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Dragonball Z: Super Saiyans Hyper

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Chichi passes during child birth, leaving Gohan to take care of his baby brother. The young Super Saiyan puts the protection of earth on his ow shoulders, and wants to be the strongest. He doesn't ...

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Dragonball Z: Super Saiyans Hyper


It had been several months since the defeat of Cell, the insect like Android. The eleven-year-old boy with gravity deifying pitch-black hair and black eyes and defeater of Cell had not taken his fathers death well.

Son Gohan the boy who eventually destroyed the evil creature, made a vow that day when his father refused to be wished back by the Dragonballs. Since his father the great Son Goku was no longer around to save the day, no more last minuet save from daddy, and he doubted he could entrust the earth's safety to Vegeta, he still keeps rattling on about being a prince, fact is the Saiyans are practically extinct they don’t need a prince.

Vegeta being the last pureblooded Saiyan, Gohan, and Vegeta’s son both hybrids, half-Human half Saiyan, and Gohan was defiantly not going to bow down before the arrogant ex-prince, or prat as he likes to call him in his head.

The months leading away from Cells defeat Gohan had been amused that the great oaf Satan Hercule took all of the credit, lying so much Gohan often wondered how no one ever caught his lies, he lies to cover up lies. Gohan was quite thankful actually, even though it mean a complete looser got all the fame and fortune, it meant the press had never bothered them.

A moth after the Cell games Gohan had some good news that, unfortunately followed by bad news. Chichi, his mother was pregnant with his baby brother, and he could not wait to meet him. They were unsure whether it was to be a boy or not, however he was hopeful, though a sister would be just fine.

The bad news followed, soon after sending his mother into a spiral of depression. The Ox King, his grandpa passed away in his sleep, he did not have any time to grieve over the loss of his grandpa, however much as he wanted to cry now at the loss of two great male figures in his life. He had to stay strong for his mother; she did not even take note that he was no longer doing his school work but did everything around the house his father once built.

Gohan even managed to build an extension onto the side of the house, it was a good thing they lived in the mountains far from anyone, a pre-teen boy carrying trees and chopping wood with his bare hands would have drawn attention.

He actually rather enjoyed building the nursery, it took his mind off his loss, and was a nice workout. When he showed his mum what he build for the baby, cot and wardrobes for baby clothes, and even a rocking chair. He used a colour that both boys and girls can enjoy without it being too macho, or feminine, Red. Chichi even managed a small grateful smile.

Soon the newest member of the Son family was to be born. Gohan was in the backyard training, if he was to be the newest defender of the earth, he was determined to push himself past Super Saiyan 2. He was not sure it there is a 3rd level; however that did not mean he would not try to reach it, even if he never did.

Bulma Briefs owner of Capsule Corp. and wife to Vegeta the prince of arrogance, had recently completed some specialized capsule he asked for, it pays sometimes to be friends with Bulma. He had asked for a gravity training room like the one she made Vegeta, and asked her not to tell his mum. He was happy and surprised when Bulma sent him a small case with three gravity rooms. One with running machines and electronic training equipment designed to be able to withstand maximum gravity settings. The second with weights, and some specialised equipment such as arm and leg weights that he can push his Ki into to increases their weight without them becoming to bulky and cumbersome.

The third room was by far the largest and made for sparing, and practising technique. He was also happy to note that chamber also had a built in machine to make him gi’s when he needed them. At first, he was going to copy his fathers’ gi, but decided he wanted his own colour. Therefore, he chose Black under a dark Navy Blue over, with white boots that had a kind of running shoe look, plus white wrist guards. The light and dark colours clashed slightly, however they clashed in a good way.

Gohan had not yet trained in the gravity chambers yet, mainly because he wanted to be able to hear if his mother needed anything. However, he used his Ki weights as he called them, on his arms and legs, setting them at two tones each arm and three each leg. He had discovered something a while ago he never thought about before. Training while a Super Saiyan wasn’t as beneficial as training while in his normal state, its like the transformations only amplified the power he already has, he wondered whether Vegeta had figured that out yet, if not Gohan was not going to tell him, not that he would listen anyway.

Gohan, twelve in just a month was outside enjoying the nice whether in his gi, on his hands toes pointed to the sky, doing handstand push ups, when he detected his mothers Ki sky rocket abnormally before falling back down to near nothing. He jumped up onto his feet in panic, worry etching his young face.

He pulled off his weights quickly and dropped them to the dirt where they sunk into the ground, unnoticed as he ran into the house. He found his mum in the lounge with a look of utmost pain on her face, whimpering. She was sitting on the floor leaning up against the sofa, tears streaming down her face.

“Mum… mum,” cried out Gohan in panic as he dropped to his knees beside her, taking her hand he was glad she squeezed his tightly. “What’s, wrong, mum… is it the baby? Is it time?” he asked mortified, looking at her large swollen stomach.

She looked at her son through misty eyes, barely able to stop from screaming out in pain. “G… G - Gohan… I… I think some things wro… AHHHHGGG,” she screamed out crying, her scream pierced through her sons ears straight to his heart; he could not bear to see her in so much pain.

“Mum, what do I do?” cried her son. “I’ll take you to a hospital? They’ll be able to help.”

Chichi looked up into his eyes and shook her head slowly. “Gohan,” she whimpered. “I… I can feel it. It is too late now… OWWWAHHHH,” she gasped for breathe holding her son tightly, and staring at the bulge with the unborn baby in, and nodded with a small sad pained smiled as she looked back at her oldest child. “If its aggghh, boy, name him Goten.”

“Mum,” whispered Gohan as he silently sobbed.

“Be… be brave for me Gohan,” she replied shushing him. “If it’s a girl, name her Pan, after my trusted frying pan,” she joked getting a few sobbed giggles from her son as he wiped his eyes with his hands. She took his hands and rested them on her stomach. “I’m not going to last long enough to give birth Gohan, take care of the baby my son. Remember I’ll always be agggghhh, proud of you, no matter what you chose.”

“No mum,” he cried. “I can’t do that, you’re my mum.”

She looked at him with sad pitying eyes. “I’m going… dying Gohan, but you have the power to save the babyyyyy,” she screamed the last part in pain. “I, love you, my son, defeater of evil villains everywhere,” she gave a soft chuckle before her eyes slipped shut, her heart stopped beating and her Ki disappeared leaving only the babies inside her stomach, but that had started getting weaker.

Gohan's bottom lip quivered as he raised his right hand as though of its own accord, the only thing on his mind, the baby. A small bright yellow disc of Ki formed an inch from his hand. He carefully used the disc to slice through his dead mother stomach, disgusted at what he had to do. He soon pulled out a small baby boy, which thankfully started crying. Gohan held the blood drenched baby in his arms, and pulled a sheet from the sofa and covered his mothers’ body, trying not to be sick, he had to be strong for Goten.

He soon stood with his crying brother and checked him over for injuries; he smiled sadly at the little half Saiyans with blood-covered tail, which should be brown in colour. He slowly walked into the bathroom as tear once again began to flow freely from his eyes. He carefully washed all of the blood from his hands and brother, removing his gi, only wearing his black boxer shorts, made sure he was blood free and held his baby brother to his chest protectively.

Gohan gave a small chuckle as Goten started sucking in the tip of his tail, with a cheeky smile. He took his little brother to the nursery, and dressed him, making a hole for his tail in his one-piece pyjamas, sitting on the rocking chair he rocked back and forth, humming a soothing tune. Gohan sat for a while, continuing to hum and rock, long after Goten had fallen asleep, wondering what to do.

He would have gone to Bulma’s if he did not have his brother to think about; he did not want Vageta influencing his brother. He doubted very much that Vegeta would be very welcoming anyway. He even thought of Krillen, his dads best friend, but even he had a family, and Gohan did not want to intrude, he would feel like an outsider, plus he really was not keen on Eighteen, she was just to cold for his liking.

He knew they would let him stay with them, however Gohan wanted his family, and if that consisted of just Gohan and Goten then so be it. This has always been his home and always’ would be.

He sat wondering what he would do with his mothers’ body, then the thought came to him like a storm, after his fathers’ death Gohan made a small shrine on a hilltop surrounded by flowers in his honour. If only he had not gotten cocky and just destroyed Cell straightaway, he would at least have his dad.

Gohan smiled down at his cute little brother and carefully placed him in his cot and kissed him lightly on the forehead, before he left the room closing the door.

Gohan soon found himself, standing on the hilltop, facing his fathers carved stone memorial, holding his deceased mother in his arms, rapped in the rap from the sofa, he placed her gently on the ground. The cold wind chilling his bare skin, he half wished he put some clothes on, but at the time, the thought never crossed his mind.

He put out his hand beside her. “Hahhhh,” he cried out a small blast of blue Ki energy escaped his hand blasting a deep grave for his beloved mother. He carefully lowered her in before he slowly covered her with the rubble that sprayed out after he blew out the hole.

He soon added new words to the shrine before launching into the shy, he needed to realise some pain before returning to his brother.

Gohan flew out into a deserted plain, over one hundred miles from home, he could still sense his brother sleeping peacefully, “AHHHHH!” he cried out balling his hands into fists, as he floated one hundred meters from the ground, a yellow fiery aura danced around him. His hair changed from black to golden-white, his eyes teal green, his hair now gave new meaning to the term gravity defying.

“AAAUUHHHHGGGGGG!” he roared as his yellow aura expanded fiercely, projecting shockwaves of pure power as he cried for his loss, the ground trembled with his might, tears leaking from his eyes. He ascended to Super Saiyan Two, his eyes seemed to darken slightly, and his hair increased slightly in length, thinning a bit and leaning over in places, a tail of hair leaned over his forehead in front of his eyes.

His muscles bulged up with power, and compressed and blue sparks of electricity danced over his skin, the ground slowly stopped shaking and Gohan flew up two miles higher, not wanting to cause much damage as he began to slowly increase his power.

“AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHGGGGG!” The world shock; feeling the young half Saiyans power, his aura busting with his pain, his father, then his grandpa, and now his mother. No more, he thought to himself in anger, I will not let anyone else suffer because I was too weak or foolish.

“AAAAAAHHHHHUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGG!” he screamed his furry at the world, his aura bursting brightly, if anyone were watching at that moment if would be as if looking into the sun.

At Capsule Corp in West City, over one and a half thousand miles from Gohan, the ground was shaking, and quite a few people were panicking, even though for an earth quake it was relatively mild, however West City had not ever had an quake this big before, and for a lot of people it was scary.

However, a short man wearing light blue spandex and gravity defying black hair stepped out of his gravity room staring in shock in the direction he could sense Gohan. He did not know what Kakkarott’s brat off spring was playing at, however he was impressed with the amount of roar furious power the boy was producing, though he would never admit that to the boy.

Gohan with one last primal scream.

“AHHGGGGUUUUUUUUGGGGGG!” his power splashed out and the brightness of his aura reduced, the blue lightning flowing around his body warming him. His hair had puffed out, and increased in length, down to his knees, his eyebrow ridges made more prominent, three tails of hair flowed before his eyes, caressed by his aura as though waving in a light breeze. His hair like a crown of power, reminding him oddly of a headdress from the Native Americans. His body felt stronger than ever, his eyes now a more sea green rather that teal.

The blue electricity oddly comforting as it rode over and around his skin, he then noticed to his sock and surprise, his tail had grown back, he grinned, thanking Piccolo mentally for destroying the moon, as he looked at his golden-yellow furred tail as it wrapped around his waist like a belt. He looked at his muscles and could not help the smug smile that he had obviously reached level three.

Gohan was sweating a bit, and breathing a bit harder than normal, thankful he did not go full out or he might have lost consciousness, and he had his brother to think about, now he new he could protect Goten and his planet from, hopefully anything.

He turned round quickly in the sky folding his arms loosely across his chest, his toes pointing to the ground as he waited calmly for the familiar Ki to reach him, smiling brightly. He would miss both his mother and father deeply, and probably have nightmares about what he did to get Goten. However, for him, he would be happy, and try not to let it get at him too much.

Soon Gohan saw his shocked looking green friend flying fall speed towards him. Piccolo stopped about ten meters in front of him, staring with a weird unbelieving expression.

“Hi, Piccolo!” called Gohan, he was surprised his voice sounded a bit deeper than normal, as he burst his aura away, however leaving his transformed state. Piccolo wobbled unsteadily in the small wave of power for a moment.

“Gohan? Is that you?” his first Sensei asked finally.

Gohan grinned and nodded. “What do you think of Super Saiyan Three?”

Piccolo sweatdropped, he thought the kids Super Saiyan Two transformation was powerful. However, this new one was overwhelming and he made a mental note too never piss off the kid.

“Interesting!” replied Piccolo nonchalant, though Gohan knew his green friend was more than impressed.

“Thanks,” Gohan grinned sheepishly. “Well I would love to stay and chat but I promised I would be home ten minuets ago,” he half lied, since he did promise his sleeping brother. He disappeared with a huge roaring sonic boom that knocked Piccolo a few hundred meters out of the sky before righting himself.

Piccolo chuckle nervously, “his tail grew back… well Goku,” he added looking towards the heavens, “it looks like the earth has a new protector now. Tell Chichi I’ll watch out for them, I’m sure Gohan will take good care of the little one.” He sighed sadly, flying away back to his favourite waterfall to continue his meditation.

Gohan took less than two seconds to return home, and he quickly powered down as he landed, his short black gravity defying hair back, and the fur on his tail its normal brown. He walked back into the house, and checked on his brother, smiling at the cute little baby, sucking on his tail as he slept, he noticed amusedly Goten has his fathers’ hair.

He soon made his way to his room and put on a fresh gi, making a hole for his tail, he decided he was not going to remove it, and he intended to let Goten keep his too. Mainly just to piss off Vegeta whenever he sees him next. Gohan spent a few hours cleaning the mess of blood in the lounge, smiling sadly; he soon returned to his room and passed out on his bed.

Luckily, that night, he was so tired he had no dreams.


A\N: this is my first Dragonball fic, and I hope you enjoyed this first chapter.
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