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Can we learn to forgive

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Trent brings me back to where we used to live together. Its clean and theres no bottles of vodka and beer everywhere. He hugs me tightly, and leads me to our bedroom. I sit down on the edge of the bed. Im uncomfortable. "Baby, I missed you lying next tome at night" he says and takes hold of my hand. Pfff! yeah right. I look away to keep from crying. "Baby you dyed your hair didnt you?" He asked. I forgot me and Frankie both put red in out black hair. It was soo much fun too.
"Come on, Gee, It will look great!" Frankie said, threatening me with the box of hair color. "I like my hair this way!" I fake pout, then start laughing. "We are a couple arent we?" He asked me. "Yeah, so?" I mumble. "And wouldnt it be cute if we did this together?". I nod. He giggles and starts by doing his own hair. We were laughing the whole time. And he was right it looked good and we both looked so cute with our matching black and red hair.
I nodded "Yeah me and Frankie did...." I stop myself. "I like it" Trent says with a grin "Its cute". This doesnt feel right. "baby, do you still love him?" I look over and he is looking down at our hands which are locked together. I look away again. He pulls my face back around so that Im looking at him. "I did so much for you, I gave up this, I didnt want to give it up I did it for you". I look down. "I did this for you! You dont know how bad the withdrawls are!" he yells at me. I dont speak, nor do I move. "Talk to me baby" He begs.
I sigh and pull away. He gets up slams the door and walks away. He just wants me because he doesnt have me. I hear bottles clang. Oh shit if he is getting drunk.... I sit there alone for an hour, thinking of Frankie.
The door slams open. Trent stumbles in. "I gave up soo much for you ,you little slut". He raises his fist and punches me in the arm. I get up and plan to run. He pushes me down and uses his foot to keep me from moving. Just like old times.. He goes into the other room, so I crawl toward the living room which holds my escape door,but he comes back before I get there. He pulls me up and I see he has...Handcuffs, the ones we used to use for sex. He handcuffs me to the metal spiral stairs tat lead to our loft. I sit down. I ended up sleeping there, while he most likely got drunk again.
I was there for 3 days? I peeled paint for fun. He would deprive me of food. He just wanted me to talk to him more. I didnt want to talk to him. I would replay memories of Frankie and all the fun times I had with him. I thought of him often, my only happiness.
Trent walks over "Have you learned yet" He says to me. I look at him with a disgusted look. He backhands my face swiftly. I shrug. He looks angry. He wants to break my spirit.
"Why do you care about that little hoe? He is a slut you have to admit it" He says.
He is just trying to get you to talk. Dont respond.
I shrug again. "He has blowed more guys off than Paris Hilton."
I sigh, trying to make myself look bored. "He doesnt care about you, I saw him with someone the other day" He slurred.
My Frankie?, No he couldnt have. "What!?" I yell. Trent laughed. "You see you do care about him"
Well I blew it, too bad"Did he??"
"Yeah no lie.." he said laughing.
"What did he look like?" I ask
"Blonde, tall, wears black, beard." He says looking like he is thinking hard. BOB!.
I burst out laughing. "Thats one of our friends" I say welling up with tears from laughing do hard.
"Fuck! Well whatever"
He uncuffs me and walks away. I plan on running.
Frankie here I come!!
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