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XXII Epilogue

The wedding was steeped with all the traditions of Japan, and it was a beautiful wedding. The honeymoon was even more special, as the two began to become more as one. Charon was so impressed about his daughter-in-law that he began to call her princess, because of how he called Mytho the Knight Prince. After this came the tour. As it turned out, the controversy surrounding “Strut Your Stuff” made them more sought after than ever before. Many people came just to see over what the fuss was. If they had questions about the legitimacy of the six before this, they definitely ended up in their corner by the time it was done. After going through the proper channels, the two songs they recorded, and the one they did for the final, (which was later recorded,) were released, and immediately started to climb the charts. Mr. Tawny was good about his bookings, making sure to do enough to keep them in the public eye, and not so much that it would burn them out. The Arimas seemed to be having a good time on the tour, and began to become closer to Billy as time passed. Along the way, they had time for a photo shoot or two, and time to film videos for the songs. They even stopped at some ballet studios, being sure to stop at the Anaheim Ballet and the Dance Theatre of Harlem as they went. They were pleasantly surprised to see some of the students wearing tee shirts with their images on them, as they schmoozed with the students, helping them with their dance. As they went, they expanded their repertoire, even adding a bit of comedy to the mix to move the show along. One number they were working on was based on a Simon and Garfunkel song entitled “America,” based on their tour. If they could get that released, the video would be film outtakes of their tour and shows. Interestingly enough, (at least to those places where they stopped,) the Secret Six would show up from time to time and stop a crime here, rescue a person there, and other things of a superhero nature. The capper of the tour was when the last two shows put them in two places their critics said they would never perform—Carnegie Hall, and the Met! Both houses were packed with youth, celebrities that they had met back in December, (Sasha sitting front, and center, at the Met,) and some of those skeptics who said this would never happen. They did their numbers, sometimes all playing and singing, a split between that and dancing, dancing all together, and threw in enough classical pieces with their contemporary and comedy, because they felt that the Met deserved that. On top of that, it proved a point to the critics that they were indeed serious students. Even though three of them were now full-fledged professionals, they also let the people know that they would always seek to improve their games. Almost all of those critics had to go back and eat their words in the press, something that gave the Pas De Six great satisfaction. The Met was the biggest triumph for them, in that, they sold it out twice, and it seemed to be their most powerful performances in the tour. In all this, Mary was writing original songs, and Billy was setting music to them. They knew that a side project that next year was to cut an album, showing that they could cross over and be a success in more than one field. Even more significant was, while at the Met, they also noticed in the audience the members of the Justice League who were there for their final battle with Edel. They were there after the show for the cast party, and Bruce pulled Billy aside and spoke at length with him. The others had no clue what was up, and when they asked him to say what they had said, he said, “It’s a surprise!”
“Oh, that again,” protested Ahiru.
“Don’t worry,” said Billy, “You’ll see in a couple of weeks!”

The tour was highly successful, and now they were in demand. When they had the time in between their schoolwork and such, they would be slated to do one talk show or another, and be as personable as they could. One result of the tour was an influx of kids signing up for ballet or music classes, and a good balance in the genders, seeing that ballet was not the “sissy” thing many thought it to be. Another result was a larger influx of students to Kinkan, and then the spillover going to art schools that would take them when Kinkan was not able. There were even rumors of a television series, but Mr. Tawny played that off, saying something like that would wait for them to all be graduated first. If it looked like they could get a good show that had good writers, and a good plot line, they may one day consider it, but one step at a time. The others also made it known that they were not locked together. If they wanted to do the odd ballet now and again as individuals, or cut solo records, this was okay too. Their egos were not as such if one was more successful than another was by his or herself, because they knew the problem with other acts was that they spent so much time together that they ended up hating each other. This, they hoped to avoid. That would help if it were that Rue came to be with child at some point, and she needed the time off they needed. However, there was one thing that was going to happen that would make sure that they would always have work.

One week before school started, the six were staying at Uncle Dudley’s house, because Billy said that he had a surprise for everyone. They all went into the backwoods behind the school, right to the cave where they had faced Edel for the last time. However, there was a carved out wooden road, and trees around the area were being cleared out, with workers going in and out of the cave. Everyone but Billy was confused. “Billy, what is going on here!” demanded Rue.
Before he could answer, the door on a limo opened up, and out stepped Bruce Wayne, with a big smile on his face. “Hi, kids,” he said, “What do you think?”
“What do we think about what?” said Fakir, “Are you trying to memorialize our last big fight?”
Bruce laughed, and said, “Of course not! This is your theatre, and your new home!”
The other five looked stunned at this statement. Bruce continued, and said, “It’s the sweet irony of it! Instead of this being the place where someone plotted your demise, and tried to make it happen, it will be the thing to help you thrive.”
“Why are you doing this?” asked Mytho, genuinely intrigued about the whole thing.
“There are two reasons,” said Bruce, “One of them is so you kids can do your own shows while at school, whenever you want. You can also rent out the theater for other kinds of shows, do shows with guests, things like that. All this is courtesy of the Wayne Foundation. Consider this an open-ended loan, because, with the revenue that this place will generate, and your records that are now topping the charts, you will be able to pay this back in spades. Come inside.”
He led them inside, and they saw that the walls were being smoothed out, and the compartments being smoothed out and wired, with plumbing being put in. They then went into the amphitheater, and saw that the limbs were taken out, and it was being set up to be used as an appropriate stage. He then led them around the back to show them that an appropriate backstage was being carved out in the same way that a proper orchestra pit was being carved out in front. The area for seats was being set up for that purpose. In back, there were enough compartments for living quarters, and a dance room/dojo set up like in New York. “You can live back here, and have the front rooms as offices. Yet, there is the other reason.”
He led them through a tarp overhanging a long tunnel. Bruce chimed in, and said, “In here are workers that are under special instructions not to say what is back here.”
It opened up to a large open area, complete with a tunnel that led to the surface, big enough for a vehicle to fit through. There was a rather large computer with multiple screens being constructed, and Oracle was deep in the mix, insuring that the work was being done perfectly. She saw the others, and waived. “I’ve never seen her more happy,” said Bruce, as he continued the tour. He then said, “Now, in here you can make your main meeting room, and back here is a good place for your crime lab. This area, you can use for a trophy room, to remind you of past exploits, what it took you to get them, and you can use them as a reminder of the dangers you had to face, good things you did, mistakes you do not want to repeat, as you attained them. Of course, you can put anything where you want, just let me know.”
“Is all this necessary?” asked Ahiru.
“Every superhero needs a headquarters,” said Bruce, “Fakir, and the Schmidts here can live here permanently, and you can visit on the weekends while you are in school. When you do graduate, you can live here. There are enough rooms for four of you, and a master bedroom for the couple. Besides, this makes for a great front to hide your activities from prying eyes.”
“What do we have to do?” asked Rue.
Bruce produced the deed, and said, “Sign here, and I will co-sign. When it is paid off, my name comes off, and it belongs to the six of you, no strings attached, lock, stock, and barrel.”
“But we will have to hire secretaries, workers, an orchestra,” said Fakir, “and we will have to pay them!”
“Believe me,” said Bruce, “with what you six will be making, that will not be a problem!”
Billy then said, “Mr. Tawny is moving to Fawcett City, and he will manage the business side of things, paying people, and the like, so we do not have to worry about it. Besides, I’ve spoken to the music department, and they said that we can use the students at Kinkan for an orchestra, and Mr. Johansen said that the stagecraft department would love to help. They said it would be good learning for both departments.”
They then noticed Poe working hard, marking out décor, and trying to visualize the right color scheme. “Hi, everyone,” he chirped out with glee. “This will be Poe’s new home. I be your butler! I like!”
“Well, that settles it,” said Ahiru, “If we do not, he will bug us about it no end. We kind of owe it to him anyway; he did help save our lives.”
All six conferred, and said, “Where do we sign?”

After some pondering, they decided, as a slap in the face to Edel, (wherever she ended up,) to name it the Raven’s nest. When people asked, they said it was for Poe, their live-in butler. However, they knew the real reason. Eventually, Raven did enter the school as a vocal student, seeing that this was her best suit. She did not officially join the team, however, as she was still trying to find her place as a superhero, and needed to work independently for a bit. However, she said that she would join them if the need ever came. The theater/headquarters would not be ready until the second semester, but when it was, they would be on their way. Therefore, if you ever want a good show with the Pas De Six, them with a guest, or whomever rented the theater out to perform, it may be worth the trip to go 20 miles outside your way to Kinkantown, and visit the Raven’s nest. You will not be disappointed. However, if your intent is evil—either there, in Fawcett City, or wherever is in their reach—beware! If there is danger, the Kinkan Avatars—the Secret Six, (and sometimes Seven,) will be there to stop it. Finally, if your life is a wreck, and you need a way out, just look for the White Swan Princess: Tutu, and she will dance to guide your heart.

The End
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