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Story Time with Sesshoumaru

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Having dragged Inuyasha back to his castle, Sesshoumaru is faced with the need for some explanations. Have you ever had story time with Sesshoumaru? Neither have I, but according to Inuyasha, it ne...

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An Inuyasha Fanfic by Taberah Blanc

Warning: Yaoi, shounen-ai, incest, mpreg, strong language, blatant disregard of the events in the movies, manipulation of demonic past, historical involvement.

A/N: Okay, let's get this out of the way, since I forgot to do it with the teaser. Go and read the warning. If you have a problem with YAOI (sex between two consenting adult males), SHOUNEN-AI(love between two males), INCEST(love/sex between two members of a family closer than second cousins), MPREG(male pregnancy), or STRONG LANGUAGE, leave now. If you continue to read, know that I have warned you, and given you definitions. Don't gripe if you come across something you don't like, because it's MY fic and I can write it that way if I want to.

Aviva-muse:sniggers Somebody's pis-sy.

Taberah: I have a right! I have a nasty stomach bug while I'm typing this.

Aviva-muse: Yes. You're also mad because a) you can't do NaNoWriMo ( because it's stifling you, b) I'm birthing mucho plot bunnies anyway, and c) you only have about half the chapter written down and you have to make up the rest.

Taberah:reluctantly impressed Damn, you're good.

Aviva-muse:snorts I live in your head. What do you expect?

Taberah: Yeah, well, there is that. Tsuki, disclaim.

Tsuki-muse:pops up Why am I here? I rule over Yu-Gi-Oh fics.

Taberah: Because you're alternately a vampire, a werewolf, or a moon-demon, and you deserve to see this. Also because I don't feel like doing the disclaimer, and I've given up on getting Aviva to do anything since she spray-painted the moon to actually look like green cheese last summer.

Aviva-muse: So disclaim already!

Tsuki-muse:holds up hands Alright, alright. takes deep breath The official legal statement:

Disclaimer: Taberah Blanc and any of her various incarnations or muses do NOT, I repeat, do NOT own InuYasha or the idea of the Koorime. InuYasha is the property of one Rumiko Takahashi(boy am I glad, I have enough on my plate) and the idea of the Koorime(or the Ice Maidens, as they may be known) and the Forbidden Child we skived off of Niko-san(Sanjuno Shori Niko, specifically chapter 2(3 on FFNet) of her fic, Cry Wolf, which Taberah came across while beta-ing it. We also have no idea where she got that.

Taberah: Which reminds me...Niko-san, if you want me to work on your giftfic, you better start putting up those beta-ed chapters. You'll probably have to bribe my muses too, they seem to extremely like this fic and are reluctant to give it up. Oh, a note:

Koorime - Ice Maidens

Yamini - Shadow demons, you'll see once you've read.

Forbidden Child - male child of the Koorime. Forbidden because the Ice Maidens are all female, they have incredible potential and are extremely rare, but are exposed on the mountaintop to die. Theories run that they are able to bear children because the Ice Maidens procreate with their own gender and because both parents are female.

Taberah, Tsuki-muse and Aviva-muse:in New York accent On wit da fic!


"Let me tell you a story," Sesshoumaru told him. When he had appeared in front of his brother, he had escorted him back to his palace and bound his blood, telling him he "could not deal with this yet." What 'this' was, Inuyasha had yet to find out.

"To understand what is happening, you will need to hear several stories, but one - a certain one, for a certain reason - shall be told tonight.

"Long, long ago, before our grandsire's grandsire was born, when the land was empty of humans, there lived a race of youkai far different than any seen today. When in their true form, which, at that time, was all the youkai had, they were as great clouds of deepest shadow. They smelled of poppies and nightshade, and emitted a powerful urge to sleep. In their own language, they were Yamini.

"When the humans came, the Yamini were fascinated by them. At night, they would creep into the dwellings, and the humans would sleep soundly. But the Yamini wanted to observe the humans in daylight, so they began to think of a way to disguise themselves.

"One of these youkai noticed the shadows the humans cast, and began to mold herself to this shape. But to her surprise, the result was not a two-dimensional shadow, but a 3-dimensional form very similar to the one the humans wore. Very excited, she rushed to her tribe's elders and showed them her achievement. They were amazed, and soon Izayoi was teaching the entire tribe her new technique." Smirking at Inuyasha's slack-jawed amazement, Sesshoumaru added, "Remind me to tell you the human version sometime, when we are not so pressed." He snorted. "Ridiculous, of course, but amusing nonetheless."

The taiyoukai paused, presumably to gather his thoughts, and continued. "The Yamini lived alongside the humans, interbreeding with them until they were no longer one or the other, but a single race, separate in nothing.

"Then the new humans came, eradicating the native culture and wiping out the shadow-ningens. It was - and still is - very rare to find a ningen with Yamini blood any more. But they are easily identifiable. They smell of none of the human foul sulphur, but of poppies and nightshade.

"It is said, in the old tales, that if they mate with a taiyoukai and survive, for the process is dangerous to both, the resulting child would claim powers of both races on the night of their inheritance. Thus ends tonight's tale," Sesshoumaru concluded. "I will have Jaken show you to your room, unless you remember where it is." Unlikely, seeing as he had last been there when he was four.

Inuyasha flashed his brother that damnable cocky smirk. "I remember." Sesshoumaru did not know whether he really knew or was hopelessly proud.

Inuyasha turned the wrong way down the hall. Sesshoumaru gave a smirk of his own. He was betting on pride.


"Tonight our story is not of history," Sesshoumaru began formally. It had become a ritual for them over the last month, meeting in the room that was, according to Sesshoumaru, his father's old tearoom; a source for a strange companionship. "Tonight, we delve deep into the bowels of legend." He took a breath. "Tonight, we hear of the Ice Maidens."

Inuyasha's eyes grew round. Almost everyone - well, almost all those with youkai blood - had heard of the Amazonian Ice Maidens: fierce, proud warriors who reproduced only among themselves and cast out any male babies that any one of them birthed.

"I do not know what you have heard of the Koorime, but I will tell you first the facts.

"The Koorime's territory are the snowy mountains of the northernmost islands. They are an entirely female race and hold all males in high disregard. They do not need males for procreation, copulation, manual labor, or anything else, but can bear them. Any male born to an Ice Maiden is known as a Forbidden Child; why, you will soon hear.

"The Forbidden Children have many aspects of the Koorime, but one of those they do not have is their extreme resistance to cold. Therefore, they are exposed on the mountaintop. It is a shame, for they are said to be childbearing and have incredible potential.

"The Maidens themselves live in caves in the mountainside. They dress in furs and have poison running through their veins. They are considered cold and unfeeling to outsiders.

"Their mating habits are...unusual. Leave it and move on.

"The Koorime are considered physically beautiful, if you are attracted by pale," he said, holding up a painted scroll. On it was a woman: long, lithe, and angular. She had ice-blue eyes, pale cyan lips, and a slight azure tinge to her skin and hair. She was in the middle of a snowstorm atop a drift. Her long, loose, locks swirled in the wind. She wore white furs in the manner of Kouga and Ayame, and clutched a cherrywood stave.

"Now, they have two main themes," Sesshoumaru continued. "Blue," he indicated the scroll in his hands, "and white." He put down the first scroll and held up a second, the same but for the woman, who was so white Inuyasha thought she would disappear into the background, and who grasped a staff of white poplar.

He put the white scroll down. "They also have a third theme, seen only in the royal line. It is silver." A third scroll was produced.

This one was different. The woman in it was still long, lithe, pale, and angular, but she stood in a cave dressed in a shimmering silver formal kimono. Her long silver hair was still, and above her glimmering silver eyes was a glittering sliver circlet. Her clawed hands held a scepter, Inuyasha realized, of ash, inlaid with silver.

Inuyasha gaped. The stance, the expression, the hair! All but the eyes and the markings, this woman screamed of his brother.

Sesshoumaru met his incredulous stare. "This," he said carefully, measuredly, "is a likeness of their latest queen, Tsuki of the Kagami line. It is also a likeness of my mother."
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