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Here is where I want to be, with you

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Living together and never better. :D

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Ok I noticed that he wakes up alot in the beginning of my chapters. and sorry I have not updated cuz I was grounded
I hear noises, not hospitle noises either. Like...I dont know...House noises? I sit up looking around. Okay that explains it. Im at Frankies house. Memories of the hospitle bed flood into my mind. What did Frankie say? Trent ran away I thought. I put my feet on the floor. uh cold... It feels werid to move. I look at myself in the mirror. Im a wreck. I see mild scars and bruises. I hate the feeling of being used to having bruises. Im too lazy to do anything with my hair, much less my face. I just walk out the room not giving myself a second glance.
I look at the clock...9pm. What is today? I see Frankie cooking...hell knows what, and I feel at home, peaceful. For maybe the first time in 2 years.
"Hey Sexy" Frankie says.
I smile. "Hey" I sound so weak. I dont want frankie to think Im still weak.No.
He looks down at what he is doing. "Well you were so tired I just picked you up and took you home myself" He looks up with a smile. I love you
"Well-" I hug him from behind "--Thank you". I kiss his cheek. "Gee?"
"yeah.." I sit down at the bar-ish area so that I can still face him to talk.
"Are you any better? Are you okay with living here?" He seemed upset.
"Im good, and theres no better place to be"
He looks at me deeply, studying my face and eyes. He does this alot. He knows people by what they do not what they say. "Fine" he grumbles.
I giggle. "How funny" I say wryly.
"Fuck you" he says
"Not now maybe later"
He growls. "You know what I mean Gerard Way"
"Oh really? Then what do you think I mean?" Im trying to hard to be attractive.
He looks up again with a grin. He knows what I mean "Your a dirty boy"
"Only if you want me to be" Cheesy line
He walks over to me and forces himself on me. He sits in my lap, carressing my face.
"Do you want this?" I say sexually. "Hell yes" he whispers.
He kisses me and its full of passion and pleasure. I dont want this to ever change.
"Shit" he says and I remember he was cooking. Im laughing so hard at his frustration (Sp?).
Im dying from laughter. I havent laughed this much since..god knows when. Frankie looks mad and comes over and hits me for laughing. It was a soft hit not meant to hurt, like Trent, but it did.
"Ow!" I cry I hold my side.
He looks devastated (Sp?). "Oh Oh Gee Im Sorry" He hugs me. He rubs where it hurts.
"I still love you" I say sensing that he thinks I dont. "I hurt you, though...I.I dont want to be like that asshole you dated!"
"Calm down you werent tryin to hurt me" I hold his sholders(SP? AGAIN) and shake him.
I hug him but I can tell he is trying to keep me away. "You are everything to me" He mumbles.
I hug him tighter. "And you are to me as well"
He turns around. "Really?"
"Yes Really!"
"I'll be more careful"
"Like it matters" I say.
I kiss him. Hard. He doesnt pull away. Niether do I. And for the first time in my life I feel like I belong, like I mean something to someone. I feel loved. I love this feeling
I hope it never goes away
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