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The next day at lunch, they met in acorner of the cafeteria, knowing that most of the students did not use the dining hall for their meals on the weekend, and thus, they would have a bit more privacy. Mary was asked to come along, because she knew the secrets of the band, and she needed to be let in on what was discussed, for her personal safety could depend on the knowledge. "So, what do you have?" Fakir asked Billy.

"First of all, those ash samples I took from the fire: I took them to a trusted colleague, and he said it was the oddest thing that he had ever seen," answered Billy, "The ashes were animal based and avian. He could not peg down the species, but he did say it was from the same family from which crows and magpies come."

"And ravens," added Rue.

"Yes, that too," said Billy, "However; he also said that there was a mix of vegetable matter involved as well. The ashes were too far gone to identify the plants, but one thing that he knew for sure was that there was a residue in the mix that showed a violent chemical reaction to the bird's metabolism."

"So, what we may be looking at is the fact that the ravens ate something that caused them to combust?" asked Mytho.

"That's about the size of it," said Billy,"though I would not imagine right away. It probably took sometime to work through the system, by which point, whatever they had eaten caused them to burst into flames. They were feather covered, walking, and organic time bombs."

"Could she do it again?" asked Ahiru, knowing that she always fed her bird friends every morning.

"Well, the only thing I can think is this": answered Billy, "because it was a business, and they kept their supplies in the basement, if they left the door open for any length of time, they could have slipped in. It all depends. If you're worried about what could happen here, it is highly unlikely, because there are too many people around in the facilities that would shoo them out, even if they were sent programmed to come in. If they are not programmed, their own natural fears would keep them out seeing the number of people around at any given time."

"I think I'll need to buy a bird feeder,"said Ahiru, "and be watchful for ravens."

"What do you mean?" asked Billy.

"Well, they are so tame around me,"answered Ahiru, "that they come right in when I open the window to set out the seed I feed them everyday. If I do it they way that I've been, that could be trouble, because anything could slip in when my back is turned."

"I guess that's a sacrifice that has to be made," said Rue, patting her on the head in a consoling way.

"What I'm concerned about," commented Mary, "is how those raven-men, for the lack of a better term, came out, and what they changed into if they received a fatal blow. Are there more?"

"It would seem to me," said Fakir, "that she forms them out of the ravens she has around. The question is: how long does it take to form them, and how many can she raise up at one time."

"That is a good question," Billy agreed,"because, if it is quickly, we are going to have to act fast, and strike at the source as soon as possible. If that's the case, we are definitely going to have to call in reinforcements. I am now sorry I didn't take up one of the carcasses to be analyzed by my colleague."

"Who is this colleague?" asked Mytho.

"It's none other than the Batman," said Billy, "The Dark Knight Detective."

"Well, it only happened last night, bro,"said Mary, "There may still be a body or two that hasn't been taken by the wildlife."

"That's a great idea," said Billy, "I'll get right on that after this."

"Was there anything else?" asked Rue.

"Oh yes, there was," said Billy, "We are going to need a way to communicate with one another easily, and track one another when we need to have us together, or when one of us is in trouble. So, anyone got any ideas?"

Ahiru though for a minute, and then said,"Too bad we don't have our own cell phone company."

Mytho then said, "Say! That would not be abad idea. Could that be done?"

"Maybe there could be a way to disguise them as cell phones," said Fakir.

"I'll tell you what," said Billy, "If Ican find a carcass, I will present this to my colleagues in New York City, and maybe they can come up with something."

"New York City!"exclaimed Ahiru, "That's a long way!"

"Not for Captain Marvel," smiled Billy.

"Whose in New York?"asked Mary.

"The Justice League of America,"answered Billy, "Besides, I need to tell them about us anyway. Batman suggested that, if things ever got that bad here, I should not even hesitate to call for help. They just need to know who you are, and what you are all about. I would love to take you there, but it would be difficult to carry everyone. I only have so many limbs. Maybe one day, we can make it happen."

"Is there anything else?" asked Rue.

"Oh, yes," said Billy, "I recall that there was a concern on just how much we act as heroes. Well, the best thing that I can tell you is this: in our situation, and in most situations, being a super is not something you slot time in your day to be devoted to, with exceptions, but is something that just happens. We act as the need arises. Each of us has the ability to act on our own in many situations. However, this is why we need those communicators. If something comes up that we need more help with, we can call for help. Whoever is nearest, and most capable at that moment, can come to the other's aid. That is normally how it is done. That's about it. Any questions?"

"Yes," said Fakir, "Is there going to be anyone in charge?

"Well, I know that I have been acting kind of like a leader of sorts," said Billy, "but that's only because I've been at it for a spell. If there is a leader to this team, that will show itself in time. Thus, we don't have one just yet. However, I can see the need for someone to have the final word, because we do not want the situation of 'too many chiefs, and not enough Indians.' For now, let's just live our lives, look out for one another, and act when the need arises. Well, that's it; I'm going to go see what I can do."

With that, they all broke up.

Billy went out to the spot of the battle from the night before, and found that there were still a couple of ravens tangled in the foliage that Tutu caused to arise and ensnare them. He changed to Captain Marvel, took one of the dead birds, and took off for New York. When he got there, the four founding members-Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Batman-were there attending to afew matters, leaving the weekend watch to the junior members. They were quite pleased to see their friend, and asked all kinds of questions about these new heroes in the school that he was attending. Word had already gotten to New York about the Secret 5, and they were curious as to what they were all about. Captain Marvel filled them in on that, the current crisis the team faced, and presented the carcass for the systems there in the Hall of Justice to analyze, as well as told them of the need for the communicators, and the design. Wonder Woman seemed to understand the danger, considering the supernatural forces that she and her Amazon sisters had to deal with over the centuries. In fact, this Raven sounded familiar. She said that she would visit, or at least communicate with, Paradise Island, go into the archives, and see if this was a problem they dealt with before. Superman then said, "Say, why don't I at least come back with you to meet the team. That way I can get to know them, and then fill the rest of the league in. Therefore, when you do come, I can introduce them properly."

"Well, tonight, we are meeting with Uncle Dudley for dinner, and maybe you can stop by then," said Billy.

"That sounds good," said Superman, "But, what about your sister."

"Well," said Marvel, "Due to certain circumstances, she knows about the whole thing, she knows who everyone is, and so on, so we include her in things. Since she knows, her life may in danger, and we have to let her in on our actions for her own protection."

"That sounds like a plan," said Superman,"So, what time tonight would be best?"

"I'd say about 7 o'clock," answered Billy.

They finished dinner, and then there was time for talk, and everyone to share their lives and times. Before Superman arrived, Uncle Dudley pulled out a DVD of Braham Stoker's Dracula,because Billy had mentioned the upcoming ballet to him, and said that they needed to see something like that to get a feel for the characters. This way, they could fulfill Mr. Katt's assignment, and be ready to start putting the show together. At about five to seven, Billy announced that it would be best for everyone to be in costume for Superman's arrival. Like clockwork, Superman was there in all his splendor with a sack in his hand. He thenlooked at the crew, and said, "Well, those are certainly interesting costumes you're all wearing."

"All is courtesy of the old wizard,"answered Marvel.

"Well, I like the knights there," said Superman, "But most people would not have thought about being ballerinas as heroes. Some would look at the two of you and think that you would be easy picking."

"That's the beauty of it, Superman darling," said Claire, "Underestimation is the key."

"So, what can you guys do?" asked Superman.

"Well, you already know about me," said Marvel, "But here are the rest. These two are the Chess Knights: the Black Knight and the white Knight. White Knight is an empath, a healer, and an excellent fighter. The Black Knight is our fighter and detective. He is a fine physical specimen, and an excellent fighter. These two are the Swan sisters: Princesses Claire and Tutu. Both have certain supernatural gifts, can effect plant life, and Claire is the more offensive of the two, and Tutu is more of the defensive. Claire can also affect the wind like a weapon, and throw black feathers like darts. Tutu has the ability to subdue minds when she can make physical contact. She can either subdue a foe into a weak mass of gelatin, or use it to council someone to better his or her lives. As she likes to say, 'I dance to guide your heart.'"

"Is there a leader?" asked Superman.

"We really haven't decided on this one yet," said Marvel, "although I've kind of been calling the shots because of my experience."

"Sounds like you have this down," said Superman, "However, with what I have to tell you, you may want to consider asking for more help to stop what you may be facing. The raven Marvel brought us was one that had been organically altered. Whatever this Edel has been feeding them causes a genetic change in them, causing them to convert into what you had to face."

"There's that herb thing again," said Black Knight.

"Apparently, she seems to be some kind of organic alchemist," said Superman, "However, there is some good news out of this. The herbs she uses are not easy to gather. Therefore, if she wishes to act through this, then it is not easy."

Black Knight interjected here, and said,"Therefore, if she wishes to act through this method, she has to be sure it is the right time."

"Exactly," said Superman, "And the other thing about it is that it takes about a week for the conversion to take place. She actually uses some blood in the mix, although it is hard to identify what kind of blood it is. Its nothing like anything our computers have ever seen. Wonder Woman has gone to Paradise Island to investigate the Raven to see if there are any legends in their archives about this spirit."

"So, how shall we be able to tell when some kind of action is coming," asked Claire.

"Its simple," said Black Knight, "If there is a sudden upsurge in raven population, and then a sever drop, that is the time we all need to be on our toes."

"Then if I may suggest," said Tutu, "If that should happen, we all need to be in pairs at least."

"That is a great idea," said Mytho.

"Sounds good to me," said Superman. Then he suddenly remembered the sack that he had brought. "Oh, I almost forgot."

He opened the sack, and handed out a set of cell phones. He then said, "These are not standard cell phones. You cannot make calls on these except to each other."

Superman then began to explain how the phones worked, "Numbers 1-6 correspond to each one of you. Billy is number one, Tutu is two, Claire is three, Black Knight is four, White Knight is five, and Mary is six."

"How come I get one?" asked Mary.

"It's always good for someone like you who knows about all you do to be an extra set of eyes and ears," said Superman,"One who is not a hero is not as suspicious, and is not thought of as helping asuperhero team, so that person may not be watched as closely. You are actually valuable to the team."

"So, maybe we should be the Secret Six?"joked Mary.

"Maybe its not so funny," said Black Knight, "We'll have to consider that."

Superman then went on to deal with the functions, "If there is ever an emergency, and you need to summon everyone quickly, press down on the "call" button before pushing any buttons. That will cause an alarm to occur. Your phones will vibrate, so as not to cause any undue attention towards it, and then a map will come up on the display showing your locations, each one's number marking location. If it is that dire a situation, dial 911, and that will summon the Justice League. Those heroes not actively engaged in something at that point are then obligated to come to your aid, as they would with any member."

"Are we then members?" asked Tutu.

"Consider it a probationary period," said Superman, "We want to watch you, and see you in action somewhat. Those phones will record your activities, and allow us to analyze your actions. When the opportunity comes for you to come to New York, you can meet the league, and we can then tutor you, as we do for all junior heroes."

"Looks like we're official," declared Marvel.

"Well, I hope...," said Superman, but then he stopped short, as if he were listening to something, "Uh oh!" he exclaimed,"Looks like I'm needed, gang. Oh, by the way, when you hit 'menu,' a list of the heroes' numbers come up, and you can contact specific heroes when you have a need. However, wait until you have met the rest of the league before you use that function, because it could get a bit confusing. Take care, kids!"

With that, he was gone like a shot. With the business tended to, Marvel said,"Well, let's go back to normal. I brought my guitar along, and I thought we could do a bit of singing out back."

"Sounds like a great idea, my boy," said Dudley, "I can even get the fire pit going, and we can sit there, roast a few marshmallows, and whatnot."

They then went back to normal, went out back, and enjoyed the beautiful evening. Billy taught them songs, as Rue and the boys taught some native folk songs. One of them caught Billy's attention-Mus I Denn-and he thus started to sing Elvis' rendition to the tune, and merged it with the traditional song. After that, they sat and just chatted for a while, and Billy began to teach them a ccapella harmonizing. He was surprised at how good voices everyone had, and wondered if some of them missed their callings. As they talked, Ahiru inched up to Billy, and intertwined her arm with his, as she set her head on his shoulder. Billy stiffened at this, and Ahiru said, "Will you relax, Rubber Duck?"

"I'm sorry," Billy whispered, and he did relax some. However, his still remaining shyness bothered her a bit. This did not escape Mary's notice, and she felt bad for Ahiru. She then figured that she would have to do something about it. Meanwhile, Mary was beginning to warm to Fakir, as it seemed their conversations were becoming more frequent, and more intimate. Mary was beginning to wonder if pursuing him would be a good thing. Moreover, Fakir was beginning to see an attraction in Mary, in that, she was pretty, intelligent, and seemed to have a"take charge" attitude that he liked in people: someone with a good head on his or her shoulders. However, he was not sure how far it should go at this point. He kept reminding himself that, not only was this Billy's sister, but Captain Marvel's, in a sense, as well. He did not want to take a chance at angering that side of Billy for awrong move he might make. There would be no telling what could happen, not just because Billy was an expert fighter, but also because Captain Marvel could drive him into the ground like a tent stake with his left eyelid if he wanted.

Uncle Dudley dropped them off at the school, and they all started back for their rooms. However, Mary pulled Billy aside, and took him out of earshot of the others. She then asked him, "What is your problem with girls? Don't you know that she likes you?"

Billy hung his head, knowing that it was his overall shyness that had splintered apart his relationship with Cissy, along with trying to juggle that relationship with Captain Marvel. He finally said, "I guess I just don't know how to act around girls."

Mary did not understand why this was so. She asked, "How is that possible? I thought that was ingrained in all boys."

"Well," Billy said, dejectedly, "When you spend the first eleven years of your life just trying to make sure you see another day, learning about things like that really do not find their way into your agenda."

Mary was now saddened a bit for having asked. She realized that, having never had an example before him, he lacked a bit in some of the social graces: how to treat a woman being one of them. Mary then bid Billy to sit on the stoop in front of the boy's dorm, and got ready to give him an education. "First of all,"she said, "one thing that you have to realize is that the heads of boys and girls are wired differently."

Billy looked at her a bit confused. She then said, "Hold on, I'll explain. This is hard for me, as a girl, to admit, but females are more emotional. We tend to think with our emotions more than with rational thought. Guys are the other way around. This is why men and women compliment each other. Another thing to know is that girls are more tactile with one another. They hug, peck cheeks, hold hands, and snuggle up sometimes: nothing romantic, it's just how it is."

Now Billy really looked at her funny. She said, "Trust me, its nothing weird. We not only express our emotions to one another verbally, but we also-for the lack of a better term-talk with our bodies. Think about this: men and women in ballet try to tell a story through dance rather than through words, right? Well, have you noticed that the dances the females are given to do are more expressive? That's the reason why. This expressing emotion in this way makes afemale more...well...feminine."

"So, how does this play in to me?" asked Billy, more curious now than before.

"Normally," Mary continued, "Girls are not so expressive with boys, and do not like boys that they are merely acquaintances with to touch them. For some reason, we just know that the touch a boy gives has different meaning. Don't ask me why this is, it just is. The only time that this is, is when we do something for which touching is required: both parties know that there is nothing behind it, because it is for practical reasons. In truth, it's always best for a female to initiate touching."

"Why are you going through this spiel about touching?" said Billy.

"You have to understand that being tactile is one of the ways that we girls communicate," answered Mary, "In fact, if agirl you have known for a time-be it a short or a long time-becomes tactile, she is saying that she is comfortable around you, and considers you a friend. This doesn't always mean romance. It just means that you are considered afriend, and that she trusts you."

"But Ahiru snuggles up to me, wraps her arm in mine, leans her head on my shoulder," said Billy, "We've only known each other for a few days. I grant you, a lot has happened in these few days, but I didn't think that she would warm to me so quickly."

"Sometimes," said Mary, "If you do things to demonstrate your character early on, it doesn't take long for things to happen. Think about it: in these past few days, you have taught her about music, Tai Chi, gave her the chance to be asuperhero again, fought side by side together, and, I think you have actually helped her to think about herself more positively. Rue tells me that she has not had a lot of confidence in herself before this, and it really showed in her behavior. What you have done, without realizing it, is given her every reason to believe in herself, and think of herself as some one who is important and loved in a way that the others never could. Believe me, Billy: girls dig that about guys! Now, it may not go further than this, and again, you have to let her dictate that. You have to let her set the pace. We girls hate to be rushed into things like this. If it goes no further, and she still wants to be tactile, just take it in stride, and go no further than she would want. That is the best way to have a good male/female friendship."

"How can I find out how far to go?" asked Billy, "I just don't think walking up to her and saying, 'Hi Ahiru: how far do you want to take this relationship,' is the way to go."

"Have you tried a gift?" asked Mary.

"What will that do?" he asked in return.

"You watch to see the way she reacts to it," she answered, "This will be a good gauge. If you are still not sure, I'll decipher her reaction. In fact, just to help you, what I think you should do is get a few things for her, just to say, 'I'm sorry for the way I've acted,' without actually saying it. A hat, a few articles of clothing, maybe a plush toy, along with flowers and chocolates, is helpful, especially the chocolates. Believe me: it doesn't matter if she is on adiet: if it is chocolates from a guy, she will devour them. Almost all girls are chocoholics, no matter what anyone tells you!"

"So, what do I do now?" asked Billy.

"Tell you what," said Mary, "How much homework do you have?"

"I'm all done," he answered.

"Well, I'm going to go get it done right now. I'm also going to get Ahiru's sizes, and tomorrow, we are going shopping. Be ready to go bright and early!"

The next morning, Billy got a call on his"cell phone" at about 7 o'clock. He was only halfway ready to go, and had to jump up quickly and grab the phone. He assumed it was an emergency, but it was actually Mary standing outside. "What's keeping you, lazy bones?" she said, "Get down here!"

"Hold on, I'm almost ready," he said, "I hope this is nothing formal: I'm only wearing jeans and a tee-shirt."
"That's fine," she said, "Just get down here: daylight's wasting."

He came down, and they both went into the shop district of the town. The first placed they passed was a gift shop, and in the window, Billy spied a cute, yellow, plush toy duck about the size of a teddy bear. He said, "I have to start with that!"

"Okay," said Mary, quite pleased, "That's a good start. Do ducks have asignificant meaning to her?"

"Oh, you bet they do!" he said. With that, they went in. He asked the shopkeeper about the duck, and then noticed that they did jewelry there. That gave Billy and idea. Finding a pink semiprecious stone that was about the right shape, he asked, "Could you make this into a necklace?"

The shopkeeper said, "I sure can, how would you like it?"

He described the pendant that she currently wore, and then said that he was going to place it on the duck. Thus, the keeper should fit the chain for the duck. Billy also noticed the flowers and chocolates, and said, "I'll be back later for this, and a couple of other things, okay?"

"Sounds fine to me," said the shopkeeper, and Mary and Billy moved on to the next store. It was a young miss' clothing store, and it had about everything. They also had dance clothes, considering the close proximity of the school. Here, Mary took over. The shopkeeper came up and asked if they needed any help. Mary explained what the mission was, and the shopkeeper was as pleased as punch to help. At that, she took the two of them around the shop, showing them all kinds of things that she figured would look nice. At that, the shopkeeper asked for the girl's sizes, and then a description of Ahiru. Mary then said, "In this case, it is best to find modest things. You don't want to give of the wrong ideas. Now, what to buy should be simple for you: just pick what you think is pretty on her."

"Keep in mind the hair color and her complexion," added the shopkeeper, "Let me know what you want to get her, and Iwill try to find that to try to match her colors."

Mary then said, "Also think about this: what does she not have that you think would look nice?"

Billy thought for a moment, and then said,"You know, I have not yet seen her in any dresses or skirts, other than the school uniform."

"Then let's start there," said the shopkeeper. After being shown several items, Billy settled on a few white, pink, and blue blouses, matching skirts, acouple of casual dresses, and a calf-length skirt that had an extension akin to the top half of men's overalls. The shopkeeper insisted on a broad brimmed hat that matched, and what she said would just complete the outfit properly. Of course, there had to be shoes to go with it, and they got those as well. They also got her some tights, leotards, and silk skirts with the same color schemes for practice. The shopkeeper then became concerned that this may be more than could be paid, but then almost gave her a stroke when he was able to pay for the whole deal in cash! Both Billy and Mary had bags and boxes galore, and they looked like a couple of fashion show refugees. They stopped back in the gift shop, retrieved the duck and pendant, and got the chocolates and flowers. As they were walking back, Billy wondered if this was overkill. Mary assured him that it was not, because girls love it when a guy dotes over her like this. They then returned to the girl's dorm, which was, by this time, showing life. Imagine the surprise of the few girls that were hanging around outside when they saw the two of them walking up the stoop. At first, they thought that all this was Mary. They were even more curious when Mary went in to fetch Ahiru, and Billy stood outside, arranging everything, and then standing there with the flowers in his left hand, and the chocolates, with the duck set on top, in his right hand. In about five minutes, (what seemed like an hour to Billy,) Mary and Ahiru emerged. Ahiru's eyes almost popped out of her head. Billy then extended her the flowers and said,"I've been acting like a jerk lately, and I just wanted to say that I'm sorry."

He then handed her the chocolates, and the duck. She was stunned. She did not know what to say or do. "Billy," she said, "You really weren't acting like...I mean, you didn't do anything wrong...well, you did shy away...but you kissed me...but you didn't have to...I mean..."

She locked up, at a loss for words for the first time in a long time. She then looked at the plush toy, and realized that the duck was wearing a replica of the pendant she now wore, and she knew that he put some care into what he did. Billy then said, "I really think Ilike you a lot, Baby Duck."

At this, tears started to well up in her eyes, and somehow managing to keep the items in her hands, caught him hard in abear hug. It was so hard that she almost tackled him, and took the both of them off the stoop. "Billy," she sobbed, "No one has ever been this nice to me. I have so few friends. Daddy and Mommy are so far away. I just wish you knew how much this means to me."

Billy returned the embrace, hugging her hard, and saying, "I think I do, Baby Duck, I think I do."

There were some that wanted to applaud, but then they heard the exchange, and suddenly felt lower than dirt. Could it be that they should have taken time to get to know the awkward girl, and not have been so self-centered in their own cares about school that they could not help this girl find her skills, and herself? Mary noticed that Rue had come in just as Billy had given the toy and the candy, and walked up to her. As she did, she winked at Billy, and he smiled in return. Rue asked Mary what was going on, and Mary said that she had just given lessons on being agentleman, and this was the result. When Rue saw all the things around, and the things in her hand, as well as heard the words of Ahiru, her heart leapt for joy. The little girl was becoming a woman right before her eyes, and she had found someone that gave her the care she so desired from others, and multiplied it by all those that could have been there for her, and were too stuck up to have anything to do with her. She was like that at one time, but life and fate had taught her differently. When the two of them finally separated, Billy asked, "I want to do something for the fall variety show, and I want to do the pas de deux with you."
Ahiru smiled past the tears, and said, "I'd love to!"

He then asked, "There is also a dance this coming Friday. I would ask you to go, but some of the guys in the dorm in the music school heard my playing and singing, so they want me to join the band. I said, "Yes," but that means I'll be on stage and it would be awkward to ask you to go with me when I will be spending most of my time playing the music, not dancing to it."

"That would be hard," she said, and then said, "Well, we can call it a half-date, if you could call it that. I mean, you can take me, and we can dance when we can, and you can bring me back."

This was her usual chattering way, but it seemed more in control this time, that one thought flowed to the other, and it was understandable. This was having quite an effect on her. Billy said,"Okay, I guess it's a half-date then. I tell you what: I'll pick you up at five, we can go downtown to eat,-my treat-and then we can go to the dance."

Rue, to be cautious about things said,"Can Mytho and I join you two?"

Normally, Ahiru would have had no problem with this, but she seemed a little annoyed by this. "What did I do wrong, Rue?" she asked.

Rue smiled and stroked her cheek, and said, "You did nothing wrong, sis. I just think..."

She paused, trying to find some other reason to go than just being a mother hen. She then continued, "I just think that, considering certain situations, it would be better to go as four."

Ahiru noticed the hint, and said, "Okay, that would be fine."

"So, its 5 o'clock, Billy?" asked Rue.

"Five it is," said Billy.

Rue and Mary then both started to help Ahiru with all her things, but then to their surprise, all the other girls around then started to pick up her things, and offered to help as well. Then one girl suggested that they go to the day room, and look at all the nice things she had gotten, and they all agreed. Then, Ahiru turned around and said, "Thank you, Billy," and kissed him gently, and Billy did not stiffen up this time, but received it, and returned it. Again, it was nothing more than a prolonged peck, but this time, it was done with all the tenderness and care of afull-fledged grown-up kiss. She stroked Billy's hair, and then went inside. This time, it was Billy floating two feet off the ground to the room. Now, he was beaming!
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