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Innocent Eyes

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Denzel and Marlene discuss Yuffie's relationship with Vincent.

Category: Final Fantasy 7 - Rating: G - Genres: Humor, Romance - Characters: Cloud Strife, Denzel, Marlene, Tifa Lockhart, Vincent Valentine, Yuffie Kisaragi - Warnings: [!!] - Published: 2006-04-03 - Updated: 2006-04-03 - 1803 words - Complete

Disclaimer/claimer: They belong to Squarenix, not me. I own only the story and (as said before) one copy of Advent Children.

Attempt at more lighthearted fic. Slight mention of my previous piece Sins Forgiven. Result of watching AC at half past three in the morning when I had to get up at six and reading YunCyn's Familial Moments fic. I just felt like bringing in more characters. As for fluff, I never said it will be Vincent/Yuffie fluff, did I?


Yuffie Kisaragi, trained ninja, excellent materia thief and saviour of world was cornered with no means of escape. There was no possibility for her to fight her way to freedom. Attacking her assailants was out of question (Tifa would kill her for sure and Barret would tear to shreds everything that was left) so that left only one option.

"Gawd! All right, all right, I'll do it."

Denzel and Marlene cheered at their victory and scrambled to Tifa to tell her goodnight and then to Cloud. After that they latched at Yuffie's arms and practically dragged unresisting Wutaian princess upstairs. Tifa smirked at this. Yuffie had dropped in earlier and it was painfully obvious that children loved to have her around. Especially Denzel. His crush on older teenager was somewhat cute even though once Marlene realized what was going on...

Tifa giggled and Cloud raised both his eyebrows.

"What's so funny?"

"Haven't you noticed?" he was so oblivious sometimes.

"Noticed what?"

Tifa sighed and leaned forward on bar counter.

"Denzel likes Yuffie," she pronounced clearly. Cloud just gave her a look.

"And? Marlene likes her too."

"What Tifa meant to say," came another voice from Cloud's right, "is that Denzel is harboring feelings for Yuffie. He is infatuated with her."

Cloud looked at Vincent who had come with Yuffie earlier. She was insisting that he spent more time with his friends and he had no choice but to comply, seeing as she wasn't going to give up her case. Tifa had speculated as to why he was willing to listen to Yuffie and why Yuffie was so stubborn about him getting a life and she had come up with a theory that they liked each other. She had presented the theory to Cloud who had replied that she shouldn't have been jumping to conclusions to which Tifa had answered that it was woman's intuition and he would see she had been right.

"Really?" Cloud smiled too as he imagined Marlene's reaction to this bit of news. "Poor Denzel."

"My thoughts exactly," Tifa said and looked at the silent gunman. "Would you like another drink, Vincent?"

"No, thank you, Tifa. I'll just wait for Yuffie to come downstairs."

Tifa grinned at Cloud with an I told you so expression. Cloud shrugged. He really wasn't that interested in whatever was going on between his team members. They were both adults and what they did with their lives was their bussiness and noone's else. And so the three people in the bar sat in silence as they waited for the ninja to come back from her quest of putting two children to bed.



"Yuffie?" Denzel gnawed at his cheek as he lied in his bed while Yuffie was tucking Marlene in.

"Yes, Denzel?"

"Do you have a boyfriend?" there was a hint of nervousness in his voice. At that moment, his world revolved around Yuffie's answer.

"Why do you ask?" Yuffie turned to regard the boy who blushed and pulled the cover up to his face.

"Just curious. I mean, you are pretty and cool and..." the boy trailed off and Marlene sat up, suspicion brewing in her mind.

"Good night, Yuffie," she said and then glared at Denzel. "Say good night to Yuffie, Denzel."

Something in her voice made Denzel do it without complaint.

"Good night, Yuffie."

Yuffie snorted. Marlene was jealous. It would be almost cute if she wasn't jealous of Yuffie. But Marlene didn't have to worry. She leaned closer to the small girl.

"Hey, don't worry Mar. He's not my type."

It was Marlene's turn to blush and Yuffie straightened up.

"Good night you two. And listen to Cloud and Tifa, right?"

She received two nods and she skipped out of the room, laughing to herself about the children's antics and forgetting about her shuriken she had left on the table in their room.


Back in the room

Marlene glared at Denzel for a moment longer and then spoke.

"She has a boyfriend."

"She does?" corners of Denzel's mouth turned down in frown. "Who?"

"Vincent, of course," Marlene said as if that was obvious.

"No way," Denzel protested. "They are just friends."

Marlene gave him a look she had picked up from Tifa and which was usually reserved for Cloud.

"They came together today."

"That's not proof enough."

"She calls him Vinnie and..." she raised one finger for emphasis. "...she gets away with it. No one else calls him that."

"But..." Denzel didn't manage to say more than that as Marlene continued to list off all of the reasons why Vincent could be and was Yuffie's boyfriend. She had heard Cloud and Tifa talking about it earlier and having good memory, she recited everything Tifa had said.

"They are always looking at each other when they think noone's watching them. He listens to what she says to him. She always goes looking for him when he disappears to brood and she always brings him back. He always comes when she is here. They spent all night sitting outside together after the big fight with Bahamut and Sephiroth. And they look good together."

"What do you mean, /look good together/?" Denzel had to admit some of the things were true. He had seen them that night Marlene had mentioned. Yuffie had been leaning against Vincent and there had been that aura around them... Like around Cloud and Tifa...

"They... fit together. Their differences compliment the other. Oh," Marlene grumbled. "Tifa explained it much better."

"Tifa knows too?" That was bad news for Denzel. Tifa was usually right and if she thought Yuffie and Vincent liked each other, then Denzel didn't have a chance.

"Mhm," Marlene nodded. She lied down and covered herself again. "Go to sleep Denzel. We've got school tommorrow."

Denzel pulled the covers over himself, too and tried to fall asleep. Neither of them noticed the small figure hovering in the doorway. Yuffie had realized she had left her shuriken behind half-way down the stairs and so she had gone back but upon hearing boyfriend she had stopped just outside the room to eavesdrop. She had to press one hand against her mouth to muffle her gasp as she found out just what exactly the kids were talking about. Tifa was so dead. Yuffie sneaked inside, grateful that both children had their eyes closed. She picked up her shuriken and then hurried downstairs, careful not to make any noise.

She entered the bar at full speed and vaulted over the counter to face Tifa.

"Could we talk for a moment?"

"Sure Yuffie. Kids are asleep?"

"Yes, even though they talk a lot more than is healthy."

Something in Yufie's tone made Tifa pause.


The above-mentioned ninja dragged the bartender into a back room and then glared at her.

"Tifa? Could you tell me why Marlene thinks Vinnie and I are an item?"

"What?" Tifa choked out.

"Marlene had this speech about how Vinnie and I are good for each other and fit together and that you had explained it better. Well, can you explain it again?"

Tifa expelled a long breath. She didn't expect kids would have listened.

"Umm, Yuffie," she started, quite embarassed. "I was just thinking aloud. It is unusual for you and Vincent to spend so much time together and I kinda thought that it might be because you two, you know, like each other."

"Oh," was all Yuffie said. Then she smirked. "Let's hear it again from you. I'm curious. Marlene got up to fitting each other part. There was something about the two of us complimenting the other."

"You really do, in case you haven't noticed. You are like two halves of one piece. Not complete until put together. You are the light, Vincent's the dark. Together..."

"You've read too many romances for your own good, Teef."

"Maybe. But do you want me to finish?" Yuffie nodded. "You are the only one who can bring him out of his shell and he is the only one who stands any chance of calming you down. You don't contradict the other, you balance each other out."

Yuffie looked at her boots for a moment and then she looked up with a smile.

"There's one more reason. Have you ever been kissed by him?" Tifa was rendered speechless but Yuffie carried on as if nothing happened. "Because he really knows his stuff in this area," she nodded for emphasis. "And one more thing. Whatever goes on between me and Vinnie is our bussiness as we have decided to keep it quiet for now. 'Kay?"

Yuffie left Tifa standing there, walked out to the bar and took Vincent's arm.

"Let's go Vinnie. It was good to see you again Spikey, Teef," she waved at her still dazed friend. "And tell Marlene eavesdropping is bad habit."

"Goodbye, Cloud, Tifa," Vincent said before Yuffie and him disappeared out the door. Cloud noticed that Tifa stood still next to bar counter but as he moved towards her, she sprinted to the window and pulled away the curtain to peer out.

Yuffie and Vincent stood in front of the Seventh Heaven and Yuffie was saying something. She then stood on her tiptoes and Vincent bent his head and... Tifa's eyes bulged. She must have made some sound because Cloud was next to her in a second.

"You all right, Tifa?"

She just pointed out the window, unable to speak. Cloud took a look himself and then looked at Tifa.

"Are they..." he gestured in a direction of window.

"Mhm. Seems I was right."

"Woman's intuition, huh? Ouch!" Tifa hit him in the arm and Cloud was reminded once again that Tifa's fists were not to be underestimated. "Okay, no jokes. Get it."

Tifa nodded to herself and then resolutely turned away from the window.

"Let's give them some privacy."


A.N.: Well, this was definitely different than my other fics, I admit. I can't write fluff if my life depended on it and I know Vinnie and Yuffie were somewhat... in the background, but hey, they were together at least. And I have really seen AC more times than's healthy for my sanity but Vincent is so... Vincent in there. Well, I end now. Next fic it's back to serious stuff. It works for me better, it seems.
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