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You don't know me

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Gerard always hated it there. but a certain someone was about to change all that. {Frerard}

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I shoved my hands further into the depth of my black hoodie. My black long black hair blew around my face as I made my way across the deserted street. The houses down this road were large, with massive front gardens and multiple cars. Stupid, in my opinion, how people spend so much time and effort buying things they don’t need, icons of self indulgence. I turned the last corner of my journey. Walking over the small patch of grass that separated me from my destination.

I hated this place. Hate, hate, hated it. Its tall grey columns reaching up into the polluted sky, like iron hands desperate to reach to a world hidden from view to the living. Its cool grey rooms, full of the hopeful and the lost. Pushing open the cold iron door I stepped inside and walked the white corridor to the line of dejected people, al here for a common purpose. I joined the line of shells. Counting down the minutes until I could leave this place. Once the doors were opened the small group of people shuffled inside. I don’t know why people choice to come here. Never. Once the group of people were seated everyone introduced them self. Name, age, problem you know, the usual shit.
After everyone around the circle had answered the questions. It went on like this for about an hour till we got a coffee break. I gladly made my way over to my usual corner inserting headphones into my ears and just trying to feel the music. I hadn’t been there for longer then five minutes when I was distracted by a light tap on my shoulder. Automatically I looked up, removing one of the headphones from my ears lazily. In front of me stood a boy, not much older then me. he had short choppy brown hair that framedthe front of his small rounded face. His big brown eyes full of confusion and loss. I immediately sat up straiter giving him a small smile. he shifted his body wait onto his left leg pulling his sleeves further over his hands and bunching them into small fists
“Is someone sitting there?” he gestured to the unoccupied seat next to me. I shook my head and he sat down.
“So how long have you been cutting for?” I asked, casually he looked at me shocked.
“How did you know?” his voice was small, sad. I was automatically drawn to him.
“Well, it’s just the way you act. You can always tell.” I told him matter of factley .
he looked away from me staring at something in front of him. he seemed to evaluate the situation before he answered.
“Awhile” His voice was stiff. He had obviously didn’t like talking about it. I nodded.
“What made you start?” I asked. He thought about it for a second.
“Bullied for being gay and shit” I nodded again.
“What about you, what happened to you?” I looked up at him. Wondering if I should tell the truth or lie. I decided to tell the truth. For once. “There was a fire”
His expression changed, concern and sympathy smothering his face.
“And who did you lose?” he was almost whispering.
“My little brother” I realised that my voice too was just a gentle sigh
“I’m sorry”. I nodded. We sat in silence until we were called back for the second half of the meeting. I once again let my self fall into numbness. The time flew by and I was shocked to realise it was time to go home. Just as I was about to leave I yet again felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around. It was the boy again. I smiled at him and he smiled back.
“Sorry erm..?”
“Gerard” I informed him. He smiled and nodded
“Right Gerard cool.”
“What about you?” I asked
“Frank, Frank Iero” he told me I grinned.
“Well Frank, frank iero what can I do you for?” his face flushed a deep red colour
“I was just wondering… what his name was?” my smiled faltered, just for a second.
“His name was Mikey.” And with that I turned and walked away.
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