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In The House.

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My Chemical Romance are all part of the house.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Humor - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2009-06-06 - Updated: 2009-06-15 - 433 words

I wrote this out of boredom in about eight minutes. Pretty stupid, sorta boring. But hell read it if it makes you happy! Enjoy.

Loud screams and laughs could be heard from the rooms down stairs while glasses broke and loud music blurred from the speakers. Slamming doors banged while Bob thanked he wasn’t that door.
“You’re the lucky one! At least you’re not me, I’m in two rooms while you’re only in one room and on the landing, God do I hate parties” Ray spoke in an exhausted tone.

“Yeah but you two don’t get walked on do you?” Frank said in annoyance.

“Oh quit it, I have to look down on you guys’ twenty-four-seven! How do you think I feel?!” Mikey screamed.

“Though I do get opened up and looked at alot” Gerard boosted, “though when in a bad mood, it’s bad.”

“Gerard you’re a chest of drawers, shut up, I’m a damn wall! Do you know what these people are doing in the next room?!” Ray was disgusted.

“Hello! I get walked on. Walked. On!” Frank reminded them.

“Frank. No one. Cares.” Bob spat back.

“Oh Mister-I’m-A-Door over powers us all!” Frank said sarcastically, “Hell! I hold yous all up!”

Ray groaned, wishing they would all shut up, for the party in the house made the wall sore.

“Ray I’m with you buddy” Gerard whispered.

While Mikey, the ceiling was looking down on all four of them wondering why he had to be the unfortunate one to be stuck with the most annoying things ever, even the humans weren’t that bad.
Mikey started to whistle, trying to get all the voices out of his head. It still didn’t work.

“I wish I would just collapse, seriously” complained Mikey.

“So do I, holding up all you fat shits everyday” Frank laughed.

“I think my handle might be coming loose” Bob muttered.

“None of my damn drawers have any handles left!” Gerard cried.

“Hell yeah! None of my paint is peeling” Ray was happy.

“I think I’m the only sane thing here” Mikey whispered.

“Damn it Mikey! You’re a talking ceiling” Ray shouted.

“And you’re the one whos back ass is getting front seat view of the love makers in there Toro!” Mikey squealed.

“Oooh grief” Bob spluttered.

“I feel a fight coming on” Gerard squealed in delight.

“OH MY GOD!” Frank screamed.
“What?!” The door, the ceiling, the wall and the chest of drawers shouted in panic.

“They’re playing my favourite song!” Frank beamed.
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