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The next day, as they were preparing for orientation, Fakir and Mytho were preparing for their performance, and Billy was getting ready for the morning. Billy looked at the uniforms again, and then noticed that each uniform also contained a unibody undergarment, with certain instructions. He said,"Hey, guys, did you notice this?" and held up the undergarments. It certainly seemed strange. It was very thin material, and they wondered just what the things were for. Fakir then read the slip of paper that came with his. The paper read, "Both garments are machine washable, and tumble dry ready. The undergarment is of a space age technology from Shazam Enterprises, (the Wizard's little joke,) that will allow the wearer to adapt to any climate: cools in heat, warms in cold, and fully breathable. Please enjoy your new garments."

Billy then said, "Wow, this actually looks like you could wear the whole deal underneath your street clothes, and not have it be noticeable."

They looked over the outfits, and had to admit that Billy was right. This way, they could be ready for action at any time. However, the carrying of the swords would be a bit of a problem. Therefore, they asked Billy about his Tai Chi, and if they could learn. He was more than happy to help them, and told them what time in the morning he would be in the dance room to practice. With that, they all went out to the main theatre hall.

When Billy came out of the dorm, he saw Ahiru coming out as well. She was beaming. It was not so much that she was walking as much as it was that she was floating about two inches off the ground. Even Mai and Yumawere surprised at the change in their friend, wondering what came over her. Mai had no clue, but Yumafigured that it had to do something with Billy Batson. Billy said, "Hi, Baby Duck."

She didn't even pay the comment any mind, as if it were completely okay with her, not even caring who heard it. She responded with, "Hi, Rubber Duck. Are you ready?

"Well, I am, and, it certainly seems like you are as well!" answered Billy.

"I feel like I could take on the world,"she gushed. At that, they walked quietly for a minute or two, and it was then that Ahiru first noticed the chain around Billy's neck. She said, "Say, Billy, that's the first time I've seen that chain. What's that?"

"Oh, this?" he answered, as he pulled out the chain, and what was on it, "I'm surprised I didn't mention it the other day."

It was one half of an Egyptian scarab. Ahiru examined it for a second or two, and then asked, "So, what's it mean?"
"This was from my father," Billy answered, "Like I said, I am a twin, and me and my sister were separated at birth due to all the danger to my family. Dad took this old scarab, broke it in two, and made pendants out of them. One half went to me, and the other to my twin sister. He was going to use this to identify her when the time came that we could all be together again. Unfortunately, that didn't happen."

Billy then looked at the scarab with aslightly sad look on his face, but then brightened a bit, and said, "Yet, Istill have this, and the hope that one day, I'll run into her. It was almost impossible at one time. Now, with the Internet, and other things, Ihave a better hope of finding her. I think I'll have to make the effort because, well, think about it: what are the odds of me bumping right into her?"

As he was saying this, and putting the scarab back under his shirt, he bumped into a girl who obviously looked lost. "Oops!" exclaimed Billy, "I'm sorry! I should have been watching."

"That's okay," she said, "I think I'm the one that should have been watching. I am so lost. I just got here today. I figured that I'd just follow the crowd."

"Do you have a roommate?" asked Ahiru.

"Yes," she answered, "Rue Kuroah, and she was quite surprised to see someone coming in like that."

"Wow!" said Ahiru, "She's my best friend. Was she okay with it?"

"Well, it was a bit awkward," the stranger answered, "But she seemed to be quick to make friends, and it seems okay. She couldn't be with me, because she had to be at the auditorium: something about being a part of the orientation."

"Oh, that!" exclaimed Ahiru, "That's atradition with the seniors. They all take part of some performances during the orientation, along with the instructors. I can't wait for my turn!"

"That's cool!" she responded, "Looks like orientation won't be dull after all."

"Not at a school of the arts!" chirped Ahiru, "By the way, I forgot to ask your name."

"Oh, it's Mary...Mary Bumford," she answered, as they all made their way to the auditorium. She was wearing the school uniform, (one was selected for her, since her parents contacted the school about her being behind in coming, and this was to aid her in getting ready for her first day.) She was 14 years old, with raven hair that was wavy, and hung down to her upper back. Oddly enough, she had facial features that seemed similar to Billy's, and this was something that Ahiru didn't take into account at that moment, due to her being focused on school, and her upcoming attempt to enter the intermediate level of the class.

Once in the auditorium, the students were called quiet down, and things began. Bjorn Johansson, the headmaster, then took the podium, and began to speak. "Greetings one and all," he thundered, with his thick, Norwegian accent, "Welcome, and welcome back, to all the students, and future stars of the world!"

The class began to applaud loudly, and began to chant, "Kinkan! Kinkan!"

The room was called to silence again, and he continued. He began by starting with a slide and film presentation of the story of Kinkan Matzuzama and a history of the school. He then began to show the map of the school, and began to orientate the students with the grounds and locations of everything, also mentioning that there was a map in the school handbook, and that all new students should carry that with them until they were more familiar with the grounds. The presentation then continued with a program about the school itself, a brief of the different departments, and some of the extra curricular activities. When that was over, he then said, "Now I must take a moment to be serious and frank. The presentation you are about to see is meant to be as entertaining as it is informative, and show you that you will have some fun while learning here. Yet, before we can do that, I must deal with a couple of serious things, and get them out of the way, so that we can have some fun this morning. Yes, the performing arts are fun, and are supposed to be fun. We are supposed to gain as much enjoyment as those we attempt to entertain. However, I must mention that, before any of us get there, we must pay our dues. What that means is many years of hard work, much of that work being done by you independently already. However, it is here that we seek to push you to your limits, in order to bring out the best in you for your futures. Not all of it will be laughter. Some of it will be blood, toil, tears, and sweat. These things are the "money" so to speak, that you shall use to begin paying those dues. However, as many of you already know, when it comes time for the final production, that short run of programs make all the struggles worth it. Therefore, the end production is something one should always set as a goal to seek in whatever they do. It makes all the hard work worth it. Here, your end production is graduation, and either going into the business, or furthering your training in an arts college. This is what you need to set your eyes on. Right now is the time you should already be seeing yourself in the graduation show at the end of your senior year. This will get you through. Sad to say, though, that not all of us will make it. Remember, you also have academic requirements to fulfill as well, and the lack of study has been one of the biggest contributors to washing out students. You must give them your full attention as well. This is part of what is going to make this a challenge. I want everyone to look to the right of you, and then to the left. One of those people will not be with you at graduation. That is a scary thought, but that are the odds of washing out. Thus, you have to have it in your mind that you shall not be one of those people. Just keep reminding yourself that the struggles you shall face now shall be nothing compared to the accolades that will come from succeeding here. Now, with that said, it is time to lay all seriousness aside, and begin to present our performing arts departments."

No one said a word as the head of the theatre department took the podium, as the gravity of the situation was sinking in. That was a heavy load for some. However, the mood was soon to become lighter. The theatre department head began to describe its function, and what its expectations were for any student in that department. She then said, "It has also fallen upon us to go over the school rules. Instead of boring you with a long lecture, we have put together a series of skits that we will interlace throughout the presentation called 'Good Idea, Bad Idea,' that will cover the rules in ahumorous way. Do note, however, that, though we are making light of them, they are no less legitimate, and hold aneed to be followed. With that, we shall begin."
Some ragtime music began to play over the PA system, they ran through about four of the rules, and then the floor was given over to the music and voice departments. They spoke of how they were the first of the arts to be offered at the school, and are the mainstay of Kinkan, and any art form, because without music, much of everything else would have nothing to stand on. With that, the maestro said,"Now, we shall show you new and returning students what potential you all have in achieving your goals, and much better than the composer that we are about to present: P.D.Q. Bach."

Billy rolled his eyes and laughed. He then said to Mary and Ahiru, who were flanking him, "Get ready for a wild ride!"

He then went turned the podium over to the guest conductor, who was the creator of the fictional composer, and said that he was glad to be able to present this at one of the most prestigious schools of the arts in the world; a place, he said, "...that I think P.D.Q. could have benefited from greatly, in that, he would have gone from oddball and obscure, to at least mediocre."

That drew a big laugh from the audience. He then began a brief history of the composer, and then prepared to present the Messah Hilarious, S# N2O, for Bargain Counter Tenor, Basso Blotto, choir, and orchestra. After a brief history of the piece, they commenced. The students practically needed oxygen because they were laughing so hard. However, despite the laughs, the seniors were able to strut their stuff for the first time that year, and gave the young students something to aim for. After some more skits, the dance department came out. The department taught tap, jazz, modern, and, of course, ballet. The tap department proceeded to perform "Good Morning, Good Morning!" from Singing in the Rain. Billy brightened, and said, "Hey, that's one of my all time favorite musicals!"

"Look at the coordination it takes to do that," exclaimed Ahiru.

"I think it takes just as much discipline as ballet to do that," said Billy.

"You certainly can't pan it," said Mary,"especially when it is done right."

After the jazz and modern sub-departments did their thing, the ballet department came out. "And now we introduce to you the head ballet instructor, one Gustaph Katt."

When he took the stage, there were some murmurs going around. This was the strangest sight they had ever seen: a cat in charge of ballet. Mary said, "Am I the only one that sees a cat around here?"

"Don't worry," said Ahiru, "It is odd, but you'll get used to him. By the way, what are you here for?"

"Ballet," said Mary, as she sunk in her chair, thinking of how it would be to see this...well...thing in front of her day after day. He then spoke, "Greetings to all you ballet students. I would please ask you to overlook my looks, and understand that I may look different, but Iam like you in many respects. One thing we do have in common is our love for ballet. I hope to enrich that to you over time. Some say that I am a bit heavy handed. However, know that, if I may seem heavy-handed with you, it only means that I think you have great potential as a dancer, and I only want to see you succeed. If I ignore you, that's when you worry!"

That got a laugh, and seemed to put people at ease. He continued, "Now, I must say that I do emphasize the classical style, in that, if you learn that solidly first, you can do the contemporary things later on with ease."

He then put a playful eye to the approaching instructors and seniors approaching the center stage, and said,"...although I do believe that the contemporary form is too sloppy, and a bit lazy. It could never be as good as the classical style."

At that, one of the seniors approached the podium, and said, "That's a bunch of hooey! It takes just as much skill and discipline to do that as it does the classical style!"

This was followed by a chorus of affirmations from the seniors. Then Mr. Katt said, "Oh really?"

At that, the instructors all took places as the start of Beethoven's Fifth began to play, and they all began to dance to the music. Suddenly, it became obvious that, what was being played was the Electric Light Orchestra's rendition of Roll Over Beethoven. When the rock guitars stared to play, the instructors all pretended to be horrified, and the seniors began to do their dances. It turned into a dance-off, with everyone doing brief solos, group work, and pas de deux. By the end of the song, they were all in one accord seeming to mix the contemporary with the classic, and finished with a grand finale. By the end, everyone was on his or her feet. Suddenly, Mr. Katt did not seem so odd, and everyone was set at ease. Mr. Johansson retook the podium and said,"This ends today's orientation. Good luck to everyone in your placement auditions today, and let's have a great year!"

At this, he had the band strike up again, and the school song was put up on an overhead as they all sang the rousing tune, which was followed by the chanting of the school name anew. After Mr. Johansson called a dismissal of the proceedings, everyone went to lunch, and then to prepare for their auditions. During lunch, everyone was abuzz, and looking like they were having a good time. Mai and Yuma eventually found their way to Ahiru and company, and then introduced themselves to Mary. The other three eventually found their way to the group, and it soon broke up into girl's conversation and boy's conversation, although Ahiru didn't say much to Rue, after the conversation that they had the night before. After chatting a bit, Rue said, "Oh, Ahiru, by the way, I would like you, Mytho, and Fakir to join me after the auditions. There are some matters that we need to talk about privately."

"Ooh, how mysterious," exclaimed Yuma,"Plotting some great world takeover," she teased.

"None of your business, little girl," said Rue, smiling sarcastically, as she patted Yumaon the head.

"Boy, oh boy," said Mai, "You are the nosy one!"

Mytho then said, "Oh, and we shall also be there to watch you, and give you some moral support, Billy and Ahiru."

"Thanks for the vote of confidence," said Billy, "I'm just glad it's after all the other things I have to do. I have a solo to sing and to play. I'm glad theatre is a bit easier. There, you just sign up for the progressive classes: the fundamentals of acting, characterization, the Method, and so on, and so forth. It's going to be a busy year!"

Ahiru wasn't sure that she wanted to hear anything, because she was still a bit sore at Rue. Still, if Fakir and Mytho were going to be there, it had to be something important. She would go, but she would also try to set things straight with Rue. With that, they broke up until the auditions.

Billy was in for a fortunate surprise. When he did his singing and music tryouts, he was told that his skills were such that all he needed was tutoring a couple of days a week to hone his skills to perfection. For that, there was no need for classes or grades. He just needed to keep his skills fresh until he could get to a college that could take him to the next level. This was a great relief to him, in that, the demand that such classes would make on him would clash when it came time for shows. In other words, if there was a ballet to do at the same time as a concert or an opera, which could he fulfill so that he could receive a grade for one effort, and not ignore the other? This would only leave the need for theatre and ballet. That would relieve his class load greatly. However, it would still not be easy to work through two disciplines: almost all the students were there for one discipline or another. Yet, Billy remembered the speech of Mr. Johansen: you must see yourself as graduating to keep a clear vision on the goal. Thus, he went to the ballet room for his audition. His new friends and Mary had already gotten there. He had two CD's burned: one for Ahiru and one for himself, and then sat down between Mary and Ahiru, and put his concentration on what he had to do. A few others did their routines, and were told, (as all the students would be told,) that the results would be posted on the bulletin board outside 30 minutes after the tryout. Then the board called out, "Ahiru Arima," and she went up to the man playing the music, handed him the disc, and took her place. However, the way she was dressed made Rue cringe a bit. Instead of her yellow and gray ensemble, she was dressed in white tights dark pink slippers and a dark pink leotard. Around her waist was a knee length light pink silk scarf style skirt. Instead of her having her hair in her normal braid, she put it into a bun, and wore a white sweatband on her head. In other words, if Princess Tutu was aseparate person, and doing rehearsals, this is probably the outfit she would wear. It seemed that Ahiru had completely embraced her alter ego, and began to identify with the person that she became when she used the pendant. However, she also remembered what Shazam had said in her letter, and figured that Ahiru must have had something similar told to her: all she became was something that was deep within her greatly enhanced, along with visions of herself as she had always wanted to be. It seemed that Ahiru and Tutu were already beginning to become one and the same person. With that being the case, what she wanted to tell her would make things that much more difficult. Meanwhile, Ahiru's dance progressed. Yet, instead of seeing the awkward 13-year-old novice stumbling through her routine, unsure of herself, (as she usually was,) she instead saw a beautiful young woman beginning to emerge from her chrysalis, brimming with beauty, charm, and confidence. Ahiru finished with a beautiful front and back split, bowed over the forward leg. Everyone in the room was clapping, including, (to her surprise,) Mr. Katt. He was happy to see the result of the hard summer of work that she had said that she had put in. What no one knew was that Ahiru was doing all she could to channel Tutu without actually becoming her, and it seemed to have worked. The board said, "Well done, Miss Arima: you have progressed nicely. The results will be posted later."

"Thank you," she said, beaming, and yet showing off some of that "little girl" bashfulness that seemed to linger within her. Billy and Mary were ecstatic, as were Mai and Yuma, who had also come along for some moral support. "Keep this up, love, and you'll be in toe shoes in no time," said Yuma.

"Bah," said Mai, "Don't be in a hurry! It's not all it's cracked up to be," as she reached down and rubbed her toes. Yumathen said, "It wouldn't be so hard, mate, if you were not so aggressive when you get on your toes. You need some poise."

"Oh really?" said Mai, "So you think Ihave no poise and grace?"

"Oh, stop it, you two," said Ahiru, with agentle, yet authoritative manner they had not ever seen in her before, "That's just her way. She just has to find 'her ballet'."

"And just what do you mean by that, love,"said Yuma.

"The only dancer you can be is you," said Ahiru, as if she were Tutu, "You just have to find out who that is."

Mary had to concur, "Just be you. If you don't know who that is, you'll find her in time."

Mai liked what she was hearing, and was beginning to find a kindred spirit in Mary. Rue, on the other hand, was a bit disturbed at the sight. What in the world happened to Ahiru? It was as if someone had snatched her, and replaced her with this person. It was like night and day. It was not that it was a bad thing, in that; she was misbehaving, or acting badly. It was how quickly this change was taking place. Yes, this was going to be tough.

"William Batson," said the board. With that, he went up to the player, and handed him the disc. As he got into position, the board commented, "That's an interesting choice of ballet slipper, Mr. Batson. I would not call that standard ballet attire."

"Believe me," responded Billy, "They are fantastic for this! I feel I can move better this way. Hopefully, it will show."

They answered, "Well, this is your tryout, so, good luck to you."

With that, he commenced his routine. While this was going on, Mary leaned over, and asked, "So, how long have you two known each other?"

"A few days," whispered Ahiru.

"Wow!" whispered Mary, in response, "You two act like you've been friends for ages. He does seem like a nice boy."

"Well, I'm still sorting things out on where that is going," she said, shyly.

"Well, you're going to have to beat them off with a stick," said Mary, "He is quite charming," raising her eyebrows in aknowing way. Ahiru did not know why, but a protective, and jealous, stance came over her. She said, "Not if I have my way about it."

Then she was surprised with her response. They were still just friends, and had just met not but a few days before. Why was she acting like this? Billy finished with some applause, and the board said, "Well done, Mr. Batson. I can see why you like those shoes. It would seem that, if we had put standard shoes on you, it would actually hinder you. Results will be posted."

With that, he sat down. Ahiru was the first to greet him, gave him a friendly hug, and said, "I'm so proud of you!"

She then caught herself, and said, "I mean, not that this just meant anything...I mean, the hug...that is, I don't hate you...but I don't want to say too much...yet, what am I saying..."

Billy just smiled, after shaking of alittle shock with her display of affection, and said, (to take the edge off things,) "Quack, quack."

She shook, stopped, took a deep breath, and said, "Thank you: I've been trying to hard not to do that."

Rue chuckled, and said; "Now that's more like Ahiru."

"Mary Bumford," was called, and she began to take the floor. Yet, before she did, she suddenly stopped, looked down, and realized that she was still wearing her necklace. She quickly flipped it off, handed it to Billy, and said, "Oh, could you please be a pet and hold this for me? I forgot I was still wearing it. Thanks!"

With that, she began her routine. Ahiru then looked at the necklace. She had to admit that this was the first time she had noticed that Mary was wearing it. Billy was shifting the item on the bottom of it around in his hand as he watched her dance. Suddenly, he stopped, ran his thumb over it a couple of times, and then slowly began to look down. What he saw in his hand was one-half of an Egyptian scarab, and a very familiar one. His eyes went wide, and he gulped hard. He then looked up at Mary again. None of this escaped the view of Ahiru, as she also noticed, for the first time, what Billy was holding. She, at first, thought it was his. Then, she realized that he had not reached into his sack, where he had placed it, save to retrieve the discs, and realized that it was the opposite side of the one he had shown her earlier. She then looked again at Mary. It suddenly dawned on her just how much alike she and Billy looked. By the time she looked back at Billy, he had already gone into his sack and pulled out his pendant. Sweat was beading all over his face, and not from the dance that he had just done. His whole body was trembling. He was attempting to fit the two pieces together, trying to calm his two shaking hands enough to get the job done. He finally matched them, and they were aperfect fit! He stared to hyperventilate, clutched his chair for a moment to regain control, and then calmly put his half back. He then sat there and stared wide eyed at Mary until she was done with her routine. After a bit of accolades, and talk from the board, she went back to where the others were seated, and noticed that Billy had turned a ghostly white. "Are you alright?" she asked, "You don't look well."

Billy, like a zombie, lifted up the scarab to Mary and then said, quite blankly, "Mary, there is something important that I need to tell you about that scarab. If you could meet me in the student union caf
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