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what's this eleven-year old boy could do? they knew too late...

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The ghostly figure neared Shock's face as he snapped his eyes open. He was now wide awake.
"I’m Dave, you're Shock, right?" it said. For a normal person, it's a fast, blabberish and not very understandable sound but for him, it's loud and clear.
“You know that you’re dead?” asked Shock, calmly.
“Yes, lad. And I want you to fulfill my favor,” he said, almost directly.
He was rotting but he has a handsome face for a dead man.
“Favor?” asked Shock.
The ghost nodded and said, “I want you to protect five men that I adored most when I was still alive. As young as you are, I know someone like you can do my will. Besides, you’re the only one I can talk to,” he smiled.
There was certain truthfulness in his eyes that the boy suddenly believed.
“Follow me then.”

I woke up and saw a big crowd of people. I haven’t been into any concerts but I know what a crowd there looks like and I’m pretty sure this is one of them.
“It’s a damn concert, how do I find the people you want me to look over?” he said.
“The only people you see up the stage,” he declared, looking over the excited mob of fans.
The ghost nodded.
For about an hour or so, we stood there, beside a shady oak tree and waited until the concert ended. Dave patiently led me to the backstage, he seemed happy. As for me, I feel the contrary. He made me sit on the nearest stool from the exit.

The band saw him. The shortest among them whom they call Frank approached Shock. The boy looked directly to his eyes. “Damn, is this kid alone?” Frank thought.
Shock smiled, he can read his mind. “I am,” he said out loud.
Now, a wave of shock swept past Frank. “What?” he tried to hide the fact that his thoughts were actually and mysteriously read.
“Yes, I am alone,” he repeated.
“Now, here’s a fucking annoying boy who got himself a pass just to press the shit out of me?” he thought.
Shock smiled again, this time, strangely, "Don’t let pride take you, Iero. The higher you get, the greater you’ll fall.”
“Anyways, what’s your name?” he asked, trying to shove it off.
“Shock,” he answered.
“Shock…” he tried to make sense of the queer name.
“It’s queer alright, but that’s not my real name. The name’s Gabriel,” he said.
“Alright, Shock, it’s late at night, say what? You’re eleven? You need to get home. You’re parents might worry,” said Gerard as he took a sip from his cup.
“As if they would,” he rolled his eyes, “they’re dead.”
They blanked out of things to say. Then, suddenly, ever so quietly, Dave appeared beside him. He whispered, “Keep me and my favor a secret unless it’s time to tell them. They might be surprised.”
Shock nodded a movement they won’t notice.
“Seriously,” said Mikey, “where are your parents?”
“Didn’t you hear what I just said?” he snapped.
Then, right next to Frank, a rotten figure appeared. A girl, her hair dangled and messy, her skin, greenish-gray and visibly rotten, her grin filled with jagged and sharp teeth and her eyes, oh what eyes! Flaring with rotten flesh, her head tilted to the right in an awkward position
Shock felt his heart beat faster and his breath sharper. His eyes widened with fear. He gripped the sides of the stool tightly that his knuckles turned white. Right in front of him, the girl’s mouth began oozing with yellow liquid.
Shock remembered Macko, the ghost who if it touched you, will bring you misfortune for a year. A couple died because of Macko and the only way to stop him is to convince him that he’s dead. It took Shock a year to tell him that. And this time, he faced another ghost like Macko: that girl.
She flailed her arms up and laughed a very freaking laugh. She’s threatening to touch Frank!
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