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Neketo Uzumaki

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Fem-Naru story: Neketo's a smart blonde girl faking stupidity until she leaves the academy. She and Hinata become best friends and help each other become strong to show the world that they truly ex...

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Neketo Uzumaki

Chapter 1 Sharingan

Neketo Uzumaki, orphan, hated, twelve-year-old girl. Her long yellow blonde hair flowed loosely down the small of her back; vibrant sapphire blue eyes sparkled joyously as she adjusted her forehead protector firmly on her head. Her wild fringe sticking up in several directions over it, long trails of hair ran down the sides of her head hiding her ears and most of the black material of her forehead protector.

She wore a horrible orange top and shorts, she absolutely hated, but that is all any shop would ever sell her, the crap as she called it. However, today she did not much care; she had passed the genin exams only because of a traitor but still she passed and Iruka-Sensei the only teacher to see her as more than they expect passed her.

Unfortunately, that night she found out why the villagers hate her so much, she is the vessel of the Kyuubi no Yoko. That was a bit of a revelation to the mentality of the villagers, but still she kept her happy, cheerful façade, a mask she has worn ever since she can remember. She was not loud or obnoxious; she was just overly cheerful for someone with no friends or family.

Everyone thought her stupid and lacking a future of a decent ninja, though they do not know she dumbs down significantly, she had had too many detentions for doing well in the academy.

She sighed lightly as she reached the class where her jounin sensei will be appointed before plastering a huge grin on her face, she slid the door open and entered. As usual, she was mostly ignored, well except for one blue haired girl who was too kind to ignore anyone; Hinata Hyuuga looked at her with wide surprised white eyes with faint lavender pupils before noticing Neketo's leaf forehead protector and smiled lightly at her.

Neketo grinned at Hinata probably the only student to ever look at her kindly. She saw an empty seat next to the Hyuuga girl and quickly took it. Looking around the class, she saw those stupid fan girls crowding round that asshole Sasuke Uchiha as usual. She did not see what was so great about the guy who always looked ready to snap and kill everybody. She hoped she is not on his team, however, with her bad luck she doubted her hope would be realised.

Sometimes she just felt like giving up but she is just too stubborn to let them have their way. She just turned her gaze back to Hinata and was startled to see her staring at her. As soon as Hinata saw, she noticed she turned away, staring determinedly towards the front of the class blushing brightly. Neketo just rubbed the back of her neck in confusion, something she often did because of her naivety.

Her attention was brought back from the shy Hyuuga girl when Iruka-Sensei entered the class. He began with roll, and unsurprisingly when her name was called, she got some weird looks but they said nothing. Then he proceeded to call out the teams.

“Team Seven,” he called looking over his list. “Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno,” Sakura got loads of envious glares from other girls at that. The pink hair girl though seemed oblivious as she whooped with joy. “And Neketo Uzumaki,” said girl cringed and her mask shattered as she stared at Iruka in horror, ignoring the murderous glares sent by the other girls, except Hinata who like her seemed not to like Sasuke in the least. “Your sensei is Kakashi Hatake.”

“NO!” she suddenly screeched outraged, her mask completely forgotten as she stood, slamming her hands on her desk, scowling angrily she pointed at Sasuke, everyone staring at her in complete confusion and some slight fear having never seen her loose her temper before. “I don’t want to be on a team with that moody bastard!”

Iruka double took while other students gasped. Iruka knew she would not like her team assignment but to loose it as he saw tears welling up in her rage-filled eyes was completely unexpected.

“I’m, sorry,” he said trying to regain his senses. “But the teams have been assigned and can’t be changed.”

“Great!” she mumbled angrily as tears slowly leaked from her eyes and she slumped, defeated in her chair. “I’m on a team with a moody idiot and an idiot who wants to hump his leg.” Some of the class gasped and some like Kiba snickered looking as though he agreed with her assessment of her teammates. Neketo placed her head in her arms holding back her tears as Iruka nervously continued with placements.

Hinata was still staring in shock at the blonde haired girl next to her as she tried to hold back her tears. Hinata could barely believe the always-cheerful Neketo had broken down like that, all her mask walls crumbling into nothing.

She had always admired Neketo for trying her hardest even when it was not enough and always’ keeping up her cheery attitude. Neketo and she were alike in away, neither really had any friends and although Hinata has a father and younger sister they give her no love or affection she might as well be an orphan like Neketo.

“Hinata come on,” Kiba interrupted her thoughts, looking up she saw him with Shino and a red eyed woman she guessed is their sensei, Kurenai Yuhi. She noticed the class empty except them and team seven; sighing with one last look at Neketo, with a blush, she followed them from the class.

Neketo was getting board; it had been over two hours waiting for Kakashi-Sensei. In that time she had moved to the far corner of the room, hidden in the shadows playing a game of cards with three Shadow Clones, all four looking sad and depressed, ignoring the strange looks they kept getting from Sasuke and Sakura.

“Ha, full house I win,” one Neketo, declared smugly trying to be cheerful for her other selves.

“No fair,” another whined. “You cheated.”

“Win what?”

“How could I have cheated?”

“Yeah and what do we win anyway?”

“Yeah moron it isn’t like we own anything worth winning.”

“She has a point, look at this stupid outfit we’re wearing,” one laughed pointing to her orange top. “We might as well have a huge arrow above our heads, ‘enemy ninja hiding right here’.” They all burst out laughing.

“Well I’ll buy something new if we ever get a mission outside this fucking village,” replied the real Neketo thoughtfully. “I think I might get a sword too.”

“That will be cool, we can slice open those who piss us off,” they all said together laughing insanely.

Kakashi had arrived a few minutes ago not that his students noticed; he was still staring at the four Neketo's nervously. She was acting differently to reports. Sasuke was brooding, trying to ignore some pink haired fan girl, now they were acting as reported.

“YOU’RE LATE!” yelled Sakura suddenly noticing him. Sasuke just glared at him and Neketo just looked unconcerned and dealt another hand of cards.

“Well I had to err… I was helping this old lady cross the street,” he lied reasonably.

“Lire,” said Sakura not fooling for such a pathetic lie, well honestly if that were true did he help the old lady cross every street in town, and why would he need to, it isn’t like the village has any traffic.

“Well, err,” he coughed nervously. “Meet on the roof, now.” He made a hand seal and in a puff of smoke disappeared. Sakura and Sasuke quickly left the class not bothering to even see if the other team member followed. Neketo shrugged nonchalant and finished her hand before dispelling her clones and strolling out of the room, fifteen minuets passed before she found the three waiting impatiently on the roof.

“What took you,” asked Kakashi. “If you’re to be a part of this team…” he trailed off when she just yawned and sat down.

“Whatever,” she said shrugging. “I’m not too bothered; at least I wasn’t three hours late, not that I care.”

“You will care when it gets you killed,” he retorted with an edge to his voice.

She stood glaring at him. “I don’t give a shit; I already have to suffer the bitch and the bastard. Why don’t you just go ahead and end it now, KILL ME!” Kakashi, Sakura, and even Sasuke stared at her shocked and horror. “I have nothing to look forward to anyway the moment I was put on this fucking team. I’m out of here.” She flashed through a few hand seals so fast she was a blur, a puff of smoke and she was gone.

“What’s her problem?” the jounin asked completely confused she was not supposed to be the hostile one, that position he had reserved for Sasuke.

“I don’t think the idiot likes us,” replied Sakura with a shrug. “Anyway we don’t like her either.”


The next morning came round Neketo was showered dressed and fed, looking around her crap hole apartment, she looked in the mirror, suddenly pulling down her forehead protector to hang around her neck she gave a small smile, it felt better there, it had been uncomfortable on her head. She giggled when she remembered Hinata wore hers around her neck too. Grabbing a black strip of martial, she tied her hair loosely back and headed out of the door, locking it behind her she smiled brightly, it was a good day out.

She exited her apartment complex and slowly strolled through the streets, wondering where her team was supposed to meet, however was not really concerned they never bothered to tell her so she didn’t care. Walking along with no real destination, she started when she spotted Hinata heading towards a training ground, deciding she has nothing better to do, Neketo followed her, hopping into the trees she followed silently.

Neketo stopped on a tree near a clearing and sat down as she watched Kurenai, Kiba, and Shino greet Hinata. Leaning her back against the tree she smiled as she watched them go through an obstacle course working fairly okay as a team.

Once they were finished suddenly, Kurenai flung several kunai her way, gulping Neketo dodged, grabbing hold of the higher branch, and spinning herself onto it in a crouch on all fours. Her eyes widened as more kunai headed her way, dodging to her left and dropping down, grabbing the branch she swung onto the trees main body using chakra control in her hands and feet to stick to the wood. Running up the tree frantically on all fours barely avoiding some shuriken, dodged to her right onto another tree branch.

Breathing unsteadily she cried out in pain when a kunai stabbed into her shoulder, she clenched her teeth, pulling it out she felt momentarily woozy and lost her footing, falling she hit her head, loosing herself to the darkness.

Hinata stared in wide-eyed horror as Neketo crashed to the ground with a deathening thud, blood leaking from her head and shoulder, scratches over her arms and legs. She did not even remember running to her but before she knew it she was crying incoherently, cradling Neketo on her lap, tears leaking uncontrollably from her white eyes.

Kurenai looked on in horror for a moment, a kunai still in her hand, letting it drop dully she ran over to help the girls, quickly cheeking Neketo's wrist for a pulse, she sighed, relieved when she found it.


Neketo woke groggily, sniffing around she groaned as she smell medical supplies, the tale tale sign she is now in the hospital. Slowly opening her eyes she blinked rapidly, adjusting to the light, she was definitely in the hospital; she was started as she saw Hinata sitting in a chair next to her blushing.

“H-hi, Hinata-chan,” she said smiling weakly.

Hinata smiled lightly glad she seemed okay but even more so at the title. “H-how, a-are y-y-you feeling, Neketo-chan?” she stuttered worriedly.

“Oh I’m fine,” she replied with a true smile. “I just feel like I fell from a tree.”

“Err, y-you did f-fall f-from a tree,” Hinata replied nervously. “D-did you f-forget?”

Neketo giggled. “No I remember; that’s why I feel like I fell from a tree. Or rather like I was knocked from a tree, I guess I’m just too weak to even dodge kunai?” she sighed. Hinata looked at her sadly knowing what it felt to feel useless. Neketo looked around finding her forehead protector on the bed side table, taking it in her hand she looked at it. Hinata watched quietly as Neketo ran her small fingers over the engraved leaf symbol deep in thought, looking sad and defeated.

“Did you know I can barely fight,” she suddenly asked neither noticed a young woman quietly entering the room. Neketo did not look at Hinata but she knew Neketo needed someone to talk to, and she would help if she could. “Yup,” she continued. “My Taijutsu sucks, nobody ever taught me. I even taught myself to read because nobody wanted to teach me, but that was easy. The reason I can’t pull off a normal clone is because it hurts to suppress enough power to create one.” She sighed sadly.

“I’ve been in hospital more times than I can remember,” she continued. “Either nobody ever knew my parents or they just won’t tell me who they are, nearly everyone hates me for something I can’t do anything about.” Looking up at Hinata she could tell the Hyuuga girl wanted to ask but refused to do so. “I have the Kyuubi no Yoko sealed inside me by the fourth.”

Hinata was almost as shocked as the woman hiding in the corner was. Hinata now realised why Neketo was all alone, because of the fox demon trapped inside her, it was not fair, and she had probably never even been held before. Therefore did the only thing that felt natural in that moment, she wrapped her arms around Neketo and hugged her tight. Neketo stiffened for a moment before relaxing, leaning into Hinata's warmth as she sat on the bed.

She held on for dear life for what felt like forever, she just did not want to let go. Hinata was also holding on tight relishing in the hug also not wanting to let go. The woman hidden by shadows smiled sadly and slipped out of the room glad everything is okay.

Finally, they pulled apart and Hinata looked to see into Neketo's beautiful blue eyes only to gasp in shock and surprise. “W-what’s w-wrong Hinata-chan?” she asked worriedly.

“Sharingan,” she said pointing to Neketo's eyes. Startled Neketo stared at her; she did seem to be seeing things differently, as if her eyes were taking in every detail of everything.

“I have the sharingan?” she asked slightly doubtful.

Hinata nodded, grabbing a mirror from the bedside table putting it before her blonde friend who gasped. Instead of her normal blue eyes, hers were now red with black pupils and a black tomoe to the side of each eye. She then turned them off before reactivating them again a huge grin now plastered her face. Pushing the mirror away, she lunged out of bed squealing in delight wrapping her arms around Hinata, startling the girl.

Hinata suddenly smiled hugging her back and even laughed. “What’s so funny?” she asked her, pulling back to look at her.

Hinata suddenly grinned, biting her lower lip nervously. “You got your sharingan before Sasuke.”

Neketo giggled. “I’m the best,” she declared happily.

“I’m glad y-you’re feeling b-better,” said Hinata gratefully.

“Thanks, err can we keep this secret please,” she asked. “Oh and don’t ever tell anyone about Kyuubi it’s against the law. Not that I care but I don’t want you to get hurt.”

Hinata smiled a bit she already guessed that it probably was or she would already know. “I-I won’t tell a-anyone a-about your sharingan or Kyuubi, that’s what f-friends are for, k-keeping s-secrets.”

“F-friends,” smiled Neketo.

Hinata nodded nervously. “Forever,” she replied hugging Neketo again. “Oh, c-can y-you use a-a henge?” she suddenly asked as they pulled away and Neketo sat back on her bed realising she is only wearing her underwear under a hospital gown.

“Yeah henge’s are easy,” she smiled. “I just use so much chakra it’s almost undetectable.”

Hinata just grinned widely. “Then y-you c-can henge into s-someone similar to you, -a-and t-then g-go s-shopping for new things, l-like c-clothes and s-stuff. W-we c-could g-go together i-if you want?”

Neketo nodded eagerly as she hopped off her bed hunting down her clothes, finding them she grabbed her clothes, blushing as she threw off her hospital gown almost as much as Hinata and putting on her orange top and shorts along with her sandals, grinning. She deactivated her sharingan and flashed through hand seals, creating her henge, changing her hair colour raven black and her eyes emerald green, and her bone structure slightly. Making herself appear to be wearing a black shirt and trousers with boots.

“What do you think?” she asked.

Hinata smirked. “No one will recognise you. Though you looked better before,” she said blushing.

Neketo blushed at the complement, grabbed Hinata's hand, and pulled Hinata with her from the room.

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