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Kiss me You fool!

by PatbtrthnPete

Mikey and Ray

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"W-well Now.. I should tell you that I..." I frown "That I am also attracted to you... but now I'm confused about my sexuality..."

Ray smiles "I was confued for a while... then I fell in love and knew that I had to be with that one guy. There was no other option."

"What guy was it?" I ask kind of let down.

He kisses my cheek "You silly. This may seem fast, and I"m sorry I'll take this as slow as you want but the second I looked into your beautiful eyes I knew."

My eyes widen "R-really?"

He nods "I just... you're so sweet and caring and funny. I can't help but fall in love with you."

I smile weakly and pull him into a hug. He kisses the top of my head.

"So... what does this mean?"

"Well honey... You have to be 100% sure of anything we do."

"I... I kinda wanna be with you... ya know... hold hands, talk all of the time, kiss, and... ya know that stuff..."

He kisses my cheek "Kinda?"


Gerard walks in "Hey guys..." he raises an eye brow "Did...I... interupt something?"

I blush uncontrollabley.

He sits beside me "OK. You guys wont spill, so I'm guessing!"

I roll my eyes.

"You and Mikey have warmfuzzies for each other but Mikey's confused right? And you aren't sure what to do, right?"

My jaw drops. I'm amazed at what Gerard knows about me sometimes.

"Am i right?"

I nod.

He punches the air happily "Daaaamn I'm good!"

"any advice?" Ray raises an eyebrow.

"Yes. MIkey you like him right?"

I nod.

"And Ray. YOu like Mikey right?"

He nods.

"Then give it a go! YOu like each other. Regardless of Mikey's sexuality you can't deny the heat between the two of yu so date. Kiss hug makeout, stay safe. Mikey, everyone is confused at some point. You'll figure it out when you're ready I promise."

I hug Gerard "How do you always know what to say?"

"Because I'm amazing. So you two going out or what?"

Ray smiles at me and pulls me into his lap. He leans over to my ear and kisses it.
He whispers "Do you want to be my boyfriend?"

I nod with a gasp.

Gerard smiles "I'm serious guys, stay safe!"

I throw a pillow at him.

we lay on my bed beside each other. I kiss his neck. He gasps. I smile and wrap my arms around him tightly. He kisses my forehead and smiles.

I smile back and rub my head on his chest. He pulls off my glasses. I frown and squint to see his blurry face. He puts the glasses on his face and chuckles.

"Damn baby you're blind."

From that sentance I'm focused on one word.

He called me baby!

I stick my tounge out at him. He bends over to me and closes his lips around my tounge. My heart soars as we begin making out. He moves down to my neck, licking biting and sucking. I try to hold in a moan to avoid embarassment. He chuckes as the moan gets stuck in my throat. He growls as he leans down to my neck again. I moan loudly. He pulls apart, as we both get stuck in a fit of laughter. Gerard rushes into the room.

"Oh shit! I thought there was something wrong... Mikey, word to the wise, if making out makes you moan loudly, never have sex here with anyone home."

I blush deeply.

Ray chuckles and kisses my cheek "It's ok baby..."

"ANyways... Frank's sleeping in my room where's BOb sleeping?"

I shrug in here or with you i don't care..."

"Cool he's in here tonight then." Gerard goes to get BOb.

I grab my glasses from Ray and kiss his lips.

BOb clears his throat "Um... Gerard said for me to sleep in here.... I'm sorry I'll sleep-"

"It's fine Bobert." I smile "really... I'll even make you a little bed on the floor."

He smiles "Thanks Mikey..."

"No problem" I smile.

He smiles back.

I make it and hug him "Night night Bobbie."

He looks down with a blush.

"What's Up?" I raise an eyebrow.

"I-I-I nothing..."

"Wha-" His lips meet mine.

I can't lie. He's a good kisser. But, I have a boyfriend. In his defence, he doesn't know. Ray clears his throat.

I pull away "In my defence he kissed me!"

Ray nods "I know and he didn't know but..."

Bob looks down "Didn't know what?"

"Ray and I... We're dating..."

BOb frowns "Shit! I'm so sorry I wouldn't have done that if I knew I just... I kinda... really wanted to kiss you..."

I hug him "It's ok. We're still friends. Night night Bob..."

I crawl up onto the bed and curl up with Ray. My amazing boyfriend.

On thing still bothers me though.

How do I tell mom?
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