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Chapter 77

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New dawn, new hope.

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‘You idiot’ Lyn hissed at Marcus as the room came to a complete standstill all eyes were turned on Frank who seemed to be having some kind of breakdown.
‘I-I thought you told them everything’ Marcus whispered back ‘I thought…’
‘Well you thought wrong’ Lyn snapped she took a deep breath and turned to Jamia who was standing across the room from her. ‘Jamia listen…’ she started, she didn’t have time to finish the sentence before Jamia’s body weight collided with hers sending them both sliding across the floor.
‘YOU FUCKING BITCH’ Jamia screamed her hands attacking the woman beneath her, hurling abuse and hits to whatever body part she could reach.
‘I’ll fucking kill you’ she screamed grabbing a handful of Lyn’s blonde hair using it to lift and then slam her opponents head onto the wood panelled floor. White flashed before Lyn’s eyes as her head hit the floor. She was suddenly dazed, no longer feeling the assault on her body but still hearing what was happening. Two strong arms lifted her up and she staggered to keep herself on her two feet. When her vision came back and the spinning room came to a halt, she noted it was Ray who held her up, whilst Jamia struggled against her human restraints her eyes soaking wet with tears as she continued to scream

‘I’m so sorry’ Marcus repeated as he witness Jamia’s heartbreak ‘for all of this I’m sorry for the role I played and for what it’s done to you all. I’m going to leave’ he said walking back towards the hallway.
‘WAIT!’ Lyn cried clutching her pounding head ‘where are you going?’
‘I can’t be here’ he said ‘I can’t even explain to you how I feel about all of this, how truly sorry I am for ruining…I have to go. I’m leaving for Arizona tonight….alone’
‘WHAT! But Marcus what about me’ she asked ‘we’re supposed to go together’
‘That’s what I thought’ he said shaking his head, he turned back around reluctant to face her ‘but not anymore’
‘But why?’ she demanded
‘Do you even need to ask? Look around you Lyn look at the mess that you’ve created. I asked you not to do this, not to come here. I asked you to come away with me and start a new life and you promised me that you would but you went back on your word…so I’m going back on mine.’
‘No Marcus you can’t’ Lyn cried rushing over to him, her eyes pleading with him as silent tears streamed down her face ‘you can’t leave me here we’re supposed to be together.’
‘No we’re not’ he shouted ‘I don’t…I can’t be with someone like you. I thought there was more to you then what meets the eye and there is but not in the good way that I wanted. I thought you could change but you can’t’
‘No I can change’ she sobbed her desperate hands clutching at his shirt ‘I can I swear to you, we can have our life in Arizona and all the things you wanted, we’ll start over like we planned.’
‘And what about them?’ he asked gesturing to the eleven people left in the room all of whom were watching Lyn’s downfall ‘how do you expect them to start over?’
‘I…I don’t know’ she said shaking her head ‘but this isn’t about them, this is about us’ she said ‘please don’t do this don’t leave me here like this. I love you.’
‘It’s not just about us, how can you go away and live happily knowing this is what you’ve left behind’ Marcus whispered his hands gripping hers ‘Goodbye Lyn I was very wrong about you’ and with a sharp yank he removed her hands from his shirt a few buttons ripping and falling to the ground around them. Lyn watched him go, her whole body shaking as realisation set in. So this was it. This is what heartbreak really felt like. She was losing the future that she had so looked forward to having, losing the man who loved her more then anyone else had ever bothered to, this is what real pain felt like. The slamming of the front door snapped her back into reality.
‘I’m so sorry’ she sobbed feeling now what Gerard must be feeling as well as Jamia and Frank. Those were the last words she spoke as she raced out of the house chasing Marcus hoping to salvage her breaking heart.

‘She’s not here’ Jude said racing back down the stairs she had missed the whole of Lyn’s desperate attempt to keep her relationship afloat as she had noticed that Cheyenne was missing.
‘Who’s not here?’ Bob asked he just couldn’t fathom what was going on around him, he felt as though Oprah was about to come out from nowhere and counsel them all.
‘Cheyenne’s gone.’ Gerard told him. He too had been so engrossed with the arguments around him that he failed to realise that she was gone until it was too late.
‘We have to find her’ Farrah cried ‘its freezing outside she has no where to go.’

Jamia watched the commotion around her as the others realised Cheyenne was gone, but she didn’t care. Her whole world was tumbling down around her. Frank, her wonderful, beautiful, loving Frank, her husband had had an affair and with some one she despised no less. How could he do it? Was all she asked herself over and over again as she replayed her life with him, the first time they met, their first kiss, the first time she saw him perform, the first time they had made love, their plans for the future, all these flashed through her mind each ending with the same question of how.
‘I have to go’ She announced suddenly she had to get away she had to think, she felt claustrophobic in the living room, with the constant arguments and the suffocating tension.
‘Jamia we need to talk’ Frank finally spoke up he was relieved to find that his voice had returned ‘I need to explain.’
‘There is no possible explanation’ Jamia said trying to organise her thoughts, unable to look at him. As far as she was concerned he was no longer then man she fell in love with.
‘Please there is, if you’ll just listen to me I’ll make you understand you’ll see I promise you’ he begged
‘No!’ Jamia said a soft sob escaping her lips ‘I have to leave I need to be on my own. I need to think.’
‘No please’ Frank begged ‘I can’t be without you Jamia, I don’t want to be alone tonight, I need to be with you.’
‘No you need to be with Lyn’ she cried ‘how could you do this?’
‘She made me’ he screamed ‘you don’t understand please just let me explain.’
‘How many times?’ she asked. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to know but she had to ask, she wanted to hear the details no matter how much they hurt. She wanted to know how much she would hate him after tonight.
‘What does it matter?’ Frank replied his face flushing crimson as his friends looked on in horror at Jamia’s question.
‘It matters to me Frank’ she screamed ‘was it good for you? Was she better then me? Did she go down on?’
‘Don’t…’ Frank trailed off looking away from her ‘Don’t do this.’
‘It’s all out in the open now’; she said ‘you might as well spill all the gory details I can already imagine it in my head so enlighten me Frank. How many times did you fuck her?’
‘Twice’ he whispered his head lowering involuntarily too embarrassed to even try and hold it up.
‘In one night?’ Jamia asked the gash in her heart opening wider sending more pain shooting through her body
‘No’ Frank said ‘two different times’
‘Oh!’ Jamia said rubbing her tension creased forehead ‘you saw her more then once. That-that is something.’
‘Mia’ Frank said taking a step forward he noticed that her guard was down the answer to the question had thrown her. ‘Please if you let me explain in private you’ll see that it’s not what you think.’

‘Its exactly what I think Frank’ she said sighing deeply ‘we go off and get married on a whim and you come back and you suddenly realised that you’re stuck with me, chubby slightly over weight, pretty but not stunningly beautiful Jamia and you’ve cheated with the first pretty thing that opened her legs to make your self feel better about what you haven’t got but can still get.’
‘NO! That’s not fucking true’ Frank exclaimed mortified that she could ever think he thought that way about her. ‘You are beautiful and I’m not stuck with you I want to be with you, you know that.’
‘I thought I did’ she said softly mentally berating herself for thinking he would be faithful to her forever, he was a rock start it was to be expected wasn’t it?
‘Oh Mia if you listen to me you’d know how wrong you are about all of this. Please let’s talk and you’ll see there’s an explanation for all of this.’
‘I don’t want to hear your pathetic excuses Frank.’ She snapped suddenly her guard shooting back up around her ‘After witnessing everything that’s happened tonight and your name coming up continuously with nothing good attached to it I’ve come to the conclusion that I really don’t know you’ she told him honestly ‘and I’m think that we may have made a huge mistake getting married.’
‘WHAT! No! No don’t say that’ Frank cried ‘we didn’t make a mistake we did the right thing, our marriage is right and you know it.’
‘I thought I knew that but I don’t know anything anymore’ she said sliding the white gold band off her finger, her hands shaking violently ‘I don’t think I want to be married to you anymore’ she sniffed finding his left hand and pushing the ring into it. ‘I have to go’ she repeated walking around him.
‘NO! Jamia please wait I’m begging you listen to me’ Frank sobbed now as he tried to walk towards her but his over worked brain seemed to be refusing simple commands.
‘No Frank I can’t wait’ she wept ‘I can’t- I can’t even bear to look at you.’ She never turned to look back as she left the house and got into her car, she made it two blocks before she pulled over and broke down in tears.


‘Frank’ Mikey said quietly after a few moments had passed and the shock to his system surpassed. His friend hadn’t moved a muscle since Jamia left so he took charged. ‘Come on Frank’ Mikey urged placing his hands on his friends shoulder and guiding him to the nearest chair, he pushed Frank into it and the man fell without even registering what he was doing.

‘We’re going to look for Cheyenne’ Bob announced he hated the thought of his cousin out in the dark all alone crying and vulnerable. He felt bad for Frank and worried at the state Jamia had left in but neither of them was his priority.
‘I’ll help’ Amber volunteered hoping it would give Bob a chance to really listen to her
‘No we don’t need you’ Bob told her harshly grabbing Farah’s arm in one hand and Jude’s’ in the other he marched them both out the door not bothering to close it behind the.

‘Come on Mikey lets go’ Alicia said grabbling his robes ‘We need to check on Jamia and we have to help look for Cheyenne too’
‘I thought you didn’t care about Cheyenne’ he retorted angrily.
‘I didn’t but don’t you see I was wrong’ Alicia explained ‘it wasn’t Cheyenne who was cheating it was Frank and I have to apologise to her. And as for you’ She said turning to the still immobile figure of Frank ‘you disgust me’
‘Alicia’ Mikey said calmly knowing that he was about to upset her ‘I’m going to stay here with Frank’
‘No you’re not’ she told him in no uncertain terms ‘you’re coming with me. Now’
‘Honey you can’t tell me what to do. I’m going to stay here and make sure Frank and Gerard get home ok.’
‘Fine’ she snapped ‘you stay here with your precious adulterous friends but don’t bother coming home tonight. I don’t want you there’ she said turning to Amber ‘Do you need a ride?’
Amber nodded silently and followed Alicia out the door trying to hold herself together as the tears welled up in her eyes.

‘Gee are you okay’ Ray asked it was an obvious and stupid question but he couldn’t think of another way to phrase it.
Gerard shrugged he was so numb now he wasn’t sure if any of his body was actually working.
‘Why the fuck are you asking him?’ Frank snapped bitterly ‘this whole thing is his entire fault.’
‘Don’t’ Ray warned Frank who was now standing up
‘No I think I will’ Frank said ‘Are you happy Gerard? Are you fucking happy now? You see what you’ve done. YOU’VE RUNIED EVERYTHING, OUR LIVES, THE BAND, OUR FUTURES. THIS IS ALL YOU. YOU DESTROY EVERYTHING YOU TOUCH.’
‘Where the fuck do you get off accusing me of ruining your life?’ Gerard fumed squaring up to his band mate ‘you slept with Lyn too hence why you no longer have a wife.’

Frank attacked Gerard so fast the others barely saw it, with his hands on Gerard’s shoulders he pushed his former friend into the display cabinet smashing the glass doors and sending them both tumbling to the ground. They wrestled angrily Gerard pushing his knees into Frank’s stomach as he tried to push him away. Frank not to be deterred by the knee caps deep in his stomach curled his fist and drove it straight into Gerard’s face, not once but twice before Ray dragged him off.
‘Truth hurts don’t it’ Gerard grunted as his lungs fought for air. He sucked his bleeding lip and spat the blood out on the dirty cream carpet
‘I’m going to tell you some fucking truths and you’re going to listen to everything fucking word I say about what happened between me and Lyn’ Frank growled
‘No I won’t I can already guess’ Gerard said ‘it’s probably something like you heard us fucking all those times when we were together and you wanted to see what you were missing.’
‘Gerard’ Mikey warned ‘don’t be a fucking asshole’
‘I’m not’ Gerard said smirking through his cut lips ‘go on then Frankie my boy enlighten me.’
‘I was blackmailed into helping Lyn get you back’ Frank said falling back into the chair that Mikey originally placed him in.
‘How?’ Christa gasped she was the only female left in the room, she had witnessed all the heartache and the fighting and as a result found her self speechless throughout the entire episode, until now.
‘One night Jamia and I had an argument about Gerard and Lyn, she said that there was something going on and I argued that Gerard would never betray Cheyenne. How stupid was I?’ he said rubbing his sore and soon to be swollen knuckles ‘so I stormed out and ended up getting pissed with a guy who I later found was Marcus. Out of nowhere Lyn turns up and announces that she was talking me home. I didn’t remember anything after that but when I came to I was back at home with Jamia. I kept having all these flashbacks and I couldn’t understand why there were so vivid so I went to talk to Lyn. She filled in all the blanks and then some as she showed me a tape of us having sex. She threatened to tell Jamia and I begged her not to I told her I’d do anything and that was when she told me she had planned the entire thing so someone close to Gerard could make him feel at ease about spending time with her and then eventually make him think it was okay to sleep with her.’
‘Oh My God’ Ray muttered as his body finally gave in from the stress and he sank to the floor by the wall.
‘It’s the truth’ Mikey said backing up the sordid tale ‘He came to me for help but I wasn’t any.’
‘Why didn’t you tell me?’ Gerard gasped as he tried to wrap his mind around what he just heard.
‘I couldn’t I was so scared’ Frank admitted ‘and you were so gone over her I didn’t think you’d believe me anyway.’
‘YOU SHOULD’VE TOLD ME’ Gerard exploded ‘I could’ve helped you.’
‘YOU CAN’T EVEN HELP YOURSELF’ Frank yelled ‘you’re so easily tempted look how quickly you gave into Lyn. You’re the last person I would go to for help.’
‘Did you say there was a tape?’ Christa spoke again ‘what happened to it?’
‘Amber and I broke into Lyn’s and stole it and Frank destroyed it.’ Mikey told her
‘Amber knew!’ Christa shouted for the first time ‘why didn’t she say anything?’
‘She couldn’t’ Frank explained ‘I had a deadline in which to get Gerard to sleep with Lyn and Amber lost me a day after she argued with Lyn. It was her idea to steal the tape.’
‘Unbelievable’ Gerard whispered as all the pieces had come together. All those times he fought against his feelings and temptations only to have them Okayed by Frank was because Lyn had told Frank to do it. She was the puppet master and they were both puppets on her strings. ‘What do we do?’ he said ‘about Jamia and the others they need to know this.’
‘There isn’t anything we can do now’ Ray stated ‘I think we should all go home.’
‘But the need to know it was no ones fault but mine, if it wasn’t for me Frank would still be married now and Cheyenne wouldn’t be hurting. No one would be hurting.’
‘I think Ray’s right’ Mikey agreed ‘we can’t finish this tonight there are too many people upset we need to let them all just be.’
‘You’re welcome to come back to ours’ Christa said to Frank ‘you’ll need somewhere to stay.’
Frank offered her a small smile but declined ‘nah I’m going to go and try and salvage something with Jamia, if she won’t talk to me then I’ll head to my mom’s.’
‘We’ll help look for Cheyenne and then go home’ Mikey said including Gerard in his plans ‘we can finish this tomorrow we have a lot to discuss.’ And by that they all knew what he was talking about. Their careers were at stake here.

As Ray strapped his seatbelt on his mind reeled with the events of the evening. He felt so lonely, so out of the loop, so much was going on underneath his nose and he never saw any of it, no one had told him or confided in him. He felt left out. As he drove around New Jersey keeping his eyes open for Cheyenne, he too felt like crying. Not for the heartbreak although he knew it was sad but because deep down, no matter how much talking and apologising was done, he knew that things would never be the same again, if their friendships couldn’t survive this then neither could the band. My Chemical Romance couldn’t survive without the members who made it what it was. As Ray headed home he took Christa’s hand in his and held it tightly he was so glad that he still had her to rely on, as they pulled up outside his home he looked at Christa and started making new plans for the future in his head, a future that contained her and him but no band.


Cheyenne had wondered around the streets for the past few hours, avoiding the usual roads that she would walk down she didn’t want to be found. She decided to head back to her former home, pack up a few essentials and head to a hotel for a few days to clear her head. The same thoughts were whirring around her mind but she wasn’t really paying them any attention anymore, she had a focus and that was to get the hell out of New Jersey as fast as she could.

As she approached the house she was grateful for the silence as that indicated that the house was empty unless Gerard was upstairs but knowing him he would’ve gone with Mikey. Nevertheless she closed the door quietly as she let herself in, removing her heels from her feet before walking quickly to the stairs.

‘Hey Chey bear’ Frank slurred he was sitting on the sofa facing the doorway a bottle of vodka in his hands and a wide grin on his face.
‘What are you doing here?’ she snapped walking into the living room. She surveyed the mess from the party and the obvious destruction from their arguments.
‘Well I was supposed to go home’ he laughed ‘home I mean where the fuck is that place anyway. But on second thought I decided to wait the night out here since I didn’t think anyone was coming back but then here you are.’
‘Give me that.’ She said snatching the bottle out of his hands and walking it to the other side of the room, where she placed it on shelf. ‘You’ve had enough’
Frank shrugged his shoulders but didn’t argue with her, he had had enough but when you’re in his state nothing ever seems enough.
‘I’m sorry’ he said his lips trembling again, he had cried continuously since being alone only stopping for a short time to get a drink or when the tears dried themselves only to start again a little while later. He covered his eyes with his hands to hide his tears, for some reason of all his friends he didn’t want her to see him cry.
‘You should be’ Cheyenne snapped fighting back the urge to comfort him ‘how could you treat me like that Frank.’
‘There’s so much you don’t know’ he said ‘I didn’t have a choice.’
‘I thought we were friends, I thought you liked me’ she said sinking down onto the lone armchair
‘We are and I do but I didn’t have a choice…’
‘Friends don’t treat friends the way you treated me, you encouraged Gerard to sleep with Lyn, you told him it was ok to fuck another woman whilst he was fucking me and throughout all this you knew I loved him.’
‘I hate to burst your bubble, but may I remind you that you and I nearly fucked and in doing so we would’ve committed the crime that we’re judging Gerard for.’ He told her.
‘That’s different’ Cheyenne said her unable to look at him.
‘It just is’ she said simply trying to justify the reason that it felt so different to her. ‘You still haven’t told me why you did it?’
Frank shook his head not wanting to tell her that he slept with Lyn, even if he told her the true reason why, he had a feeling that she wouldn’t take it lightly. He would tell her but not right now, he needed someone and she was the only one he had at the moment.
‘Well look you’re welcome to stay here as long as you want’ she said finally disappointed by his silence ‘I only came here to pack some of my things.’
‘Where are you going?’ Frank asked he thought his heart would be worn out from all the rapid beat changes that it had suffered tonight, but it sped up again as she said those words,
‘Away I need to think, so much has changed I need to think it out before I speak to Gerard.’
‘Will you go back to Chicago?’ Frank asked hoping her answer would be no, he liked having her around it would be weird without her.
‘Not right away but yes eventually’ Cheyenne said standing up and heading for the stairs ‘I have to pack.’

Cheyenne ignored the tears as she packed up her essentials she tried not to imagine Lyn and Gerard rolling around on their bed kissing and touching but she couldn’t help it. She felt so stupid, so humiliated for trusting him for thinking that they could really have a happy life together. She now understood the meaning of the expression ‘only fools rush in.’ She was a fool, no, she was Gerard’s fool. He made her think that a picture perfect future, with a big house and children was within reach but in fact it was lie, a fantasy he dangled in front of her only to snatch it away cruelly with Lyn’s help. A soft knock on the door startled her and she threw the pair of socks she was clutching into her small suitcase.
‘Come in Frank’ she said wiping her eyes
‘I just came to see if you needed a hand’ he said closing the door gently behind him, she noted he had sobered up a little the banging around in the kitchen must’ve been him making coffee.
‘I’ve got it under control’ she sniffed and the chocked back a sob.
‘Hey’ he said softly walking over to her and enveloping her in a hug ‘don’t cry’ he whispered
‘Why shouldn’t I?’ She wailed ‘my life here is ruined and I have to stay in it.’
‘I thought you said you were going back to Chicago?’ he recalled hoping she had changed her mind. He knew it was selfish but he wanted her to stay, he wanted her around.
‘I will but I can’t yet. I have no home there, no job, nothing’ she cried ‘I was supposed to have it all here and now I have to go back and start from the beginning.’
‘I know’ he soothed ‘I’m sorry. We’re all in the same boat.’
‘How?’ she snapped pushing him away from her ‘you don’t have to start again, you still have your home and Jamia. Our troubles are not the same’
‘After you left Jamia did too but before she went she left this behind’ he said lifting his right hand and showing her Jamia’s wedding band
‘WHY?’ Cheyenne gasped her hands flying to her mouth ‘she gave you back her ring, what for?’
‘She said she didn’t want to be married to me anymore’ Frank said swallowing the lump that rose in his throat. He sank onto the bed his head bowed as he replayed the scene in his head
‘But why, I know she was upset about what you did but she can’t throw everything away. Tell me Frank what did I miss?’
‘If I tell you, you’ll leave me too and I can’t be alone’ he said shaking his head as fresh tears soiled his eyes.
‘I won’t’ she said sinking down next to him, she brushed his forehead moving his hair from his face ‘tell me please.’
‘Tomorrow’ he said looking out the window he could see the sky was still dark but he knew it would start to lighten soon ‘when it’s bright day outside I’ll tell you, but while it’s still dark I need you to stay with me.’
‘Ok’ Cheyenne said stroking his face confused and afraid of what he might tell her ‘tomorrow we’ll talk’
‘Thank you’ Frank said closing his eyes and holding the hand that stroked his face, the comfort that he felt from such a simple gesture felt so good after the tension of the night, He suddenly felt tired, his body weary from events. He needed sleep, but how could he sleep when he was so on edge?
‘Come on lets get you to bed’ Cheyenne said noting how relaxed he seemed she felt so bad for him but she couldn’t understand why Jamia would leave him, after all he did encourage Gerard to sleep with Lyn but that’s not really a reason to leave your husband.
Cheyenne stood and pulled Frank’s arms gently urging him to stand up but instead Frank grabbed her arm and pulled her to him. Cheyenne’s eyes were wide as she landed on his lap, his arms around her squashing her to him, a faint grin on his lips. Cheyenne realised what he was thinking, it would be so easy to go all the way, no one was here to stop them and no one was here to witness their actions. But could they really go through with it after all that had happened? With her hands on his chest she gently pushed away from him but Frank’s arms only tightened around her waist and before she could utter a word his lips were on hers. It didn’t take long for the soft testing kiss to become passionate. Cheyenne fingers ran through his black hair pulling his head closer to hers as she deepened the kiss, she needed to breathe but she didn’t want to break the feeling the kiss gave her. It was incredible, it was the first positive feeling she had in what seemed like forever. Frank hands roamed Cheyenne’s back, grateful for the slit in the dress for he could travel the length of her naked legs testing how far he could go, she moaned deeply when his hand reached the top of her thigh and he knew that he could go as far as he wanted. Pulling away he stopped breathless and in need he looked into her eyes and they held the same excitement that his did, she smiled at him and then rested her forehead on his, her lips kissing his nose gently, she went to kiss him and then pulled back teasingly as he waited for her to make a move.
‘I want to see you’ He whispered as she teased him again her lips barely touching his.
‘What do you mean?’ she asked kissing his jaw line all the way down his neck to his throat as his head rolled back.
‘Naked’ he said ‘I want to see all of you, every inch.’
She moaned at the erotic tone in his voice and the meaning of his words ‘anything’ she agreed.
‘Lay down’ he said and she did. Frank watched her lower herself onto the bed, he removed his suit jacket undoing the shirt cuffs and rolling back his sleeves. He crawled onto the bed next to her and kissed her face moving down to her neck and going further still as his lips kissed her breasts.
‘You can tear it’ she said as his hands came to rest on her stomach ‘it’s just a costume’
‘Good’ Frank said with a grin ‘I was going to anyway’
Cheyenne giggled at his bravado but soon stopped as Frank’s grin disappeared and he placed his hands on the fabric below her breasts and tore it. It made a loud rip as it split from her body, he gathered up more of the material and continued to rip until the dress was halved down the middle with Cheyenne’s body in-between. She sat up and helped him remove the dress from her arms.
‘Wait’ Frank said his arms encircled her. She didn’t stop him as he unhooked her bra and slid the straps off her arms. She lay back down and watched Frank’s hands roam down her body hooking his fingers underneath her underwear, lifting her body she watched him lick his lips as he tugged her lace knickers removing them from her body completely.
‘You have no idea how long I’ve waited to see you like this’ Frank said hovering over her, he was face to face with her and looking into her eyes ‘and you have no idea how excited I was when I saw you earlier in your underwear I had to stop myself from taking you then.’
‘I wish you hadn’t’ Cheyenne whispered as she kissed him, opening her mouth to let his tongue in, greeting it with hers. Frank tried to control himself but it was seemed impossible he had waited for so long, battled his conscience too but it was happening now and he wouldn’t stop until he had her every way he wanted her. His hand went straight to her breasts, feeling them naked, her soft skin and her hard nipples was such a turn on he couldn’t believe. He wanted to spend as much time as he could getting to know them, caressing them and making it feel good for her.
‘Touch me Frank’ Cheyenne managed to say as she broke their kiss for air. She felt as though she was in a dream, in a fantasy she’s be having whilst getting herself off.
‘I am’ he mumbled down her neck and chest until he found a nipples and swallowed it, making her arch her back in pleasure.
‘No lower’ she insisted
‘Patience’ he teased catching her eye and winking at her ‘There’s so much I want to experience’
‘Please Frank’ she sighed as he continued to play with her breasts squeezing and kneading them gently ‘I’ve waited so long to have you, don’t make me wait any longer.’
‘This is probably our only chance to do this Chey’ he said ‘I don’t want to miss touching any part of you’
‘You won’t I promise’ she said propping her self up on her elbows making her breasts sway. ‘I don’t want to miss out on any part of you either but I’m aching Frank, so bad, I need you inside me’
Frank moaned at her words, leaning forward he kissed her mouth roughly feeling the urgency in her return he traced his hand slowly down her body between her thighs and gently rubbed her swollen clit. She broke the kiss and let out a loud pleasured gasp and Frank ran the length of her slit before dipping his finger inside her wet heat.
‘You’re so wet’ he said surprised out how easily his finger entered her.
‘I told you’ she sighed as he pushed deeper inside her ‘I’ve wanted you for so long’
‘You said you touched yourself thinking about me’ he reminded her and she nodded as he slid his finger out of her, she nodded silently to gone to form a sentence.
‘Show me’ he demanded grabbing her hand and placing it on herself. Cheyenne did as he asked and Frank watched as she dipped her fingers expertly inside her self, lifting moisture from her hole and rubbing it against her clit. He watched with lustful eyes at her performance as he peeled off his clothes. Even as he undressed himself he still couldn’t believe this was happening.
‘Look at me’ he said his hand joining her as she worked her clit, she opened her eyes as his firm finger entered her again and she noted his nakedness and she couldn’t help the grin that formed on her lips. She’d never slept with a man with tattoos before and for her it made it all the more erotic and naughty, she tried to study him taking in the art on his body, the definition lines on his toned stomach, his hip bones that protruded under his skin, his proud penis standing to attention. It was more then she had imagined. Pushing his hand away from her burning privates she sat up and grabbed him pulling his naked body to her kissing him with a renewed passion, she rolled on top of him, she was in charge now.
‘You’re so sexy’ she told him as she traced the drawings on his arms and chest, she let her hands travel down his body her eyes following taking in the colours, the shapes, the art. She slid down his body and pushed his thighs apart she kneeled between them looking at his hard cock that was begging to be swallowed by either her mouth or her pussy.
‘May I?’ she teased licking the tip and revelling in how soft his skin was.
‘Please’ Frank said and watched as her lips lowered over his crown, he sighed as he saw himself disappear inside her, her mouth was so wet and her tongue was firm against his length. Frank held himself together, his fists pulling at the sheets as Cheyenne worked her tongue against him. She was good and Frank let her know by not stifling the sounds that his throat made.
‘Watch me Frank?’ Cheyenne said, he opened his eyes and watched her move up his body, laying her breasts on his hard shaft. He knew what was coming and he moaned as she cupped a breast in each hand and sandwiched his manhood between them, massaging his length, using her ample chest to masturbate him.
‘That is incredible’ Frank moaned as she watched the head of his cock appear and disappear between her mounds, her tongue flicking out her mouth to lick his tip when it showed. He watched her fingering her nipples as she continued to cleavage fuck him and he couldn’t wait any more he wanted to fuck her. He wanted to feel her cunt contract around him as he made her cum, he needed to spill himself inside her but most of all he wanted to hear his name on her lips.
‘I want you now’ Frank grunted his voice heavy with passion, Cheyenne slowly stopped sucking and moved up his body straddling him once more her arse resting against his cock.
‘How bad do you want it?’ she asked tracing her fingers around his nipples, before spotting and covering his tattoo of Jamia’s name with her hand. She didn’t need that on her conscience now.
‘Pretty bad’ he grinned up at her loving the tease.
‘Hmm prove it’ she dared a wild look flashing in her eyes.
Grabbing her hips he flipped her expertly and bought his lips to hers kissing her again, his tongue forcing its way into her mouth, he could feel his cock against her womanly warmth and he pushed inside her slowly, he moaned into her as she accepted him fully, she was tighter then he had imaged and if it was even possible it turned him on more.
Cheyenne gasped as her body expanded to accommodate Frank, he was thicker then Gerard, much thicker but not necessarily longer. He thrust gently as her insides hugged him, it felt so good that he was tempted to speed up and finish just so he could have the release he so badly needed but he wanted to make this good for her.
Cheyenne was in heaven. Frank moved slowly but deliberately within her loosening her pussy slowly, almost teasingly. She opened her legs wider and he slid in deeper making them both moan, now he was hers she wanted to get as much of him inside her as possible. Frank began to speed up his thrusts he couldn’t help it, she was so wet and inviting and the sensations that he felt on his dick were too good to ignore. He was holding himself up now, looking down as Cheyenne squirmed beneath him, her breast bouncing wildly each time he entered her, he watched her full lips part and heard heavenly moans escape them as he pleasured her.
‘Turn me over’ she breathed ‘turn me over and fuck me’
‘Fuck’ Frank ground out ‘don’t talk like that you’re going to make me cum’
‘I want you to’ she said grabbing his arms and lifting her hips to meet his ‘turn me over and just go for it’ she said wickedly ‘get behind me, take control and just fuck me.’ Frank didn’t need telling twice he slid out of her, his cock aching in protest he jumped off the bed pulling Cheyenne’s leg until she reached him, he turned her over and pushed her down so her torso was flat on the bed and her arse in the air.
‘Spread ‘em’ he grunted parting her legs, he guided his hot penis inside her and grabbed her hips.
‘Oh yes’ Cheyenne gasped as he filled her again, deeper now then before hitting her pleasure button with accurate thrusts of his hips. His tattooed hands held her hips in place as he pounded inside her he watched her toned arse as the flesh beneath her skin moved with each action making it jiggle. He moaned as he noticed how wide her legs were spread as he disappeared inside her again and again, on a whim he stopped fucking and slapped her arse, he heard her moan with pleasure and he pounded back inside her, stabbing her g-spot with his cock, he felt her begin to tighten around him.
‘Oh yes Frank, fuck me’ she cried as her nerve endings erupted, a strong orgasm exploding between her legs. She moaned loudly as he continued to hit her spot and Frank couldn’t control himself, he thrust inside her building his own orgasm, he could feel it coming and he cried out, he thrust harder desperate to feel his sperm leave his hot swollen dick. Cheyenne pushed herself back against Frank anxious to feel him spill himself inside her
‘Cum for me Frank’ she begged seductively as he moved inside her ‘Fill me up’
That didn’t it. With a loud groan Frank came, his hips bucking widely as he shot his load in Cheyenne screaming her name as the sensation ran through his body, he pounded harder and harder getting every last drop of his seed out and finally he slowed, pumping lazily his dick begging to soften. They’d done it now! With weak, shaking legs Frank climbed back onto the bed pulling Cheyenne up to his chest, both of them tired and out of breath but both feeling a sense of euphoria they had never experienced before.

‘Oh My god’ Cheyenne breathed eventually ‘you are amazing’
‘I bet you say that to all the boys’ Frank laughed breathlessly
‘But I’ve never meant it like this before’ she responded her mind still blown ‘I’ve never had anything close to that before’
‘Me neither’ Frank said honestly. He kissed her forehead and closed his eyes revelling in how good he felt, it was such a difference to how down he felt just hours before.
‘What are you doing?’ he murmured he could feel her moving around and he could hear things falling on the floor.
‘Setting the alarm for half an hour’ she said as he hands settled on the bedside alarm clock.
‘Why?’ he asked his eyes flying open. Was she about to kick him out? After all she got what she wanted.
‘Because we only have until daylight before this ends and if that’s so then I want you as many times as I can get you.’ She told him
Frank laughed and kissed her nose ‘you’ll get me again don’t you worry, but for now lets rest.’
A few minutes past before Cheyenne spoke again this time her voice was sadder then before
‘Love me Frank’ she whispered and knowing what she meant he hugged her close to him his arms making her feel safe and secure.
I do love you’ he confessed ‘I realised it tonight when we made our entrance to the party I realised that my feelings were deeper then I thought them to be.’
‘Same here’ Cheyenne whispered ‘I realised it not long ago.’
‘What do we do now? He asked his hand stroking her hair. ‘Where do we go from here?’
‘I don’t know’ she said ‘If I may be so bold I’d say we’d easily be happy together Frank. Our life would be simple together….’
‘But…’ he sighed knowing it was coming ‘we’d hurt a lot of people in the process, I’d lose my friends and you would to.’
‘I could live with that’ she told him honestly, glad the darkness was hiding the sad expression on her face.
‘But what?’ he asked curious now at what her objection could be.
‘I wouldn’t be able to have a life with you, knowing that you’d always wonder what your life would’ve been like with Jamia. You two have been together for so long, you’ve made plans about the future, you’ve wondered, dreamed and fantasised what your life would be like in years to come and I couldn’t bear to have a life with you, knowing that those thoughts would always be in your head.’
‘So what are you saying?’ Frank whispered
‘That you fix your life with Jamia and try and see if you two can build the future that you’ve dreamed of. Don’t let whatever happened tonight destroy the years you two have had together.’
‘And what if Jamia does forgive me and takes me back? What if I then start wondering what a future with you would be like?’
‘It wouldn’t matter because Jamia would never know that you thought that way so it couldn’t hurt her, and deep down you know that’s where you really belong.’
‘And what about you and Gerard?’ he questioned feeling jealous at just saying his friends name.
‘There is no Gerard and me’ she said honestly ‘I couldn’t take him back after tonight, I just couldn’t. It would take a serious miracle for me to trust that man again.’
‘He loves you though’ he reminded her ‘I know tonight wasn’t a very good example of it but…’
‘But nothing Frank’ she silenced him ‘I gave him all of me and gained nothing back, I won’t put myself in that position again.’
They lay there for longer then they intended talking quietly to each other discussing what the others could be up to and who was still talking to whom and what had happened to those who hearts were broken tonight.
‘Frank’ she whispered as new tears ran down her cheeks ‘I’m scared’
‘Of?’ he asked, he knew what she felt he felt it to, not only was his personal life in serious danger it seemed as though the band was too and that was something that he had craved for a long time and something that he wasn’t going to give up without a fight.
‘Everything’ she cried ‘what happens to us now, how do we survive this, how are we supposed to move on?’ she sobbed ‘I’m afraid’
‘Don’t be’ he assured her as he watched the sky lighten outside, giving him a small measure hope ‘I’ll take care of you.’


A/N hello my lovelies it’s the end! What did you think? I can’t believe it’s finally over. I’ve been writing this story since I was bloody born…well ok that’s an exaggeration but it’s not far off. Thank you for all the wonderful reviews and ratings I really do appreciate them, you guys have truly been amazing throughout this whole process. Good bye my friends I love you all. Reign xxx

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