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012. nothing gold can stay

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Gotta love the roller coaster ride of Zoe & Pete....

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I woke up the next morning to find Pete’s arm wrapped around my waist. “It wasn’t a dream,” I said to myself as I turned to see the person sleeping next to me. The majority of me couldn’t believe I was letting myself have a relationship with him, though I knew we had the right feelings and an amazing chemistry part of me couldn’t help but think I had made a wrong decision. I told that part of me to shut up and enjoy the moment.

“Good morning,” Pete whispered and opened his eyes.

Smiling I propped my head on my elbow, “Good morning.”

The day went by very uneventfully as we drove to Virginia for our next show. I spent most of the morning filling out paperwork and writing emails to Jarod about the tour and Pete spent most of the day using me as a pillow or trying to distract me from my work. Not in a very subtle way Joe, Andy, and Patrick gave nods of approval to Pete and I’s relationship. It was nice because he was around (not like he had any where else to go) as an always-present distraction. Sometimes he would fiddle with my hair, grab onto my hand, or just run in and kiss me on the cheek and run back to play guitar hero on the opposite couch.

“Virginia here we are!” Harold announced over the PA, “Get ready to unpack in an hour!”

“Will you watch from backstage this time?” Pete asked me as he flipped my laptop shut, “it’s much more fun. I promise. Plus you get to see me in-between sets.”

“Well then,” I said giving him a kiss on the cheek, “Sounds good.” It was weird for me to jump into a relationship so quick but with Pete…it just felt right.

As the boys did their sound check I stood off in the wings and was filling out the last of the paperwork for the venue as my pocket started to vibrate. Walking outside for a minute so I could hear the call I answered, “Zoe,” I said quickly.

“Hey Zoe,” the voice on the other end said, “It’s Jarod.”

“Hey Jarod, what’s up?”

“Care to meet me for dinner tonight? Me and some of the other executives are in and we would like to discuss your future role in the record. We’ve been very impressed with your quick progress.”

I was too happy to contain myself but tried to act professional, “There’s a concert tonight but I finished all of the work so I would love to. Where at?”

“Nitros, it’s a lounge restaurant so dress nicely. See you at seven, we’ll send a car to the venue to pick you up at six thirty.”

“See you then Jarod.”

A moment later Pete came up behind me and put his hands on my shoulders, “What’s made you so happy?” he asked.

“Jarod and the other exec’s are here tonight and invited me to dinner with them,” I said shoving my phone into my pocket and turning to face Pete, “They wanna discuss my quick progress in the company and figure out my role in the future… This is amazing!”

“When? Tonight?” he asked, seemingly disappointed.

“Yeah, I have to go get ready. But don’t worry,” I said kissing him, “I’ll be able to see you perform every other show on the tour. You guys will be great.”


Coming home back to the bus I couldn’t wait to get out of the car. Jarod and the other executives had offered me a permanent job and offered me a contract to sign as Assistant Tour Marketing Director the day the tour was over. My life was beginning to come together. I had the job I went to school for, finally made my own name in the world, and I was dating a guy who actually tried very hard to be with me instead of the other way around. I couldn’t have been happier but you know what they say, nothing gold can stay.

I didn’t hear anything coming from the bus and only a couple of the lights were on so I figured the guys must have been out celebrating (like most tour nights) so I figured I could pretty myself up and change into PJs and play some guitar hero while I waited for them to come back.

After I changed into my PJs I thought I heard one of the bunk doors close loudly, “Someone’s home,” I muttered to myself and threw my hair up into a ponytail. I slipped on my flip-flops and walked back to the bunks to see how the show went when I heard a girl giggling. The guys had never brought girls onto the bus before so I decided to back up and give them their privacy when I noticed it was coming from Pete’s bunk. Considering that two people shared it I gave him the benefit of the doubt thinking it could have been Patrick when I heard the voice of the girl mutter “Pete.”

It was unmistakable and I swear to this day I could hear my heart break. I took a deep breath and tried to keep my composure, I must have misheard. Only last night did he sit with me and tell me that he would never hurt me, ever and tonight he was… “No,” I told myself, taking a step back I pressed myself against the wall.

“Peeeettteeee” I heard the girl say in a rather annoying whiny voice. That’s when I lost it. I couldn’t justify it in my brain so I did what any sensible woman would, I forced the door open and took a look. What I saw broke my heart and angered me so much that I could barely hear anything above my heartbeat. Inside the room I found Pete and the girl half undressed and mashed together on his bunk. Unable to say anything I simply shook my head and walked back to my bunk slamming and locking the door behind me.

“Oh shit,” Pete said, pushing the girl off of him, “Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit.”

“What’s-a-matter Pete?” the girl asked.

“I think you need to leave. Now.” He said quickly running over to my door, still shirtless,


“Hey Pete,” the girl said putting on her shirt, “could you sign this for me?” she asked handing him a marker.

Shaking his head he looked at the girl, “seriously? No. Please go.” He banged his fists against my door and all I could do was pace around the tiny little space, “Zoe! Please!”

I managed to calm myself a little and after a few minutes of silence I opened my door. I stood with my hands on my hips and shook my head, “Fuck you,” I said slowly. “You fucking lied to me. I told you I couldn’t handle being hurt again and not ONE day after you tell me you would never hurt me do I find you about to FUCK another girl.”

“Zoe Pl-“

“Don’t you dare even try to justify yourself. What, did your clothes magically fall off and she tried to give you hers? I mean, c’mon Pete. How stupid do you think I am?”

“I’m sorry Zoe.”

“No. Sorry doesn’t cover this. You are such a good actor Pete you really had me going,” I said crossing my arms defensively, “You made me believe you actually had feelings for me and made it feel like it was okay for me to trust you and have feelings for you.” I let out a sigh, “You know how much of an idiot I feel like?!” I yelled, “I told myself you weren’t the douche I thought you were and that you could be genuinely sweet but was it all an act? It must have been. Don’t talk to me again, Pete. Don’t you dare come back to my door and go ‘Zoe’ or ‘Sorry’ because I’m not hearing it. I should have seen this coming, I knew it would happen. Goodnight Pete. I’m sure you could catch up with what’s-her-face if you run.” And I slammed the door shut in his face.

Before I could hear if he tried to get my attention or knock on my door I grabbed my iPod and put the headphones in my ears on full blast and didn’t take them out the entire night.


The next morning Jarod was on the couch when the boys woke up. “I don’t know what you guys did,” Jarod said slowly standing up to address all of the hungover members of the band, “but Zoe has quit and I’m left managing the rest of the tour until I can find a replacement.”
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