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“But I thought you had stopped?” “Yeah well I haven’t.”

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“But I thought you had stopped?” Frank asked in concern.

“Yeah well I haven’t.” Gerard replied quietly as Lyn Z was only in the other room with their son Lucian.

“How long?”

“Remember when I went with Lyn z to watch her and MSI perform in Australia?”


“You can’t mention this to Mikey. It’ll kill him.”

“No offence or anything Gee, but its kinda killing me.” Frank said, putting his hand on Gerard’s lap.

“Oh. I'm sorry Frankie. But you’re the only person I can feel like I can trust with this.” Gerard said.

“It’s ok. Just, please try and stop. You have millions of fans who look up to you and if they find out about the meth…” Frank was cut off by Lyn Z coming into the lounge room carrying Lucian in her arms.

“Gee sweetie, can you take Lucian for a while? I really need a…break.” She said, giving Gerard a look.

“Sure. Come here little man.” Gerard said as Lyn Z passed Lucian to Gerard. She left the room and Gerard stared after her. “Not too much…” he whispered.

“Oh Gee this has to stop. Think about Lucian. Imagine what it’d be like for him when he finds out that his parents do drugs.” Frank said to Gerard. Gerard looked down at Lucian, who smiled up at him.

“You…are absolutely right Frankie. Look at him. He doesn’t deserve to grow up like this.” Gerard looked up at Frank. “Hold him for a minute. I'm gonna go and talk to Lyn Z.”

“Yeah sure.” Gerard handed Lucian to Frank. “Hey there, come to Uncle Frankie.”
Frank held Lucian like he was a delicate piece of Fine China. Gerard smiled at the two and got up to talk to Lyn Z.

Gerard knocked on the door.

“Lyn Z honey, can I come in?”

There was no answer so Gerard opened there door. A wave of smoke hit Gerard in the face. ‘God she was smoking it this time’ he thought. He walked into the room and shut the door quickly, stopping the smoke from travelling through the rest of the house. He went over to the window to let some fresh air in.

“Honey, you know that you should have the window open if you want to smoke it.” He walked over to the bed and sat down next to her. Her legs were brought up to her chest and she was shaking.

“Lyn Z? Are you ok? Listen, we need to stop this. For Lucian.” There was no response. “Lyns?” her eyes were wide open, as if she was scared. He shaking became worse and she was still, non responsive. “Lyns? Lyns!” Gerard yelled and began to panic. He had no idea what to do. He quickly ran to the phone and called 911.

Downstairs, Frank was still sitting on the couch with Lucian.

“You know Lucian, you are soo lucky to have Gerard as your dad and not some other person who won’t give up the drugs.” Lucian’s eyes scanned everything he could see. Frank knew Lucian couldn’t understand him but he didn’t care. Frank smiled. Flashing lights and a siren drew Frank’s attention to outside.

“Wonder what’s happening outside?” he got up, carefully holding Lucian in his arms. When he got to the hallway, a strange smell filled his nose. “Hmmm…” Frank opened the door.

“Where is the patient?” a woman asked.

“E-excuse me?” Frank asked

“This is the Way household?” she asked.

“Yeah but…”

“Oh my God! Thank God!” Gerard said ask he pulled the lady through.

“Gee, what’s the matter? What’s happened?”

“It’s…it’s…not just now Frankie. Please just…Take care of Lucian for a bit longer.” Gerard said in a panic as he rushed back into the room.


Frankie walked into the room with a bowl full off mashed potatoes and sat down next to Gerard as Gerard put a bib on Lucian.

“Lunch time for Lucian!” Lucian smiled a bounced up and down in his chair.
Frank passed the bowl of mashed potatoes to Gerard. He leaned up and gave Frank a small kiss on the check.

“Thank you Frankie, you know, for being there for me after…”

“Gerard, don’t start this again. Its almost been a year.”

“But, thank you."

“Don’t worry.”

Gerard picks up a small spoon and scoops up some mash potato, feeding it to Lucian.

AN: heyo!! I ish back for a bit ^_^
As you most probably know, Gee and Lyn Z have the baby. Bandit Lee Way. But I wrote this like a DAY before the birth so yeah, I'm still posting this anyways ^_^

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