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008. not a chance in hell

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Zoe and Kevin talk but it ends with one of them leaving the tour.

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WARNING: there is a “punch a baby” moment so don’t judge me on it. Mmkay? It’s all in humor, I don’t really think people should punch babies….
“Kevin,” I said after everyone had gotten off at the rest stop. It was almost four o’clock in the afternoon and Kevin still hadn’t spoken to me since….well, you know.

“What?” he said pausing at the door of the bus.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t know what I was doing, I swear Kev, I don’t want to hurt you.”

“You should have thought of that before.”


“Stop. Please,” he said finally turning to look at me, “I need to think. Just. Please, leave me be for a bit, okay?” I stood still and nodded, holding my breath as he walked off of the bus and into the rest stop. Sighing I dropped my head into my hands and let out a muffled scream. Why was I so stupid!? I had a great thing going and as usual, I went and screwed it up.

“You okay?” I heard someone asked and I simply nodded my head ‘yes’ but refused to open my eyes as the voice let out a chuckle and sat next to me, “you sure?”

“Yeah,” I said and looked up to see Patrick looking at me, concerned that perhaps I was going to run away with the bus or something. “Thanks.”

“I heard about what happened… Pete told me…”

“Oh great, does everyone know then?!”

Patrick paused for a second and bit his lip, “pretty much. Joe was in the room and he can’t keep his mouth shut.” Another pause. “Look, if you need to talk or anything…. I’m a pretty good listener.”

“Thanks,” I said, offering him a grateful smile, “but Kevin wont even speak to me and I don’t want to speak to Pete at the moment. I just… want everything to go back to how it was yesterday.”

“Do you?” he asked seriously.

“Yes!” I said aggravated, “What is it with you guys trying to make me doubt what I have with Kevin!? Pete pulled that shit too! I don’t know what you guys have against him but he’s never done one bad thing to me and I just went and fucked it up!”

Patrick put a hand on my shoulder, “Sorry Zoe. I didn’t mean to imply that you guys aren’t good together. That was out of line. I’m sorry.”

Taking a deep breath I realized I had overreacted just a little. Patrick was just trying to be helpful. “It’s okay… everything’s just happening so fast.. I don’t think my brain can work this quickly…”

After everyone had gotten some food and some much needed away time from the bus we were once more on the road. I sat for hours across from Kevin, neither of us uttering a single word. The clock hit midnight and mostly everyone had fallen asleep – except for Kevin and I. The silence was uncomfortable and I couldn’t stand it any longer. I was about to apologize, again, when Kevin finally spoke, “I called Jarod.”

“What?” I asked quickly, “Why?”

“I’m getting on a plane tomorrow night when we hit the club, dont worry, i didnt tell him about your...indiscretion.”

“Thanks but...Why are you leaving? This is your tour, you cant just leave it.”

“I’ve been waiting to hear back from another company for the past couple of months and they’ve finally agreed to hire me if I can start immediately. It’s in California.”

“California? But Kevin….”

“I’m sorry Zoe but it’s for the best. And this gives you a chance to move up in the company, Jarod said to put you in charge of the rest of the tour.” He said forcing a smile, but the smile quickly faded. “Zoe, I’m sorry but I’ve had issues in relationships before and its better we end this now. I mean, I could never trust you the same way again and this job has been my dream for years – I will not turn them down.” And then he disappeared into the bunks to go to bed.

The next morning the bus was buzzing with the news of Kevin’s departure and my new promotion. The time came and went to drop Kevin off and with a wordless goodbye we waved and departed for the last time. The first show of the tour was in six hours and the band was beginning to get antsy. The moment we got to the venue we began to unload and start setup – surprisingly fans had already begun to line up for the first entry in four hours. Every time I walked out of the doors to grab equipment or anything I was greeted by screaming teenage girls and boys (most of which I mistook for girls) in hopes of being one of the band members. They were always very disappointed.

After the majority of everything had been taken care of (that I could take care of) I relaxed back stage in the green room with an ice cold Coca-Cola. The past forty-eight hours had been more hectic than any others and I needed a breather. But as my life would have it, Pete walked in. “Hey,” he said shoving his hands into his pockets as he sat on the coffee table in front of me.

“Hey,” I responded, looking up as I fiddled with my half filled soda can.

“I know its probably not the best time but –“

“You’re right, it’s probably not.” I said sternly, I didn’t want to deal with the issue quite yet.

“BUT-“ he said with a hint of a grin, “I was wondering since Kevin is gone whether or not I even have a shot in hell of kissing you again.”

I bit my lip, how was I supposed to answer that? There was an unmistakable magnetic attraction between the two of us but the original issue still was in play, “It would be very unprofessional of us to get involved. I’m not some intern floozie who is just waiting at the chance to jump into bed with you. What happened out there was a mistake.”

“You didn’t answer my question,” he said, slightly disappointed.

“No. I’m sorry Pete but I’ve got to think about my future and getting involved with my boss who also happens to be my client and just… it’s not a good idea.”

I could tell he was a bit angry that I didn’t magically fall in love with him and jump into his arms but there was a determination that led me to believe he would not quit because I said it would be unprofessional. “Is that the real reason? Or am I just not your type?” he asked, now just asking questions because…well.. I wasn’t quite sure why.

“My type? Hardly,” I said taking another sip of my soda, I was trying to be kind and nice and not hurt his ego or feelings but fine, if that got him out of my hair I was more than willing to tell him what I was thinking, “I don’t like people with big egos. You just aren’t charming enough to balance it out enough, I have enough to deal with in my life without having to romantically add some ego crazy, rockstar, pretty boy, manipulative guy into the mix.”

Pete was silent for a second, considering what I had said I thought he would finally give up and hook up with some groupie girl and get over it. “Not charming enough to balance it out? Ha!” he said with a grin as he stood up, “You’ll see, Zoe, I’ll win you over yet.” And with that he walked out to go do a sound test.

“Yeah, right,” I said to myself, gulping down the rest of my soda. I was so aggravated by Pete’s insistence I could have punched a baby. There was no way in hell I could ever end up with someone like Pete - unless I was, in fact, in hell. Sure it was a good kiss, maybe one of the best of my life but Pete wasn’t the kind of guy I pictured walking down the aisle with or having a family with. Sure he had his good moments where he wasn’t such a douche but he bad moments outweighed his good ones. “God it’s going to be a long tour….”
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