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His Princess

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what happens when Lily and James abandon their son because they thought he was a squib, what happens if a business associate from America, Tony Stark finds an abused Harry after a business event at...

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September first,

A lone thirteen year old standing in at five foot eleven and a half inch figure stood stonily on platform nine and three quarters, he laughed at the absurdity of wizards, and gazed at the pristine steam locomotive parked waiting to be boarded by hundreds of angsty teens that would release their parents of the burden of taking care of them for nine months. Without another glance he walked up to the train and with precise movements jumped the two foot clearance with trunk safely in hand.

One might of noticed his attire which looked extremely different from the local culture both muggle and Magical. Snug but not tight fitting black jeans and a skin tight full sleeve v neck shirt on flat black combat boots and a studded belt buckle, with razor sharp points glinting dangerously in the light all together it was his hair that set him off from most males jet black with natural flame highlights pulled back into a ponytail that went down to the middle of his back. The most peculiar thing about his aristocratically face was the two half carrot emerald stud earrings on each ear, matching his eyes to a tee. He looked to be built, but not unhealthily, balancing muscle with practicality. Simply he looked intimidating, his emerald gaze piercing the crowd from the compartment he chose, which happened to be the final one along the long corridor.

He glanced at each person entering the platform, committing each face to memory, well actually it was the glasses he wore, which were titanium frames with diamond cut lenses that recorded everything he saw to a hand held palm which in turn backed up the film to a million terabyte infrastructure hub, which directly was linked to his personal satellite, which he built when he was ten. You see Harry was a genius simply put his brain was capable of immense calculations at an early age and grew as he developed, combined with his near photographic memory made him one smart student.

Even without the interaction with high technology, he would have achieved greatness, but counting who his father was, he had unlimited access to any and all labs his father had operating as well as a limitless creditably. You might of thought such luxuries would make him an arrogant child with no manners but on the contrary it made him into a humble man, growing up with the best money could buy was a far cry from the abuse and neglect he experienced in his old life and to thank the man who gave him a feature Harry devoted countless hours and days to help expand the technological empire his father built.

As the train boarded he saw countless families embracing each other in love, and a single tear streaked down his cheek and fell with a plop down on his seat. Brushing away the trail of the salty tear he diverted his attention to his compartment, it was a simple room eight by ten and lined with seats in gold and red, the same scheme of the train.

As he tried to rest, his consciousness slipping in and out of oblivion, he just sat there... all of a sudden the door sprung open and his eyes widened in recognition, a girl with bushy brown hair and chocolate eyes stood at the door of the compartment trunk in hand with a similar expression etched across her face Harry Stark felt a familiar surge of magic and did the only thing he could think of, he fainted... TBC

Should i continue, should i not.... that's the question.
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