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Every Breath I Never Take

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This is She's Not Breathing from Violet's point of view. Tell me what you think of it.

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This is Violet's point of view of "She's Not Breathing". I would really like to have some feedback on it. Tell me what you think of the first chapter. What could be improved. If I should keep writing it or not. What else you would like to see me write. Add me on myspace if you would like. The link is on my page =)

“Shit,” I mumbled as the tardy bell rang. “Shit, shit, shit!” I hurried to my classroom and stopped close to the door.

I couldn’t be late for class anymore. If I was, I would get suspended from school… again. Technically it would be my first time suspended from this school, but my permanent record begs to differ. Either way, my brother would shoot me in the foot if I came home after I just got enrolled into my new school.

I quickly wiped the red mark from under my name on the attendance sheet and jumped to the ceiling. I ran my way though the rafters in the ghetto school I attended and out the front door. I raced as fast as my feet could carry me on the side of the building and opened to the window to the classroom, climbed in, shut the window and crawled in after a matter of seconds. I set my messenger bag on the floor and looked towards the front of the room.

“Thank god.” I mumbled as I looked at Mr. Pitts, whom had his back turned writing something on the black board about the Declaration of Independence.

I yanked my hood up on my head and pulled a piece of paper out of my bag and dug around for a pencil. I smiled in victory as my hands discovered a pink mechanical one. I then started to draw a zombie holding a human’s heart in it’s hand. I was quite the artist, I suppose. I just didn’t want anyone to know. I don’t like that kind of attention. I like the more… bad girl type of attention.

“Ms. DeLeo,” Mr. Pitt’s called.

I ignored him, acting like I was hard at work at copying whatever he was blabbing about. I didn’t need to know anything he was teaching me. I had sat through all of it many times. Too many to be exact.

“Ms. DeLeo!” The fatty at the front of the class room yelled at me again.

I sighed, knowing that I had lost this time. I looked up from my wonderful zombie and stared at him. “Yeah?”

“Did you hear the question that I just asked you?” He glared at me.

“The Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776.” I smirked as I read his thoughts. “And, your real first name isn’t Marcus, it’s Harold.”

“How did you-” He glared at me. I kept my smirk strong on my face, satisfied with what I was doing. “You…You… Take your hood off! No hats in the building!”

I rolled my eyes and pushed my hood off my head. I then decided that my zombie was more important than whatever was being said about the Declaration of Independence. I could pass any test thrown at me with ease.

“Is your name really Harold?” A kid asked.

“That’s not important.” Mr. Pitts mumbled.

I heard Mr. Pitts turn back around to the board. I pulled my hood back over my head.

“Harry Pitts.” A different voice snorted. He had a cute snort whoever it was. I felt his eyes fall on me. I did my best not to look up at him, even though it was rather tempting.

I heard the first boy whisper and the other one jump. I tried my best not to eavesdrop on their conversation. It was hard for me not to. I did my best just to focus on my zombie.

“Gerard Way and Frank Iero!” Mr. Pitts exploded.

I looked up, not wanting to miss whatever was going down with Gerard and Frank.

“There is to be no more talking!” He yelled at them. “Violet DeLeo! Get that hood off of your head! Do the three of you want detention?”

“Oh no Mr. Harry Pitts, sir.” The one called Frank, put his hands up in defense.

I almost lost it. I snorted and giggled a little bit in a failed attempt not to laugh.

“One more crack like that at any time this week, and you and your jokester pal, DeLeo, back there will be in detention with me for two weeks!”

“Oh, but…”

Frank turned to look at me.

“One more.” Mr. Pitts threatened.

I shut my mouth and smirked at Iero. He was cute. His pretty eyes and dark hair. But I couldn’t get caught up in a relationship again. Not the way I lived. They just didn’t work out.

So, I relaxed and went back to zombie-drawing.

“It’s not nice to stare at the new kid.” I heard Gerard say.

“I can’t help it.” I felt Frank’s eyes still on me. “She’s really pretty.” I couldn’t help but smile. Once I realized what I was doing, I quickly tried to stop myself.

The bell rang.

I sighed and shoved my finished zombie picture in my messenger bag and stood up. I smirked at Frank. “Later, trouble maker.”

“Like you have room to talk!” He yelled after me.

I walked out of the room before I could hear the smart ass remark that was forming in Gerard’s mind.

I was doing my best not to fall for Frank. Hell, I barely even knew him. I could tell from his thoughts he was really sweet at heart, but even though we looked the same, our age difference would tear us apart.
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