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Boy without a Name

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We see Harry again... but is it the same Harry we all know?

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Chapter 7: Boy without a Name


That was all he knew.


Almost the same as with his memory.

He couldn't remember anything.

Oh sure, he knew how to talk, how to walk, how to do other things most other people did...

...but he knew nothing about himself.

Who was he? What was his name? What was his life like?
He knew nothing, and it seemed neither could the people who were taking care of him.

He knew he was in a hospital; even without looking he could tell. He could hear the nurses and doctors sympathetically tut-tutting over him when they thought he wasn't listening or couldn't.

From what he could tell, something terrible had happened to him. He had so many scars all over his body that it actually scared him. Even though a description and picture of him had been released, no one had come to get him (at least not yet, anyway).

So what would he do, and where would he go from here?

Only time would tell.

A/N: Sorry that was so short, except I really couldn't think of what else to write! Don't worry, more is on the way, I promise!

Next chapter is where we see how everyone else is dealing with Harry's disappearance (or not)... -Quillian
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