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Hidden Paths

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17YO Harry is visited by his dark personality, and told Dumbledore locked away certain assets of him when he was a baby, and over time they'll reveal themselves and become apart of him as they were...

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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, and I do not get why anyone puts a disclaimer on his or her fan-fiction stories, on a fan-fiction site, under a user name that is not J.K. Rowling, especially since everybody who reads from this site should know the Harry Potter series has already been complete. We only write to keep it going, because we were not happy with the way the original turned out, or we just loved it so much we want to keep it going in completely new ways.

Alternate Universe/Action/Adventure/Fantasy/Some Sexual Scenes/Some Humour

Hidden Paths

Chapter one, Fire

It was one of those reoccurring days for one Harry James Potter. He was bored out of his skull as he lay on his bed in his room at Privet Drive. He felt dreadful, and he wanted to be anywhere but here, but with a certain dark wizard out for his blood, he had nowhere to go… nowhere to feel safe. He had just turned seventeen and he felt as if he was five, not being allowed to leave the house by himself, and even then not allowed.

He sighed as he ran his fingers through his unruly mess of black hair, his emerald green eyes staring up through his round glasses preferring to stare at the ceiling rather than the shit room he was barely permitted from his so-called aunt and uncle. He had lived with them for most of his life and they had always hated him. The only reason he was not still kept in the cupboard under the stairs being they were afraid of wizards coming and turning them into toads or something.

Harry was scrawny and not very tall because his aunt and uncle had never fed him correctly, and before he went to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry he hardly ate anything but scraps. It was sometimes surprising he was even alive, and he had never even had a friend before starting at his school. They had always kept people from him, which could have done more damage than it had.

It has now been roughly two months since Albus Dumbledore died and Harry being the good boy he returned to his aunt and uncles house. It is his birthday today and he did not even receive a card from any of his friends, or a note saying someone is coming to collect him. However, he planned to leave today whether someone comes for him or not, he hated this place and now he is seventeen he has every right to leave if he chooses.

He missed his girlfriend, or ex-girlfriend Ginny Weasley. He had foolishly dumped her, ‘for her own good’, but the more he thought about it the more his chest hurt. It was as if he had a steamroller driving around on his heart, and it made him feel sick every time it crossed his mind. He realised that dumping her was unnecessary since the Dark Lord Voldemort and his minions did not know he dumped her and might not care anyway, so he was just causing himself and Ginny pain stupidly, and prayed she will forgive him and take him back.

He also had the worry of the horcuxes on his mind, those blasted pieces of Voldemort’s soul, and had no idea where most of them are or how to destroy them. He was just so lost in despair, and the old bastard Dumbledore had said the power Harry has to defeat Voldemort with is love. Harry was not even completely sure he knew what love is, except for maybe with Ginny, the way his heart was caught in a vice thinking about her, or not being with her.

He was tired of his thoughts rolling over him bringing him deeper into despair; it only made him angry, or feel like killing himself. He wondered what would happen if he ended his own existence. He wondered what would happen if he just runaway from his destiny. He even wondered what would happen if he chose a dark path, and the thought brought a dark smirk to his lips as he thought about crating his own dark army to conquer the world and defeat Voldemort.

Harry wondered mildly whether a mudblood army has ever existed before, and guessed he could get the answer from his friend Hermione when he next sees her. She is so into books and stuff she is bound to have ran across stuff like that. He let a slightly twisted chuckle escape his lips before laughing outright… maybe he was going nuts he was so bored.

He was supposed to be going to Bill Weasley and Fluir Delicor’s wedding sometime during August but was not too sure when, but knew it might be nice. It was a bright event in such dark times and Harry wondered whether he will ever get married; he doubted it since he will probably be dead soon, its not like he will actually manage to defeat some seventy year old super powerful dark wizard is it?

Suddenly he shot up out of his bed grabbing his wand from the table beside his bed and pointed it into the shadows of the corner of the room where a chilling cold laugh reverberated through the room bringing a chill down Harry’s spine. Then out walked a young man who looked very familiar to Harry.

His face was pale, and his eyes a deep ruby red, blue veins protruded from his eyes over his forehead and down across his pale cheeks, standing out of his pale skin, and a small slash scar down over her right eye. His raven black hair a mess of spikes standing out in different directions, and he was at least two inches taller than Harry was. He wore black combat trouser, black leather boots, and body armour vest with a leather holster on his left forearm with a black metal plate over the top with a wand in it underneath.

He smirked smugly with his muscular arms folded across his chest. He looked lean and strong, radiating a dark aura of power and strength. However, what Harry noticed most was how this young man looked like a stronger, cooler, and taller version of him.

Harry took a step back gulping as he held his wand shakily. “W-who are you?” he demanded sounding braver than he felt.

“I’m you dummy,” he replied in a dark tone. “I’ve always been here waiting… waiting to break free, so we can come together… in you I could only watch in disgust at what that old bastard turned us into,” he growled in annoyance.

“W-what do you m-mean?” asked Harry gulping. He was worried because he could not help but trust this man, and he wanted to know what was going on.

The Dark Harry glared causing his lighter self to flinch slightly. “He suppressed us,” he said angrily. “He suppressed me, your darkness, he suppressed your light, he suppressed your strength and power, your stupidity, and even your sexual mojo, and he suppressed your mind. He made us stupid compared with what we could have been, and worst of all HE SENT US HERE!”

Harry took another step back and gulped at what he had learnt, was he just… just the product of suppression spells, was this darker version of him his true self. “No!” Dark Harry interrupted his thoughts. “I am not, you are the fear, love and guilt, and without the rest of us you are not truly complete,” he then smirked. “I can’t wait to get out of here, my seal has been broken and we have a certain hot red haired girl to make up with soon.”

Harry gulped as he lowered his wand and Dark Harry walked closer… he wondered what would change about him and hoped Ginny liked him still even if he might be slightly insane. Dark Harry finally reached him and they both started to glow bright white, the light slowly filling the room before it splashed away leaving only one Harry behind.

He expected something bigger and found he was a little disappointed.

He was a little taller than Dark Harry, but he wore the same clothes except he now wore a long red coat missing the left sleeve, his wand still in place and the metal plate on his holster had a red phoenix engraved on it. His muscles were defined and strong, and across the chest of his body armour a dark burning phoenix with its wings spread. His raven black hair waved in messy spikes, and his right eye was ruby red with two slash scars over it, his lightning bolt scar gone, while his left emerald green, his skin lightly tanned and he still had the veins on his face only they were lighter and not as defined as Dark Harry’s had been.

He looked himself over with wide excited eyes; his glasses were gone, and he was taller, and for some reason he knew spells he thought he should not. His dark side really had a lot of spare time while sealed away to create plenty of dark spells and figure out others, along with the fact he had master control of the element of fire. Harry also felt as if a small weight had been lifted from his mind, and did not seem to care, as much about people he does not know as he did before.

His power though, that was what he felt, it was as if magic was buzzing, coercing through his veins begging to be set free on the world… to destroy, and fight, and it was the most incredible feeling he had ever felt. He barely had any memories from Dark Harry, mostly spells and knowledge of his new skills; it was as if he was really just a piece of personality and power, which had been stolen and now returned.

“I-it’s because Dumbledore’s dead, the seals broke!” said Harry to himself gritting his teeth angrily. “That bastard stole my existence!”

He took a deep breath, pushing his hate for the bastard old man to the back of his mind. He had other people who are alive to hate right now, such as Snape, and Draco Malfoy, the scum-fucking bastards. He would kill them both and enjoy doing it, but right now, he had to leave, he had to practice his new abilities with his new body and magic.

He had a dark lord to destroy so he would need a place to stay, preferably away from the Order since they are idiots, and Harry wanted to kill all the death eaters. He even had a weird urge to cause chaos and mayhem, and it was a little annoying knowing he could not do that… well not yet anyway. He would cause his chaos and mayhem against the death munchers; it would be fun giving back what they have given for so long.

He could only think of two people who might be able to help him understand, and hoped they would let him stay with them for a while, but he had to find them first. He just hoped he could.

With a smug smirk, Harry James Potter shrunk his trunk and placed, it in his pocket, freed Hedwig and told her to find him later, and then disappeared in an eruption of power, ripping the wards to shreds as if they were tissue paper as he left.


“He’s not here,” growled an old scared man; his large right eye spinning madly in its socket as he stood with several other people in the garden of number four Privet Drive. “The wards have been torn to pieces from inside, and only Potter could rip them down before tomorrow,” he declared with a frown.

“B-but that means Harry left himself,” said a bushy haired girl worriedly. They had just arrived to collect Harry and discovered he had already gone and she was worried about her stupid emotionally inept friend to take care of himself.

“Don’t worry too much, Hermione,” sighed a greying tired looking man. “I’m sure we’ll find him before anyone else does.”

“Remus is right!” agreed the scared man. “Potter’s not exactly the brightest candle on the tree.”

“Hey!” complained a young pretty woman with long bubble gum pink hair. “We idiots take offence to that.”


Ginny Weasley was bored and feeling like crap, she had let her idiot boyfriend ditch her just because he was worried. If there was, something in her life to regret it was not slapping him upside his head for even thinking it.

She lay on her bed looking towards the window and the bright blue sky outside imagining watching Harry flying through the sky playing a game of Quidditch. She sighed in annoyance with herself when she jumped as a piece of parchment appeared out of nowhere dropping onto her lap.

She sat up and rubbed her fingers through her long dark red hair pushing it out of her eyes as she took the parchment and let her chocolate brown eyes scan the note someone sent her. She blinked several times in surprise… it was certainly weird but it brought a smile to her lips.

My beautiful hotty,

Hey babe, its me Harry, I’ve left those bitches already, and I’m fine, so don’t worry…

I’ll see you soon… and I had a slight ‘accident’ and hit my head and somehow forgot everything I said to you at Dumbledore’s funeral, so if you wouldn’t mind having a similar ‘accident’ I’ll see you soon.

Love Harry

Ginny held back from laughing at how Harry was trying to apologise with a little humour, and smiled widely as she too was likely to forget the whole event, at least Harry had gained some sense over the past month. However, what she had to hold back from laughing at was the crude drawing underneath. He had drawn a naked picture of the two of them in each other’s arm, labelled to prove that it was them, and they were doing ‘the’ deed.

She let a small giggle escape her lips as she stared at the silly picture. “I hope you’re ok Harry,” she sighed laughing at the picture again.


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