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A Wish Your Heart Makes

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This isn't how things are going to go. Riku-Sora-Kairi, no KH2 spoilers but how it goes IN MY HEART. For 31 Days 4/1/06 'dinner for three'.

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Kingdom Hearts
31_days theme : 4/1/06 "Dinner for three"

-- Riku's swearing with steady viciousness, almost calmly, running through a list of words he must have learned from Captain Hook or somebody ("Jafar's parrot, actually," says Riku, "It had a /filthy mouth."), worse than even the time Leon had fumbled his grip on his gunsword thingy and Sora's vocabulary had expanded like ten times before Aerith could get a chance to say sharply, "Squall /Leonhart!" and Leon shut up with a snap of his jaw that spoke louder than words. Riku pokes at a gash on his leg again, hisses, and begins to swear again.

"That's not nice," says Kairi. She sits up painfully and reaches for Riku, shining white energy gathering weakly around her trembling hand, and Riku smacks her hand away, scowling.

"Stop it," he says sharply.

"You need healed, don't you?" says Kairi, just as sharply.

"You need to rest," says Riku. It's true: Kairi is as tired as the other two, maybe even more. The problem is that Sora is better at offensive magic and Riku can't use magic hardly at all. It sort of fizzles when he tries, and it really pisses him off. It can't be helped, though, and he's got, as Kairi says, other talents, which include ripping apart a cluster of Heartless before Sora has a chance to realize there's a threat. But that makes Kairi the only good healer and it wears on her.

Sora sits up, wincing a little. "I've got a potion," he says. "We can share it." One potion split three ways barely does anything but make you realize how awful you feel but it's better than nothing. And it's rare they have them to spare.

They all watch each other suspiciously, trying to figure out how to get the other two to have enough and pretend they need less than they do. In a way it works out because then they really do divide it evenly. (Riku has a terrible tendency to take a bare sip of it and then 'accidentally' joggle someone's elbow while they're trying to drink and then look oblivious while his victim swallows twice what they meant to.)

The potion takes away the aches enough that they can think about how tired they are. Riku slumps against the wall and Sora hopes dully he'll sleep tonight, at least a little. Riku can only sleep in snatches, that end with him starting and the Soul Eater snapping into his hand. He hasn't hurt the other two -- yet -- but Sora's woken up more than once with the Ultima crashing with a resounding, almost melodic ring against the Soul Eater.

It's instinct, says Kairi, soothing them, stoking Riku's hair as he shakes. It's just instinct, hush. Sleep.

Kairi slides down next to Riku and Sora slumps over her, half on her and half on Riku's shoulder, curling around them both. The danger of having their hearts so close is less than their need for each other's warmth. Riku's arm falls around his shoulder heavily.

Sora dozes.

He starts awake when Riku slides gently away but stays where he's at. He listens and hears the distinctive sound of the Soul Eater singing as Riku kills Heartless. (Riku can tell when Heartless are near, even before the Ultima responds. Sora won't think about it. He won't.) The Soul Eater has a distinct mournful song.
Aloooone/, it sings, /Alooooone.

Riku staggers back and doesn't resist when Sora pulls him down. Kairi stirs, settles down more comfortably between the two of them. Riku buries his head against Sora's neck, his hair tickling Sora's throat. He sighs once, quietly and --

-- Goofy and Donald are snoring. Donald's smacking snorts blend into the whistling sounds Goofy makes, a tuneless chorus.

For a moment Sora almost wishes he didn't have a heart, because his hurts so bad he thinks he's going to die.
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