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Poison and Kerosene

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Hands-Stained-Red ROCKS! You figured it out!

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Ive started thinking, I dont know...If this thing with me and Frankie could get any better. He is the love of my life. I think about how he makes me feel:butterflies. I smile.
Im laying on the couch. He went to the store to get some more food. Im lonely, but not in the horny way. The way that I just need him at my side. Thinking of him eases my lonelyness.
I love him, I love him, i love him. And it never changes. We fight but about stupid things or things that seem important at the time. He is my savior. My life?....I sigh. Im too romantic for my own good. I always see good in people that why it took me so long to see what Trent had become. Frankie showed me that and showed me so much better. We love all the same things too. We even look similar. We both think that candle-lit anything is beautiful and that chocolates are a lame way of saying "I love you".
I miss him and how long has he been gone? An hour? God, feels like days. I focus in and out of Rock of love:bus which is the stupidest show alive. All these girls are whores. I feel like its my way of laughing in the dark. How funny there are ten shows on right now and they all end with the words "of love". WTF?. Thats not real love thats just some guy or girl wanting to make out and have sex with 10 different people without getting anyone mad.
The door opens. "Frankie!" i yell wrapping my arms around him. He giggles. "Your cute" he said.
"I miss you" I say in a baby voice.
"I miss you" he says back. he looks nervous. "Baby, you ok?" I ask.
"yeah..umm" You stay here I need to take care of something and you cant come".
I feel strange, is he going to break up with me? What did I do? Oh god...I hope I didnt do something wrong. Did he find another..I just. I dont...
I turn around, did he notice I was just stressing?
He pulls me over and he stand behind me and covers my eyes. His touch feels nice, he feels so cold. I can even feel how hard he is right now. "There, see Gee" I look around its so pretty.
Our bedroom has been turned into a romantic date! Its dark except for the red candles everywhere and it smells like vanilla. Theres champange and rose petals its perfect. I almost start crying "Oh Frankie" I hug him tightly. "You like it".."Oh Baby, I love it".
We both sit down. I sip champange nervously, Whats today? Its nothing important other than it being Wednesday. "I love you" and he kisses my lip softly. I bury my head in the crook of his neck. I feel myself blushing.
"I have something for you" He whisperd in my ear. I look up and theres and little box in his hand. I stare blankly at him.
He opens it. "I want you to marry me, Gee" He kneels. I start crying. I cant imagine. He really does love me! Oh!. "Yes I would love to marry you" I say trying not to tear up anymore.
He puts the ring on my finger. "Im sorry I wanted to find a more guyish ring but they only have your ring size in the womens".
I laugh. Its got a pretty diamond and "F+G" ingraved in it. "Its perfect baby, I couldnt ask for any better!"
I kiss him and he returns the kiss. "So?" he says. "I made a bubble bath for us if your interested?". I smile. So we cuddle in the tub together, talking and laughing, and after I give him the best sex of his life for being "the best boyfriend in the world". I start wondering about that wedding day we will soon have. I picture a gloomy, beautiful wedding.

And We'll wash down this engagement ringwith Poison and Kerosene.
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