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Classes of the Future

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AU: end of 5th yr. How would you feel, thrown into the future? You find out much of your true life had been modified from your memory? How cool would it be to meet alien witches and wizards? And to...

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Class’s of the Future by Cloud Phoenix - AKA - Lord of the Phoenix

Prologue: Past - part 1 of 2

Running, running, running... sigh... why did I have to be so bloody stupid? Augh... stupid stupid stupid, augh... bloody hell, that curse almost hit me. Sigh... shit where the hell did everyone else go? Whoa, uh, why the fuck won’t those bastard death eaters leave me alone, augh, whoa, for hells sake why do I get that crazy bitch Belatrix chasing me?

Running, running, running, again... tired sigh... I’m not cut out for this crap... and I’m supposed to be some kind of hero, right? Sigh... bloody hell, here, take this bitch... ‘Confringo’. Augh... shit, my silent castings not bad, ahh... whoa, my aim needs some work though, and back to running for my life. Next chance I get that bitch will feel my blasting curse.

I hate running, crap, I am so unfit. If I ever get the hell out of here alive I’m going to start working out, get a bit of muscle mass... sigh. Maybe use my own money and buy a two months supply of ready-made sandwiches to keep me going... chuckle... shit, whoa where the hell did that killer come from... sigh... got to remember, keep my mind on running for my life now, worry about the Dursley’s later.

Ok... around this corner, doge the bitches curse and through this bloody door... ‘Colloportus’. Good that should hold her for all of ten seconds... sigh... where the hell am I? What’s with all these planets and stars?

Whoa, shit, where did that killer come from? Augh, that Malfoy bastard. That’s all I need... huh? Someone’s calling me... whoa, Ginny and Luna... running again, dodging more curses... crap the bitch got through the door.

“Where are Ron, Hermione and Neville?”

Crap, I’m tired...

“We don’t know, but Ginny’s’ hurt and can’t walk by herself!”

“Augh, this is so annoying. Here, Ginny let me help you.”

Whoa, that curse was harder to dodge helping this cute red haired girl... augh, where did that come from? Well this is not the time or place to ponder such things... shit, running with this injured girl is a lot harder than I thought. I definitely need to start working out, she’s not even heavy and I’m struggling. I wonder how she damaged her ankle?

Shit, okay through this door and we’ll be, safe, err, safer... sigh... okay, now where to go? Augh, shit, more bloody death eaters. Where the fuck do these bastards come from... crap, that was a close call, we almost kicked the bucket that time. Augh, shit, where did Luna go? Whoa, we still have Lucius and Belatrix on our tail... uh, don’t they know anything other than the killing curse or Cruciatus.

Fuck... the bitch almost hit Ginny with that Cruciatus... shit, where are we? What’s with all the clocks? Huh? Timeturners? Hundreds of them? Hmm, maybe we could undo all of this mess?

“Harry, what are you doing with that hourglass? We have to get out of here!”

“W-we could use it to escape to the past.”

“I-it’s a timeturner? I’ve heard about them, will it work?”

“Uh, I dunno, hopefully, and then we can stop all of this from getting so fucked up.”

She nodded breathlessly, liking the sound of that. “Okay, sounds like a good enough plan,” she agreed shakily. “I can’t believe there’s so many.”

“Shit they’re here,” said Harry panicked staring into Ginny’s brown eyes with his green as the door they sealed shook from the other side. He pulled the red head closer, pulling the long chain of the timeturner over their necks, letting it drop, hanging off them, startled as the door blasted open.

Lucius and Belatrix stalked in with wicked grins, wands at the ready. “Nowhere to run now, Potter,” sneered Malfoy smugly. Harry gulped, thumbing with the small hourglass. Malfoy’s eyes widened in horror. “Stop them... they have a timeturner!” he roared firing. Harry and Ginny dodged, the red head pulled onto the raven-haired boy. Belatrix and Lucius fired continuously, smashing timeturners, clocks and a few desks. The sands of time hung in the air with a light drift of golden energy drifting throughout the room around the two scared teens.

Harry and Ginny found themselves huddled frightened in the centre of the room together, staring up, towards the door where Belatrix and Lucius stood sneering wands ready. Harry and Ginny looked away, into each other’s eyes, the frightened look gone, their eyes showing they have accepted their fate. However, a few tears drifted from them gently rolling down their cheeks.

“I-I’m so sorry, Ginny,” whispered Harry, downcast.

She smiled lightly. “Its okay, Harry, everything dies eventually.”

Harry smiled sadly as he lifted a crystal orb from his pocket and threw it into the wall where it shattered, leaving a wispy mist. “Potter you’ll pay for that!” roared Malfoy as he and Belatrix raised their wands ready to end it.

“I’ll see you the other side, Harry,” whispered Ginny, leaning in her lips caught his. Harry was not even surprised by this act as he kissed her deeply, their eyes drifting closed, it felt right, natural, as if they had done it many times before. They barely heard the two death eaters call out their killing curses, firing at the kissing pair.

Suddenly Harry’s and Ginny’s eyes shot open in unbelievable pain, gritting their teeth to keep from screaming out, holding each other tightly. The timeturner around their neck shattered and the chain fell to the ground, a roar of ferocious sound blasting forth, the room lit up with a wave of golden light. Lucius and Belatrix were thrown forcefully from the room, crashing to the ground outside.

The two downed death eaters looked up from where they hit the floor, eyes as wide as Frisbees, the light almost blinding, yet held a soft beauty that kept them watching. In the centre of the golden 

light they could just discern a silvery sphere and two human shapes within, floating within the centre of the room, just above the floor. However, the light suddenly started fluxing; the silver sphere was slowly absorbing the gold light, dimming its brightness.

Lucius and Belatrix finally scrambled to their feet, their eyes not leaving the light before they glanced each other’s confused faces, then back to the room. Then the gold light was swallowed in less than a second by the silver sphere holding the young wizard and witch, before it disappeared in an explosion of wind and energy, flinging the two death eaters further back where they crashed into the wall behind them sliding down painfully to the floor.

Looking up through blurry eyes the now bleeding injured death eaters saw the light had gone, the sphere was no more, and the time room was in pieces with the wall, the dust slowly setting. Harry Potter and Ginevra Weasley were gone.


A/N: the next chapter is the second part to this prologue (Prologue: Future), I’m sure you noticed this chapter is short, so is the next. However, the first proper chapter is long, and all after it will have more than 4,000 words. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy.
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