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...and all thaat JAZZ!

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It's an (almost) true story about how I ended up back in rehab.

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Gerard Way is a man.

He has a brother called Mikey.

He lives in New Jersey. AND HE KICKS ASS!

This is a story about Gerard and Frank and Mikey and me, my name is Lyra Kiss.

This is a (almost) true story

Gerard Way and Mikey Way and Frank Iero were sitting in the canteen, Gerard Way was sipping his coffee noisily, Frank Iero was kicking Mikey Way in the shin every so often and Mikey Way was reading a comic. Frank heard a girl exclaim,

"Hey bitches!" It was their crazy fangirl stalker, Lyra Kiss.

"Oh God, she's back" Frank Iero whispered to Gerard Way.

"I thought you were in Rehab, Lyra" Mikey Way finally spoke up.

"Got let out early, good behaviour" Lyra Kiss smiled, she loved winding the boys up more than anything, she had been taken away because she was slightly mental, obsessive and on drugs. She had multiple personality disorder which meant that she could change her personality between to very different people. Lyra Kiss's other personality was a close 'friend' of Frank, even though Frank didn't know him. This explains why she is always near him.

"Lyra, do you want a restraining order?" Gerard Way sighed,

"I want to fuck you senseless" Lyra said, very matter of fact.

"Lyra, I'm married" Gerard Way cocked an eyebrow.

"Good, your missus can join in aswell" Lyra Kiss smiled as she saw Gerard Way become more and more frusterated.

"Look, Lyra, I'm sure you are a great kid..." Frank Iero was interupted my the screaks of Lyra Kiss,

"I'm 18 Frankie Iero! Not some dumb kid" and with that Lyra Kiss changed, into her other personality Landon

"Lyra!" Frank Iero pouted,

"I am NOT LYRA! I don't even know who that is, Frank it's me Landon. I was your best friend man"

"Not again" Frank Iero whined, "Sercuity!" He called, I screamed as they ran at me and grabbed obto Frank Iero's leg. They tried to pull me off and I shouted,

"RAPE! STRANGERS! HELP" They still managed to get me, I also managed to lick Frank Iero's cheek before they carried me away bridal style, kicking and screaming stuff like,

"Call the cops, I'm being kidnapped. DUMBASSES Don't do it in daylight!" That's how I landed back in Rehab, I made two new friends, Lindsay and Britney, stoners!

I hope you like it! I hoped that Bandit would be a boy so I could jerk him off! No luck though

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