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They spent the rest of their time on general patrols, learning everything they could about working as individuals and as a team. The school had been contacted about Tanya, and once they found out who it was, they were all willing to allow her to teach there, hopeful to give such a renowned dancer another chance. Therefore, she would be traveling back with the six to Kinkan. In the meantime, the league told them to be careful. It had been some time since they had heard from Edel, and that could mean a large attack. Thus, they had to be ready. Marvel said that they would call as soon as danger arose, and looked forward to working with the league once again. They said their good-byes, and headed back to Fawcett, and Kinkan to finish the year.

The six were there for the start of the normal class, just to see Tanya in action. Mr. Katt stepped up, and said, "Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce to you a new teacher here in our ballet school, Miss Tanya St. John."

There was applause, and some murmuring, everyone talking back and forth about her. She had been a name that had just begun to become renowned, and gain the fame she deserved, when the car accident happened. It hurt her to the point where she found it hard to walk without a cane, which spelled an end to her dance career. She slipped into depression, and eventually alcohol and drugs. If it were not for her meeting with Tutu and Raven, they may have been reading about her in the obituaries. Now, with her life cleaned up, she had a chance to teach at a school that matched her caliber as adancer. She stepped to the center, and said, "When I look at you, I see myself in you, in that; I see the same hopeful looks on your faces that I possessed when I was your age, seeking for fame and success. It came to me, and it can come to you! I want to impart the knowledge that was imparted to me, that made me successful. I can tell you now that it will not be easy. However, the one thing that Ialways kept in sight was standing on that stage, center spotlight, knowing that it was all my hard work, practice, and joy for the dance that put me there. Though we must assign levels to you, from this point forward, I no longer want anyone of you trying to identify with your 'level,' nor trying to look down on anyone for that reason. What I want all of you to identify with are the dancers you all see yourselves to be one day, and start thinking of yourselves in that form now. Start thinking of yourselves as that now! This is the way I envision you now, because I want always to remember the task that I have: helping you to be a success. I want to do all I can to help fit you into the visions of success in which Iwant to see each one of you. Remember, being that success is what we all seek, and should desire to seek in others. If you can, the more skillful should always seek to pull the less skillful up to their level. In other words, I want you to push each other, be your brother and sister's keepers, as you push yourselves, and Ipush. I will push, but I will always do all I can to insure that it will be enjoyable as well. I had the Pas De Six come in here this morning as an example of what happens when you apply all that I have just said. They will be joining us in warm-ups today, just to let you know that they do not feel themselves as better than you, and they also see you as the successes in the way that I see you, and you need to see yourselves."

With that, Mr. Katt said, "Thank you, Miss St. John. Now, could you be so kind as to lead us in warm-ups this morning?"

"It would be my pleasure, sir," she said, and sat on a spinning stool at the center of the room. However, instead of the one instructor who played piano taking a seat at the instrument, she stood with the rest. "Okay, stand at the bar, left hand on the bar, and the feet and right hands in the first position. Now up on the toes, on point for those that pertain, arm to the third position."

She continued in calling out the motions of the warm-ups, calling them out rhythmically, rapping out the rhythm on the floor as she did. She slowly rotated around, watching the students, calling out a correction here, praise there, putting them through their paces. The students found it odd that she did things this way, and without the music. However, they began to see something in this, in that, in every step, she was engaged with the students, flowing with their moves, and keeping their focus. They actually began to feel more comfortable and into the warm-ups this way, in that, it kept things filled with energy and action. They felt more involved, and they felt her more involved with them, providing that sense of security they were feeling. The students felt like she actually cared. She snapped hard when she corrected, but after a bit, she did not have to do it often, because the lapses of attention were becoming less and less, as she intended. Her harsh speech, but her quickness to praise, made the students feel that she was putting much in the way of care into both. When they were done, she said, "Now, I want everyone to hold the bar, and stand in the fifth position, and to close your eyes."

Her speech began to slow, and become almost hypnotic. She then began to say,"Breathe in slowly, now out slowly. Take in that breath, and now push it out. Keep doing this, and listen to my voice. See yourself at graduation. See yourself on that stage. See yourself as the primo dancer, or the prima ballerina. See yourself doing the variation before them. See yourself at the curtain call. Imagine how that feels. Imagine how they feel. This is you. This is the 'you' yet to be. This is the 'you' yet to be, and yet, that 'you yet to be' that you are right now. Keep this image in your heads every day. Tell yourselves, 'I am asuccess. I am a winner. I am special.' Now, take the first position, and slowly open your eyes. Very good! Now, let us separate, intermediate and advanced with me, please."

There was now a buzz in the room of energy and excitement that had not been felt by these students in quite this way before. It was not that she was a better teacher than Mr. Katt was, but it was such that she was providing a fresh perspective to the class that invigorated them. Even the AP class, (the six,) was energized. She indeed was going to make a difference for these students.

While the class ensued, the six went to the classroom to discuss the upcoming semi-final competition for "Strut Your Stuff." They had already done the callback, and they were all informed, (after a bit of teasing from the panel, as if they had not made it,) that they had gone to the semi-finals. They then knew that they had to have two routines put together, because, if they got past the semis, then they had to be ready for the final, which normally was either the next night, or a few nights later, depending on when one did the semi. For the semi, it was decided that they would refine the "Lucy" routine, and that they should again hit the studio to record the song. For the final, however, they knew they had to do something special. After kicking around some ideas, it was decided that they would do a combination song and dance routine to "Just Show Me How to Love You," choosing Mytho and Rue to sing as the others danced. At first, the others wanted Billy to sing it, but then they felt that it would not be as believable if someone else were to sing with him, because only Ahiru would best suit him, and her voice, although good, was not quite up to something like this song. Considering that the two of them planned to tie the knot the day after graduation, they then realized that they would be able to put something into it that the others could not. Once this was decided, they took the dance floor when it was their time for their session, and began to work on"Lucy." They would be ready. However, before any of this could happen, what they had long awaited, finally hit!

Edel had her minions ready, which equated about a battalion in military terms. It was not so much as she was going to send them out to wreak havoc that it was she wanted this number of minions to keep out those that would seek to stop her. Once things were done, then they would be unleashed on Kinkantown, Fawcett City, and then the world. The first thing that needed to happen was that the Batsons would have to be isolated and neutralized. She would wait until she had them all captured before she killed any of them, because she wanted them all to see each other suffer as she made their deaths slow and painful. The only one that would have it quickly was Mytho. It was his heart above others that the Raven wanted, because he wanted that revenge against his ancestors, and because he did not want to give one ounce of a chance to him to use that swan sword on him. It possessed the ability to shatter one's spiritual heart, because the power that Mytho possessed had created it for that purpose when he had wished it on himself. It was a somewhat forbidden power, but he had used it nonetheless and ignorantly so, because it was a power of which he was unaware. It was something that acted subconsciously when the need was desperate enough. He lent the same power to Tutu when she sacrificed her pendant to release the final heart shard. She had then lost the power to become Tutu, but, because the power came from his own heart, and because it was a piece of his heart that gave her the ability to transform, he was able to make her Tutu once again, and long enough to banish Edel to the realm of despair. This same sword could also be fatal to the Raven, because, if his own supernaturally empowered heart were pierced, (being that it was semi-spiritual in and of itself,) then it was all over, and there was no coming back. He needed to be the first to go. Thus, she had to get the Batsons, and gag them before they called out the wizard's name. Then, she would use them as the bait to get them into the open, take the pendants, and smash them as a part of the ceremony before their eyes. All was set. She decided to have it at her main lair, in aspacious cave not a mile from the school, which had several rooms and passages, and opened out into a vast amphitheatre, where things would take place. The stage itself was wide, with tree limbs intertwined around the wall like a bird's nest, and Edel had the ceremonial table set up in the middle. The next thing to do was to wait for the chance to pounce on the Batsons when they were alone.

It was Saturday, and they were sure to get their homework done early, because they were going to get their single of "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" ready for "Strut Your Stuff." It took the better part of the day to get the best tracks laid down, and then to sit and listen for the best cut. It was late afternoon, and they were all going to the Take Five to relax. Mary and Billy hung back, however, and said that they would catch up. Mary wanted to talk to Billy, and see where his head was, considering all the changes they had been through that year. "What's up, Mary?" asked Billy.

"I just wanted to ask you," she said, "Is this where you expected things to go?"

"Not really," he answered, "I thought Iwas just going to enter an art school, keep on as Captain Marvel, and have some kind of front career for my life as the captain: broadcasting, Broadway, something like that."

"What do you think was the difference?"


"Are you referring to Ahiru?"

He smiled, and said, "Of course!"

"How was this?"

"Ever since that first day on the mall, when she danced into my life, she seemed so vulnerable, yet so open and caring. She seemed like she needed asteadying hand, and yet, ironically, had an inner strength that was to be admired. She just sucked you in. I don't know how any boy would not be attracted to her. At the same time, I needed someone, although I didn't know it, and something in me said that she was the one, although I was as shy as could be. It was love at first sight, and instant chemistry. Now, she so completes me. She has changed, I have changed, and because we changed together, I cannot see how I could live without her. The fact that she was a super heroine under wraps added impact. I never envisioned ateam, but I think the old wizard knew. I just wonder if it was his influence that put me here. I wonder if he knew who was here, and made sure we came together. I don't know, but, I am just glad it came out this way."

"So am I bro, so am I. I have had chances for a great life thrust upon me as I have never had it, or could have imagined it. Because of that, I have been able to help you, Ahiru, and even Mai."

She pointed to the longhaired Korean girl, wearing a casual blouse and skirt, a far shade from the tomboy that she knew at the start of the year. She continued, "I cannot see a life other than this. I am a super heroine, and a part of a great act. This is going to be a great life."

Billy then piped up, and said, "Let's catch up to the others," and that was all he got out, as they were grabbed, and gagged, from behind. There were about 20 minions there, and they did not care at this point whether they were seen or not, because, soon, the Raven would be there, and all would be theirs. Mai caught full sight of this, and quickly rushed to the Take Five. She tore in, found Ahiru in the back with the others, and said, "Tutu...ah...I mean..."

"'s okay," said Ahiru, "just be more careful. What's wrong?"

"A bunch of things that looked like Poe!"she stammered, "There were about 20, they gagged Billy and Mary, and hauled them off!"

As they said that, their communicators were vibrating like crazy. Rue said, "My God, this is it!"

The four of them wasted no more words, and rushed out like firemen responding to a fire. As the got outside, Poe flew straight to them, and they almost attacked him. When they recognized him, Fakir said, "Poe! It's not wise for you to be out right now!"

Yet, he was frantic, trying to explain all that had happened. His English had improved, but it was still a bit childish. "It is the Batson's! It is Edel! They are going to hurt!"

Rue grabbed his beak, turned him to her, and said, "Poe, this is very important, so listen closely."

She took her communicator, opened it, and said, "Okay, we are going. First of all, where would they have gone?"

"Edel would use main liar for this. It is the best place for the ceremony," he sputtered.

"I'd ask you to guide us," she said, "but we need you here. Look at the phone."

She showed him the keypad, and said, "Keep it open. If it vibrates, you press this one in the lower corner-the one with the circle and tail-and press it once. Then you press the one with the straight line in this corner twice."

However, as she was showing this, a raven flew by, and dropped a piece of parchment as it flew away. Mytho picked it up, and it read, "I have your friends! If you ever want to see them alive again, listen to these demands: come to the clearing in the woods not too far from the gate. Do not be in achanged state, girls, or else they die! More shall be said then. Edel."

"It's a trap," said Fakir.

"What choice do we have?" asked Ahiru.

"We're going to have to figure that out then," said Rue, and she then took back the communicator. She contacted Wonder Woman, and said,"Princess Diana, this is Claire."

"Hello," she answered, "Why do you sound so frantic?"

"It's time," was all she said in return. There was about five seconds of silence, and then she said, "Great you need us?"

"We're going to try to handle this," said Rue, "but just in case...say 'Hi' Poe."

Poe greeted Wonder Woman, and then Rue said, "He looks like one of her minions, but he is on our side. If there is danger, the next call you will get shall be him. If that is the case, get here as soon as you can!"

"Will do," she answered, "Take care of yourselves," she then said, with a concerned and scared sound in her voice. The communication ended, and then she asked Poe, "Do you remember what to do when it vibrates?"

He pointed to the buttons he was to push, and how many times correctly. "Very good," she said, "Then, we are going. Stay in your room. If it happens, tell the heroes that will answer where you will meet them."

They then rushed off, with the boys stopping by the dorm very quickly to retrieve at least their swords and belts. Then, they went to the spot.

It was twilight now, and they went to the spot. They were not sure what they were going to do, but they knew that they were skilled enough in this state to fight if they had to. If they could, they would try to subdue one of the minions, and have it take them to the lair, change then, and then rescue the Batsons. However, when they arrived, about ten torches emerged around the clearing, accompanied by the sounds of chanting. The circled up, but before they could react, and ocean of minions descended upon them, and quickly subdued them. They then went for the girl's pendants and unclasped them from their necks. The instinct was to fight for them, but Ahiru knew that the alarm needed to be sounded, ignored the pendant, and hit the signal button. After that, they were swiftly carried away. However, Poe sat on his bed, frightened for the others. He knew how powerful that she was, and he wasn't sure if there was anything they could do. The communicator vibrated like crazy, and he knew that this meant trouble. He pressed the buttons as he was told, and immediately there was an answer, "Wonder Woman here: is this Poe?"

"Yes, yes, it is Poe!" he cawed, "Come quickly, please, there may not be much time!"

"Go to the meeting point," she said, "and keep the communicator open: we'll trace it to you."

Wonder Woman then hoped that they could arrive in time. Superman said that he, Flash, and Raven could be there the fastest, and they would spearhead. Wonder Woman then said she would get the jet ready for the slower ones, so that they could arrive quickly to ensure that things did not get out of control. They were fortunate that Green Arrow and Black Canary were on hand for this, as well as the Dynamic Duo, and Lantern. This would be a great crew in the fight. Arrow added the benefit of the distance attacks, and Canary's fighting skills and sonic attacks would be crucial. It only took Poe a minute to get to the clearing where they had been subdued, and the spearhead arrive at about this time. Poe waived the communicator around so that they would know it was he. "I am Poe!"he cawed, "Please hurry! My friends are in trouble! Please follow!"

Without asking questions, they followed right behind. About a half-mile away was the cave in question. They took the communicator and said, "Okay, now just wait there, and get yourself out of sight. If you were one of them, they will be seeking revenge. The others will be here soon, and keying on the signal. If you hear the sound of engines, and a group of people seemingly seated on nothing descending, waive them down, and point them in here."

Poe did as he was told, and hoped for the best, as the others entered the cave.

The cave itself had several rooms and passages, and, if they had cared to, there was more behind the natural amphitheatre the cave produced. As they approached, things were beginning to transpire. Mytho was stretched out on the table, with his top taken off, and the top half of the unibody undergarment peeled down. On a rock podium sat the two pendants. The ten priests were on the stage, chanting asummoning of the Raven, as the others hung from the back wall, with their arms intertwined in the limbs. Of course, Mary and Billy were well gagged. Edel then pulled to her one of the priests, and said, "Be prepared, because you are going to help strengthen him."

Soon the presence that had been summoned before appeared in the room. It thundered, "It is time?"

"It is time m'lord," said Edel, "and here is something to strengthen you until your sacrifice is prepared."

She then took the Raven's claw, and raised it up. The girls looked away as they knew what was to follow. She plunged it into the man's chest, cut it open, pulled out the heart, and tossed the still beating heart to the Raven. Because it was not the pure heart that he sought, all it could do was pull him into this realm better, but not free him enough to fulfill his evil plot. However, it would be enough to where it would not weary him to be there, and have him corporeal enough to accept the sacrifice. The three heroes heard the scream of the dying man, and headed in that direction. They were just entering the room when Edel was getting ready for phase two of the ceremony. "And now, ballet brat and friends," shouted Edel, "It is time for you to see your final defeat, starting with these two pendants!"

She then lifted up a heavy rock, held it up for a moment, and screamed as she brought it down. She did not happen to notice the slight breeze that caressed her face right before the rock fell, because she was too much into what she was doing to notice. She then smashed the objects on the podium, and let out an evil cackle. "Gone forever!" she thundered,"The Swans are finally done for: GONE FOREVER! HA, HA, HA, HA!"

"Just like any evil doers that we have ever faced," said a confident and defiant voice. Everyone looked back and saw the three heroes standing on the walkway in the back. "You're too late," laughed Edel, "The pendants are gone, the Batsons are neutralized, and I will have his heart to the Raven before you can react."

"My God, you're boring, woman," said Flash, "Can't you come up with anything original?"

"Mock all you want" she said, "The pendants are gone! I smashed them!"

"That would be difficult," said Flash,"considering that I have them right here!"

He held them up for all to see, and the girls were happy to see this happen. "NO!" screamed Edel, but Flash rubbed salt into the wound, and said, "I am amazed you can't tell the difference between pendants, and two pieces of candy!"

"GET THEM!" she screamed, and Superman shouted, "Raven, hold them off! Wally, help me with the six!"

She raised the claw, and she was ready to strike. However, just as Flash had switched the pendants, he and Superman had the six freed and set on the walkway, as Raven sent forth her astral attack, stunning the initial wave. The Knights strapped on their swords, (which were also retrieved by Flash,) and the others went to a safe place to change. The Raven thundered, "GET THAT HEART!"

There brigade of minions started to come over the wall of the walkway, but the now reinforced heroes started to lay into them, making all the difference. Meanwhile, outside, the very sight that Superman told of descended, and Poe was quick to meet them. As they jumped out, he was already screaming, "They are in there! They are in there! Go, quickly!"

Back in the amphitheatre, they were holding their own, but they seemed to start to gain the walkway. Superman said, "Prepare for a fighting withdrawal," but that was before an arrow found its mark on a minion. It dropped, and reverted to a normal Raven. This was followed up by a host of attacks by the other heroes, and Gardner was making his ring sing. Canary then said,"Everyone behind me," and once this was done, she let out her banshee cry. Any that were directly in the sound cone instantly had their eardrums blown out. It also stunned the rest of them in there to allow some to go for the main target-Edel. Rachel and Claire teleported instantly to the stage, as Tutu jumped, and the Knights made their way to the stage. The Marvels hung back with the rest to deal with the now faltering brigade of minions. They seemed to be no match for the heroes, as Batman, Robin, Arrow, and Canary were holding their own, as Flash, Superman, Lantern, and Wonder Woman were taking out multiple targets as they went. Soon, they would be to the stage, and they could then put an end to the proceedings. Meanwhile, on the stage, the Swans and Knights were engaged with the nine remaining priests and Edel. Endorphins had gotten the better of Tutu, and she began to attack now without restraint. The priests were adifferent story than the minions, in that, these were more accomplished fighters than the minions were, and they would prove more of a challenge. However, they still were not the match for the four there on the stage, and they were able to dwindle the number of priests, who were now frantically trying to tighten up and protect Edel. The Raven was incensed. "GET THE HEART, EDEL: NEVER MIND THE REST!"

She then began to work her way around to Mytho as best she could without being noticed. She then got behind him, and prepared to make a killing blow, and then cut out his heart. She raised the claw, and then she was suddenly knocked down by black blur. It was Poe. He had followed up, hoping to be able to do something that could aid his friends. He came in, slipped past the fight, saw what Edel was doing, and then flew swiftly to the stage. "Now I pay you back for what you do to me!"he screamed, and kept going for the claw hand. If he got a hold of it, his beak was strong enough to sever her hand off with the ease of snapping a twig. However, he was not necessarily a skilled fighter, mainly going off instinct, and received a bad slash across the chest from Edel. "Get off me, you beast!" she yelled, as she now kicked off the badly wounded bird off her. He was bleeding badly, and Mytho broke away to treat Poe. This gave Edel another opportunity to strike Mytho. She raised the claw, and thundered, "IT ENDS NOW!"

Tutu took down the priest in front of her, and saw the blow Edel struck on Poe, and her encroaching on Mytho. In one instant of time, her mind reviewed everything from the school year before up to that point, and how this woman had tried to do all she could to wreck her life, and the lives of all she loved. Now, Poe lay dying, Mytho in danger, and everything coming apart. She had always shown restraint up to this point, and she had always been slow to anger. Yet, seeing this, something snapped in her head, and she could restrain no more. "RRRRAAAAAHHHHHGGG!!!" was heard from her position as she let loose with a primal scream. As she did, she moved swiftly, and deflected the claw away from Mytho. It was no longer words coming from her, but pure rage. All the pent up rage that she had felt for all the Edel had done, and was now trying to do, was now at the surface. As she fought, she was silhouetted by the aura of the white glowing swan. Instead of projecting it, it stayed around her as she fought, moving as she moved. As she fought, she glowed with a golden glow. When Tutu had slashed Edel before, she had made a good blow, but it was only because Edel was not ready for it. At any other time, she would have been more of a match for Tutu, as she would have been if things had been as normal. Yet, not like this, because now Tutu was instinctively using the attack she learned of over Christmas break. Every block of, and blow against, one of Edel's claws hit with tremendous force. To those observing at a distance, it looked like Edel was fighting aseven-foot tall astral swan. It was aspellbinding sight! The heroes used this sight to their advantage by kicking into overdrive against what was left of the brigade of minions. "Edel, I shall lend you my power!" said the Raven, but Rachel, (their Raven,) heard this, and said,"No, it ends for you! Prepare to face your doom!"

A black shape of a raven arose from her, outlined with a golden glow, and thrust itself at the Raven. He screamed, as it appeared that a hole was opening in his astral form. The sound of a beating heart was heard, but Rachel was having trouble opening it. Meanwhile, one of the remaining priests was trying to Pearl Harbor Tutu, just as Wonder Woman leapt onto the stage. "For my Amazon sisters!" she yelled, as she picked him up, and threw him at the wall. She spun around, and backhanded another, who spun right into a well placed kicked from Claire. At that point, Fakir was dueling with a minion, who quickly found out how capable aswordsman Fakir was. He found this out when steel found its way into his chest. In the main fight, Edel was not faring well. Tutu was cutting her up. They had all been superficial blows, yet, the number of them, mixed with her sweat, made her look like a bloody mess. Mytho finished working on Poe, and then turned his attention to the Raven. He saw Rachel was struggling with the Raven, trying to open up a fatal hole in the chest of the Raven, and prepared to thrust in the swan sword into his heart when he got the chance. Yet, at this point, the remaining company of minions saw their friends being quickly subdued, and realized that, maybe, the action on the stage would be a better chance for them. They thus turned their attention to that. Suddenly, the heroes there were starting to be overwhelmed, and the heroes up top began to advance to aid their comrades. Tutu was too engaged to try to help, and Edel hissed out, "It's over, ballet brat! No matter what, you cannot win!"

With all the action occurring, a sense of desperation overcame her, knowing it indeed may be over before the rest could do something about it, and she took a chance to expose herself by taking the position of refusal, and screaming as loud as she could, "ENOUGH!"

Her scream echoed off the walls and down the halls of the cave. It was so loud that, if someone had been passing by out front, he or she would have wondered what the scream was all about. As she did, the swan aura began to fill the room with light. The minions screamed, and the few remaining priests gained a look of horror as they yelled as well. Edel, for a brief moment, saw the stance, and started to fight the pain she was now feeling in an attempt to plunge the claw into Tutu. She was met by two backhands simultaneously: Wonder Woman and Princess Claire. She did a back flip, and landed hard. As all this was going on, the combined energy of Rachel and Tutu opened up the Raven's heart clearly. "Strike now," said Rachel, "Strike true!"

Mytho then flung the sword into the air, and straight into the heart of the Raven. "NOOOOO!" screamed the Raven in a horrible death throe. Tutu just wanted all this to be over, and she screamed, "EVIL, BE GONE, BE BANISHED!"

Edel looked with horror as Tutu swung her hands forward, and saw a portal open up before her. "NOT AGAIN!" were the last words that anyone in this world would ever hear from Edel. When that was done, all that remained were the heroes and Poe.

The Realm of Despair was not Hell, but it might as well have been. The place was permeated with dark gray clouds, and gray-ashen sand dunes as far as the eye can see. Here and there, one could see half-buried skeletons, and some of them animated! In this realm, there is no need for food or drink, there is no pain, no suffering to be inflicted on any there. However, death does not come either, nor does sleep. There is nothing to do but wander and ponder. This, in and of itself, is torture. Those trapped here can do nothing but try to occupy themselves with something-anything-to take one's mind off where they were, and that his would be forever. Their bodies would slowly rot away, though painlessly, yet they would live forever. The ironic thing is that, though people try to do what they can to forget everything in the prior world, just to kill memories, and to try to forget their ultimate fate, whatever they do would only accelerate the rotting process. When it was done, all one can do is lay there in mental anguish as a skeleton. This is where a bunch of raven carcasses, the few remaining priests, and Edel wound up! Before, when Tutu had sent her there, the Raven was still around to bail her out, albeit at the cost of her virtue. This was because she would have done anything to get away from this realm. Now, the Raven was dead, and she was trapped. The priests wanted to exact revenge, but even they knew that would be fruitless, because it would not resolve their situation, and, in reality, they were too focused on their own position than wanting to seek revenge. All Edel could do was drop to her knees, laughing and crying at the same time, in one grand hysterical fit. She had tried for everything, but her evil caused her to lose it all!

As everyone, (except for the Marvels,)came to, they were shocked to see the aftermath. All their foes were gone. Poe was weak, but alive. Mary and Claire were consoling Poe, telling him how brave a bird he had been, and he did well. Raven was sitting on the stage, trying to regain her composure. However, everyone sat silent as they observed Marvel cradling Tutu, who was quite unconscious, and it was unsure if she was even alive at all. He was crying, rocking her back and forth, and begging the powers that be to bring her back. Raven saw this, regained her faculties, and knew that she had to help. She put her hands on her head, concentrated, and said, "She is not dead. She has turned in on herself. I shall enter in and see if I can guide her back."

She linked minds with Tutu, and began to travel through, trying to find out where Princess Tutu had gone. Meanwhile, Tutu had traveled into the astral plane, in that, she thrust herself there in a subconscious defensive act, and was now floating lost, wanting to get back, and not sure how. She wanted to cry, but it was then when she heard a voice say, "Fear not, my granddaughter!"

She heard another say, "Fear not, my niece!"

She spun around to see the spirit forms of two very beautiful women. They looked vaguely similar to Claire and Tutu, but both wore Roman styled dresses, with brown hair, slippers, and the kindest faces. The floated up to her, and embraced her. These two women could only be the original Swan Sisters. "We have been watching you," said White Swan.

"...and we are so proud of you and Claire,"added Black Swan.

"You two are the first of our ancestors to have had the chance to reclaim the family glory," said White Swan.

"We are so glad that you and the others had the chance to put the Raven away once and for all!" said Black Swan.

"How do I get home?" said Tutu.

"Help is on the way," they both said together.

It was at this point that Raven began to appear, and Black Swan said, "It is good you came for her. Please, take her home, and get her some rest."

Raven came up and took her hand. Then, Tutu said, "What happened?"

White Swan then said, "My dear granddaughter, you tapped into your fullest potential of your power: a power that was rarely used by us, because of what it can do. When things are that desperate, you can tap into it, but I would suggest you do it with the greatest of restraint, because of what has happened to you now. Use the lower powered attack like you did with the children when things are bad, and what you did when there is no other choice. Yet, always try to keep in your will to remain in your own realm."

Black Swan then interjected, and said,"Now, go forth, and keep up the family tradition to fight evil wherever you and Claire find it, and we shall be watching you. We shall always try to channel our power to you if we can. Know also that the offspring of you and Claire shall also be able to do what you do. Thus, whether they are sons or daughters, you can hand the pendants off to them when you can no longer continue, and they shall take on the fight. Teach them well, and teach them to be the noble and brave people that you and Claire are. Go back now, because someone that dearly loves you awaits you!"

As they retreated, "Wait! Shall I ever see you two again?"

"One day, child, one day!" said the sisters, as they faded from view.

Her eyes fluttered open, and all she saw was a blur. As her eyes focused, the first thing she saw was the face of her beloved Marvel. She then saw everyone else encircling her, and she saw all of them sigh, relieved to see that she had revived. "Oh, Rubber Duckie," she said, and Marvel said, "I love you, Baby Duck!" and they kissed. Everyone applauded, including a weakened Poe, suffering from a great loss of blood. As they stood up, Marvel began to look around, and he began to have an epiphany about what he was seeing. Tutu wondered what he was thinking, and she asked him, "What's wrong?"

"Just kicking around ideas, Baby Duck; just kicking around ideas. Let's go home."

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