash to the floor. I wanted to avert his attention from the crashing downstairs.
"Frankie?" I whispered, he turned and smiled weakly at me.
"Yeah Gee-Gee?" He replied, very softly. I thought for something to say. But couldn't think of anything, so I creased my face up. Pulling a funny thinking face. Frankie giggled at me.
"YEAH!" I shouted. His mother went quiet for a few seconds, but then continued smashing things up.
"Shh! Silly!" Frankie giggled.
"You shh," I whispered, puting a finger to his mouth. Then I knew what we could do! I moved my finger from his mouth and kissed him. He gasped slightly in shock. I laughed softly. Then I moved my lips from his and pulled him into a hug.
"What was that for?" He asked giggling.
"Being the best!" I said. Then I pulled him so he was laying on the bed next to me. "Because you are the best!" I whispered as his head landed next to mine.
I turned to face him and pressed my lips to his. Then I slipped my tongue in. And we kissed passionatly. I pulled his shirt up over his head and continued kissing him. He climbed ontop of me and still kissing me, began to pull my tee off too. I stopped kissing him so he could take it off. Then we kissed more. I stroked my hand on his back, and he ran his hand through my hair. We had forgotten completly that his mother was downstairs, until we heard her drop something heavy.
"I don't think we should do this when she's home." He sighed, then kissed my lips once more before rolling off me and hugging into my side instead.
"I understand," I whispered and hugged him back, silently dissapointed. We lay next to eachother, hugging, and listened to hear the front door slam open and shut again.
"That's dad." Frankie whispered into my hair, and then he pulled himself down to rest his head on my chest. I gently smoothed his hair. "There's gonna be argueing." He whispered, "if you want to go then just tell me."
"I will never leave your side, and you need me when this is going on." I whispered back. We listened as they screamed insults at eachother.
"Thankyou Gee. This means more than you could ever understand." He whispered, then hugged me tighter. Again, in silence we heard ever foul word his parents screamed. And then there was a crash and a loud smash. Frankie flinched and hugged closer to me. Then we heard the front door fly open. "Oh shit." Frankie muttered, then pushed himself from my side. "I better go see if whoever got hit is okay." He got off the bed and walked out of the room quicky. I sat up and moved to the edge of the bed. I hoped whichever one of Frankie's parents had got hit was okay. I wandered around his room, looking through the notebooks of sketches and scribbled lyrics. He had been downstairs for a long time. I listened carefully and heard him sobbing gently.
"Oh fuck oh fuck!" I hissed under my breath, then I went to run out of the room and remembered I was shirtless still. I ran to his wardrobe and grabbed the baggiest tee I could see. Then I ran downstairs. The front door was still open, so I shut it, then turned to look for Frankie. The kitchen door was open. First thing I noticed was the blood, then Frankie kneeling in it, crying and leaning over a body. I ran to his side and saw it was his father. I kneeled down next to him and wrapped an arm around his side, pulling him into a hug. He was cold so I took my tee off and wrapped it around Frankie's shivering body. He turned to me, his eyes filled with worry and sadness.
"Wi-will he be ok-okay?" He asked me. I turned my eyes to his father and checked for a pulse, and his breathing. Both were fine. And the cut on his face wasn't deep enough for stiches. I thanked myself for takeing the lunch time first aid lessons at one of my other schools.
"He's gonna be fine!" I said to Frankie. His face lit up.
"Thankyou Gee-Gee!" He whispered and kissed my cheek.
"Right, I better carry him to his bed." I said, turning my eyes back to Frankie's unconsious father.
"Okay." Frankie said, getting to his feet. I got up and picked his father up lightly and gently. Frankie led the way to his parents bedroom and I walked in after him. He lifted the sheets and I put his father in then stood back so Frankie could tuck him in. I watched as he kissed his fathers forehead lightly. "This is Gerard dad." He whispered quietly. "I'm gonna be with him forever. And this might be the only time to tell you. I love him. And I love you dad." He added, then tucked the blankets a bit more. "Night dad." He whispered. Then Frankie turned around and looked into my eyes meaningfully.
"I love you too." I said softly. "And your dad can't say right now, but I'm sure he loves you too." I added, then reached out and took Frankie's hand. We went downstairs and I helped Frankie clean up the kitchen.
"I wondor where my mother went." He asked me once we had finished,
"She's probably just sleeping over one of her friends houses." I replied.
"I hope." Frankie sighed.
"Oh come on." I whispered. "She'll be fine, don't worry." Then we headed back upstairs.and into his room. Frankie yawned. "Are you tired?" I asked quietly.
"Yeah." He yawned as he walked towards his bed. I lifted him and caried him to bed.
"Then get some sleep. Everything'll be better tomorrow." Then not long after he fell asleep. I climbed into bed next to him and realised how tired I was. Then closed my eyes.

Frank's POV
I hoped my dad was okay. I hoped my mam was somewhere safe. I wished we didn't have school the next day. I woke up, and checked the time. We were late for school. I sat up and saw that Gee was already dressed in my clothes, and waiting to go.
"Hurry up sleepy!" He laughed, throwing me an outfit.
"Thanks." I giggled, then got dressed and led Gee to the bathroom. I applied my eyeliner then passed it to Gee. He put some on too. Then I decided not to bother straightening my hair. I offered them to Gee and he shook his head.
"We're late, remember?" He laughed, tugging at my hand. "Your dad went out about an hour and your mam hasn't come home yet." He noticed the worry in my expression. "Hey! Don't worry!" He laughed, stroking my face. "She'll be more than fine!" Then he pulled me downstairs and let go of my hand as we walked out of the house.
"Are we going to go to school today?" I asked as we headed to the forest.
"I think we better to be honest." He sighed.
"Okay." I smiled. We walked through the forest, "Do we have to?" I asked.
"I think so." Gee replied. Then we headed to homeroom.
"Atleast you'll get to meet my friends for real." Frankie smiled, and then we were about to walk into the homeroom beuilding, when we were stopped by the twat, Dan.
"And where do you think you're going fags?" He shouted.
"Homeroom?" I replied, turning to look at him.
"And what maked you think that?" He laughed loudly. 'oh shit' I thought. I wished Gee wasn't here for this.

Sorry it was a short chapter..
But I need to leave enough story for 9 too.
'Cause I am re-writing both! ^.^
And this one was a little..
Well for me it was like, stale. XD
Might be 'cause it's the second time I've wrote it all..
Or mabye 'cause I'm a bad writer/story writer,
Any waayy..
I will write 9 whenever I get the chance.
Then it's just a matter of typeing up what I have on paper.
Review? Please! It means more than anything I could ever say.
Christie, xo
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