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Chapter 04

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Drunk teenagers and one house party.

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I am so sorry I took so long on updating, but you know school's almost over and schoolwork comes before fanfiction and... hey wait this is not a blog, here's the next chapter ;)

Mikey told me G was having a house party at the Way’s one Saturday night. Mr and Mrs Way were out of town. I missed the time before G and Ray went off to college, before the preps were preps and the “emos” were labelled emos, when we all just hung out. Before Bob and Chris were on the basketball team and Melissa and Hannah were cheerleaders, but I couldn’t deny that they were hot in their uniforms. It was G and Ray who kept our click together last year but when they left it was like we were poison for them. They were just like us before. They had been called emos by anyone who didn’t know them. Bob didn’t want to be seen with us at school anymore. He didn’t even like driving us to school. We were still hanging out, sometimes, like yesterday in the park, but he more or less just hung out with Melissa and Chris and those guys.
When I said I didn’t know if I wanted to go Alicia said come on, Annabel is coming. I still wasn’t sure sins Mikey didn’t really like me liking his cousin. Alicia said that I was silly and that it’d give me a chance to see G and Ray before they went back to college. That convinced me and I went down to the Way house early. G was out front leaned against the wall smoking a cigarette.
“Hey bro, long time no see” he said when he saw me coming.
“Hey” I said walking up to him. Cool as we were, we just shook hands but as no one was watching he dragged me in to a hug.
“I’ve missed you man” he said as he let me go.
“Me too, man” he was taller than me so I had to bend my head back to see his face.
“Mikey and Ray are inside...” he took another drag handing the cig to me “he told me about the Annabel thing. I think it’s great, she’s what you need, kind of”
“But what if...”
“No! No what if’s. Talk to her tonight. You’re the best, remember”
I wandered around the house with no direction a couple of hours later. Everywhere I looked there were couples hooking up. There were Alicia and Mikey in a corner, Bob and Melissa walked up stairs, G and some chic under the stairs. And as I passed by the bathroom I heard some noises you don’t want to hear unless you’re in the action or watching a porno.
“Frankie!” I heard Ray. “Hey Frankie, you want a beer?” He stumbled towards me spilling out most of his beer holding it out for me.
“You shouldn’t drink no more” I said and took the beer. I gave it to some random guy as someone said “TEQUILA SHOTS!” and Ray dragged me there. Then everything went kind of black until; oh there’s Annabel... with Chris? That’s all wrong. She does not like him now does she?
“Hey Honey,’s this guy bothering you?” I saw her struggling to get away from him but it probably only was in my head. I walked over there anyway wanting to kick Chris’ as.

Grandma had told me that when my dad (it was still hard calling him dad, but that’s what grandma said) had come back from London he’d been a wreck. The wedding is of he’d said. Just as well grandma thought he shouldn’t be going of marrying posh British girls (no offence to my mom). He’d gone around mopping for weeks until he finally swallowed some pills and died in his sleep. My mom had broken his heart and he killed himself because of that. Grandma blamed mom for years and she haven’t been in dads room sins.
Mom had rung just a couple of days after and said she was pregnant. Grandma was so angry! Mom couldn’t be saying that then. Don’t even bother coming to the funeral. I want nothing to do with you or that filthy baby! (No offence to me, but grandma hated my mom and her flesh and blood). When I was about five, grandma had sent a letter to mom saying she was sorry about blaming her and that she wanted to get to know me. Mom had replied by sending a picture of me from my first ballet recital. On the back she’d written don’t take this from her, then nothing, for years. Mom obviously didn’t want anything to do with grandma. Grandma had sent more letters. She tried ringing and even thinking about going there. Then just months before mom died she sent a letter to grandma explaining everything. She’d even sent pictures of me, from the first step ‘til my last birthday. She’d explained how she’d told dad that she didn’t love him anymore because grandpa had threatened with cutting her of if she married him. She was young and stupid, only nineteen, and wouldn’t go anywhere without the money. When she found out about me the trust fund was gone anyway so she wanted to beg dad for forgiveness. That’s when she heard that he was dead. She too had blamed herself and was so ashamed she couldn’t face grandma. At the end of the letter she’d said that if anything ever happened to her she wanted grandma to take care of me. It was like she knew all along. I couldn’t get those thoughts out of my head.
“Annabel you’re here!” oh no it was Alex. I was at the Way’s house party pressing trough the crowd in the opposite direction of where I heard Alex. Someone handed me a beer and I found myself being dragged out. We stopped just outside the backdoor and I had a chance to see who it was.
“Thanks for saving me from Alex” I said.
“That’s not why I dragged you out here” Melissa said “look there is something weird about Bob. It has been for a while now. Can’t you help me find out what it is? I’ve seen you two talking at school and you seem to have gotten close” She smiled at me “I’m not jealous or anything. It’s just that you now he might open up to you. Please” she was begging me. I didn’t know what to do. Whose side was I on, Bob’s or Melissa’s?
“I’ll try to talk to him” I smiled without knowing what I’d do.
“Hey it’s Charlie!” Melissa said as a guy walked up to us “this is my friend Annabel”
“OMG YOUR NAME IS CHARLIE?” oops, I guess I was a bit drunk. I hugged him or maybe more or less attacked him. He didn’t seem to mind though. I saw Bob dragging Melissa back in the house glad that I didn’t have to help them now. Then everything went really fast. I heard my name from somewhere and someone said “TEQUILA SHOTS!” and Charlie disappeared. I got another drink that tasted like strawberries and made me dizzy. I sat down on the sofa cursing as a saw who sat beside me.
“Hi An-aah-nnaanah-blah-blah-bel” Chris put his arm around me “I’ve b-heen lo-oking for you” he had trouble putting the words together. He leaned towards me.
“Sto... stop Chris you’re drunk. No... I don... no stop!” I put my hands on his chest but he seemed to be stronger than me. His lips came closer and closer to mine and I kept trying to push him of.
“Hey Honey,’s this guy bothering you?” I looked up to see Frankie coming towards us. I was so glad he was there saving me.
“Yes, yes!” I said pushing Chris as hard as I could “get him off of me!”
“GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF MY HONEY!” Frankie may be short, but he was standing tall, looking all dangerous and oh so beautiful. And he called me his Honey! Next thing I knew Chris was lying on the floor with his hands over his nose and Frankie’s hands were on my shoulders.
“Are you okay Honey?” he looked in to my eyes. He looked so worried. I felt like I was going to cry. I was so glad he’d helped me. I couldn’t say anything, just threw my arms around his neck. I felt his arms tighten around my waist and his lips on my neck. It felt weird. I don’t know why, I thought I wanted his arms around me. I put my hands on his chest and pushed him of.
“What are you doing?” I said.
“I’m sorry; I was just trying to comfort you...” He looked confused.
“Well I don’t need your comfort I’m just fine on my own!” what was I saying? I’m not fine, I’m not fine! I wanted to shout, but my mouth wouldn’t obey. My legs started to walk away so the only thing I could think of to make me stay was to push Frankie down on the sofa. I landed right on top of him. The only thing I could think of to make him see, sins my mouth still wouldn’t talk was to kiss him. And he kissed me back. But then he changed his mind and held me back.
“Now what are you doing?” he said “are you sure you want this?”
I wanted to nod but like a reflex when you feel nauseous my hands went to my mouth and I almost threw up there on him.
“Oh no you don’t” he said as he realised what was happening. He jumped up making me fall of his lap and couth me before I landed on the floor and dragged me to the nearest toilet. He held my hair and said that everything was going to be okay. This was actually the first time I was drunk. I never drank back in London because alcohol is bad for the muscles. But sins I wasn’t going to dance soon anyway I thought why not? This was why not.
“It’s okay. You need to get out of here. Let’s go” I thought I heard Frankie say. Where? I wanted to say, but my mouth stopped obeying again. I can’t go home; grandma is going to kill me!
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